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  1. im using mapsend topo 3d anyone want to tell me how i can get it to work for a 210 i click download and it never goes on the gps it usually says it cant find the device or somthing or it just doesnt do anything any help please
  2. hey fhantazm i own a magellan explorist 210 to but im having trouble with my mapsend topo 3d the same thing your using can u tell me if you got it to work and how you did it because i cant get mine to work. if u prefer to email me please send it to jlbabturner@usfamily.net thanks also if anyone else can tell me how to use this program email me
  3. im sure we havent had those nasty fights up here in lino lakes all ive heard is drugs here no shootings. we just had that nasty storm idk how it avoided lino we didnt get a drop of rain and rogers had quite a surprise
  4. one day on the way home from school i saw a sign that said survey marker now being a geocacher i had heard about these and have done a few. so i went out to see wut was there. i got there and couldnt find it but remembered that it usually is very close to the post so i started digging and finaly found it about 3 inches under the grass so i wrote the numbers on a piece of paper and when i got home i lokked it up and there r no bench marks near here i even typed in the number to see wut i got but it was nothing so wut i want to ask is wut should i do? the numbers are 9108 and it was located between lexington ave and hwy 49 along the boarder of circle pines and shorview minnesota on the north side of county road J. please send replies to jlbabturner@usfamily.net
  5. check out some of the game ideas on my post under organized caching, geocaching game ideas also if some one wants to help me fugure out how to reactivate it that would be helpful
  6. wow it says post no reply someone want to tell me how to allow more replys i still have a while before the event actually happens just email me or add a post jlbabturner@usfamily.net
  7. probubly the one o got from new orleans which is from germany im not exactly sure how far its gone
  8. wow that would be right up our youth groups alley thing is we may need to find more gpsrs we r a little slim
  9. How many campsites are there? We had over 500 cachers this year so figure 700 to 1000 next year. Wulf No way will they be able to handle the numbers. Rice Creek County Park has only 78 campsites, plus a "group camp" area. Bunker Hill Campground, approx. 15-20 miles away, has 44. Linky for the above 2 campgrounds. Those are the only two listed on the Anoka County Park page. There is one other small campsite at Rice Lake State Park, which looks to be at least 2-5 miles away from Rice Creek Co. Park. Info page on the campground says it has 42 drive-in sites, 5 walk-in sites (less than 25 feet from parking area), and 4 cart-in sites (100 ft. from parking area). 16 of the sites are electric, the rest are "rustic". eek well who knows if all r going to camp some may stay in a hotel although theres another park in anoka county near bunker called coon rapids dam park its got less then the two but idk how many campsites agian now is that rice co park is that the one in forest lake because i know there was a place to camp in forest lake. also minneapolis is less than 30 mins away from rice creek 35 from bunker and there r many hotels in minneapolis. besides the new one thats expected to finish this year 3 mins from rice creek park this place also has a nice canoe and kyak route.
  10. i did somthing like that at my camp i never thought of that that would work plus i know a lot of people already know to play but not with a gps that would work
  11. well im not sure exactly how many campsites are there but i no there r some and they r next to the beach although there r many other camp sites close by i know there r some in bunker park and i think somewhere north in forest lake here there is boat access there is a web site for the park and other anoka county parks just google anoka county parks some info will pop up another park that may be better is not to far away from this one and it has a lot more to do but i dont know much about it this park is called bunker park thats where everything is for this county now you cant hide a geocache in a park in anoka county but there r already many caches at buker park but if u google anoka county parks it should give u some more info.
  12. well i dont want to creep out the locals but i carry 2 swiss blades mainly in case some guy decides to jump me but they r helpful for other things i also carry my led light. i carry plenty of things with me but not too much i dont want a whole interview with the cops like i had once im 14 and they thought i was illegally dumping now why would i be dumping somthing?
  13. well closest cache would be a mile acyually there r 3 a mile from my house that rnt mine since the people who own them live no where near them i somtimes maintain them for the cachers although caches near me tend to get stolen so i place new ones of my own i like to hide caches in spots where i can just watch cachers its kinda funny to see some of them
  14. one day i was bored and thought i wonder wut other cachers do for hobbies somthing to get you out of your bordom state.
  15. if i could make a recomendation how about rice creek park reserve in lino lakes mn actually the little icon next to my name is the map. although there may be parking trouble im sure that can be solved with a lil extra walking. but this park has a nice beach with 2 large picnic pavillions it still may be too small but idk how many people would actually come. there also is a fancy golf coarse and 4 miles of paved trails nice park your event may be to large though but this location is close to minneapolis
  16. say im looking for a good site to buy geocoins or a site where i can make custom coins for a low price please email me your replys at jlbabturner@usfamily.net thanks
  17. one day i decided to head out and find some caches in roseville well i bumped into some pretty wacky containers this one was more strange than terrifying. turns out posen hid a doll leg kinda wierd i first thought it was a threat as a person with a kid had pointed out where it actually was.
  18. i never found anything illegal but people have at one of my caches. turns out the day after i hid my cache there was a drug bust a little farther along the trail. turns out all the cachers that went after it that day got interviewed and had backroud checks and one got the pat down. well one of those cachers claimed he saw a pipe for meth so im like ok better bring your ID
  19. we dont have enough gpsrs to do that and my church already plays capture the flag without gpsrs so that may not work as well
  20. ok i have nothing to do with boy scouts but my teacher used to be a scout leader and he would do geo trips with them now a badge idk but of wut ive heard about boyscouts it could work
  21. holy smokes family dna that would work very well and our youth leader is looking for somthing like a scavedure hunt thats right on the bullseye
  22. look im at a brain meltdown i dont have any geo game ideas and i need some. my church youth group wants to do a geocaching event and they need ideas on games you can do with geocaching now the game will have to work with groups of 5-8 people per gps and will have to be suitable for a church i will be thankful of all your imput
  23. hey FlagFinder here im about 30 mins from downtown but if you want to see some interesting caches check out some of posens they r all in roseville and some have really good camo and some containers are just mad trust me thier fun some hard but you'll love them my fav that ive done of his is one moe roseville this is a good one hes got many along this small lake a nice walk around and getting many caches in now i used to have an easter egg hunt and i got many good comments but that one is currently out of order anyway try posens oh they're addicting
  24. FlagFinder--Lino Lakes, Minnesota
  25. Hi I am FlagFinder a 14 year old geocacher I started when I was 13 but I would like to recomend the explorist 210 its not commonly at shops but u can order it offline I got mine at REI during a big sale it came as a kit with mapping software this gps has a map and all your geocaching needs such as a usb port so u can change your map somthing the 300 doesn't have if u go on amazon you can see ratings and other opinions most r from cachers this gps is cheeper than the 300 I am on a trip now and I am currently using my gps For the purpose of the map and geocaching at stops now I have used only 1 garmin in my expieriance and they r a lil confusing to me but my teacher found out I was a cacher and lended me one or his my first gps was a 100 and I got tired of hand typing and having no map the 210 is a goodf product for your 10 year old in my opinion now as for possibly for an older cacher if they r wanting a cell phone to I would recomend a blackberry the object I'm typing this message on they help by saving paper and have almost everything a cacher needs even a gps these r a good buy if u don't want to purchase a lot of single objects. Well good luch on finding a gps I would love to hear your thoughts.
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