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  1. ive done one of these the laws for minnesota is that 10ft from the enge of the street is considered city property so im assuming its ok as long as you dont have to go in the sewer but i think it is sick
  2. take a picture of the tracks if they are polished they were used recently if not then they havnt
  3. i keep small pencils log bags sheets of paper many containers duct tape electric tape spray paint not to much o yes and the most important tool your knife
  4. if any of you have mapsend topo 3d you know how you can use the 3d mode to mave your map section around i think that will be the new feature it would be very helpful for the mountain climbers and i also think they will make most gpsrs also send thier position so if your in need of help you can turn on your gps for a position for the cops to know where you are
  5. im in minnesota but i put it in my jackets cell phone pocket this is just the perfect size otherwise i put it in my cell phone pocket on my backpack on the shoulder strap that also works well and the best
  6. sadly i dont place any good items for the first to find items, im to poor but here in minnesota around winter King Boreas puts Winter carnival buttons. many people collect them so thier worth pawning off i got 3
  7. (deal or no deal) which case do you want to open now THAT ONE!!! sweet we should go on the hunt for the largest cache
  8. we'll be good but i like to talk for instace rite now i have msn messenger aol messanger northstar-cachers forum and this all up.
  9. get you money back thats what i would due but i guess u have more free memory but first try this on your gps hit menu, active map hit background map and see if the file basemap exists if not then send it in
  10. i would but its 10 degrees and i dont have a car and then id have to walk 5 miles to get to one that i havent found but im not sure if i surpassed my finds yet
  11. you know your a redneck if you eat PB&J 3 times a day you know your a redneck (or a terrorist) if you go dumpsterdiving to find hunks of PVC pipe
  12. i only use periods on reports usually butthat reminds me... i need to do one tonight better get started.
  13. heres my geo jeep (i cant drive ) home made! and i have another
  14. i would love that but i dont have a metal detector but i did make a metal disk abot 5 inches in diameter at francotia sculpture park you can make them there for like $10 but mine was a gift because the owner works with my dad and she let us all make one for free so i have one to hide but i dont have a detector but i like the idea its like custom BM's we should use descriptions to the spot!
  15. i have a form that shows the difference between each of garmins units availiable and it shows there is not much different between the 76csx and the 60csx except it says the 76 floats but doesnt mention anything about the 60's floating
  16. can i see a pick i need one for school
  17. i was thinking how in the world does a cat get a whole cx down its throat i thought you were some tiger trainer or somthin but anyway send it in for repairs it would be the best plus can i see a pic i want to see the damage
  18. he may be because he hasnt responded to my emails in about that time
  19. on mine its like red and white the red one is the one that points you where u want to go
  20. does blue nav work with an explorist 210 simple question just need a yes or no
  21. for our gps class well its not all gps but we call it Minnesota outdoor Connections. maybe you could call it ontario outdoor connections!!!
  22. i ve only had one expieriance with the cops it was at a compost site they thought i was illegally dumping lol but i would have confronted the officer and explained
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