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  1. what if we used a custom symbol as in it says there is a custom traveler in this cache and you know that theres somthing in there with a tracking number
  2. maybe the roads your looking for are not public roads i have dirt roads on my mapsend topo 3d
  3. this forum is to list out the good deals on gps's NO SALES JUST THE REGULAR PRICES then once we have found the cheapest places to get our most popular units we will create a list to help those who are looking for a good deal such as teachers or your regular cachers. the final list will hopefully be posted in 1-3 months depending on how many replies we get. i created this forum because ive noticed all the people searching for GPS's asking i want a gps for this much or i want a decent unit for a good price so i figure lets help them out. ill go first. $199 for an explorist 210 bundle at REI.com
  4. all i know is our teacher had $1000 donated to his class and he bout etrex's in bulk at amazon. at thier site the more you buy the less it is
  5. i had that same problem i got to 100 finds then the next day i was back at 98 i was like wut in the world just happened.
  6. i think we should be able to just buy the codes for trackables so we can make our own items for those of us who know how too you know with using a laser engraver you can make many trackable items like caribiners keychains personal dog tags pretty much anything you can think of so i think it would be a good idea. does anyone else think this is a good idea?
  7. CACH OR THE WEEK!!! so who made the best best cache based on first reviews
  8. now im scared that you all are a bunch of pedifiles
  9. sounds interesting when is it? then ill tell you if you get the thumbs up from me
  10. Requiring a person to read a bible to find a cache is pushing a christian agenda. I do not care how you want to sugar coat it, that is what it is. First off you aren't required to read it. You can pass. I know of caches that require that I watch a certain movie. Not interested, so I pass. Second, I don't see the the Bible as a Christian agenda. Its a book of historic significance. To me its also a very nice fairy tale. I am not threatened by it. i could start a new religion based on the 3 lil pigs now are you gonna read it you dont have to do the cache if you dont want to who cares, maybe you would but its not about you
  11. same here i like the upgrade it makes my gps grab the satilites faster when i start it up i did have to erase everything but it didnt take long for me to reload it it also has those new screens most of which are good for the trips.
  12. when you search from a zip code hit "map it" then do "google maps beta" and move the map to where your work is then it should show numbers of where the caches are near your work just click one and hit the title and you should get the page with coords try it thats the way i do it.
  13. ugh i was gonna ask the same thing but heres my situation. for my tech ed class we are allowed to create dog tags for only 1.50 per tag on our laser engraver in any color well this would save me plenty but i just want codes we should be able to just purchase codes so we can make our own custom items i think a lot of people would like this i shure would
  14. i have thought about this its hard to get banned they probubly wont figure out its you now ive never done anything to get banned but almost anyone can do it like the members who just have an account to steal ourcaches and bugs. i dont like those people even though it hasnt happened to me.
  15. i just avoid them or hide my own i dont think you should pay unless you think its your best cache then its worth it.
  16. my teach is looking for one of these though ill show the deal to him i got my package from REI for $140 but i had so many rebates sell it for atleast that but less than $190 is my opinion but others think differently but im in MN and at rei they ran out of them so they had to import me one from mexico but shipping was free.
  17. tommorow morning ill try to bribe my teach if i can he wants somthing like this
  18. i must suggest going a lil lower as the same combo can be bought from REI for $200 not including member discout
  19. its tempting but i first have to see wut evryone says in my other forum
  20. ive heard many people complain both ways on this topic but now im gonna ask this group the geocachers i will be using a unit for USGS and Geocaching Which is best for the job? i own a 210 but want an upgrade i do not want to go over $400. Whats best? Brand and Type?
  21. well i dont want to like get any money back i just want to get wut my dad paid for hes got a copy of the request.
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