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  1. i must also add to this who were the original cacher you know the first ones and what is the origanal cache? is it still there? and whats its name?
  2. i am just curious how old is too old i want to know who or who do you know is the oldest cacher with thier own username. lets hear them but i think the youngest now is Cameron.
  3. Listen to our county parks rule NO GEOCACHING!!! i cant belive its illegal shh... i still have some in there i need to pull out ill get to it eventually. but in Anoka County we are limited to city parks.
  4. u get to see new things learn how long you can skunk the public and gives me somwhere to go when i ride my bike i find if your going to bike shouldnt you have a destination. or since you climb wouldnt you like to climb but to accolmplish a much greater achivement.
  5. we should have somthing by Johnny "Cache" JK i dont like it in sci i had to listen to the ring of fire while doing a plate tectonics test
  6. i use my dads blackberry its got everything and his work pays for all the services so i use the internet to view the pages and the gps to get around its a good deal! plus my dads boss does geocacher thats a good thing because he introduced me to it.
  7. looks like we found our youngest cacher congrats!!! I wonder whos the oldest?
  8. ive never done a night cache are they funner?
  9. our county park has signs that say dogs keep your owners on leash
  10. when cachers hate one of my caches they say "BOO HISS!" its a little annoying because my sister says the same thing
  11. i c only one is heading for my town with only 3 active cachers well see which one of us gets it.
  12. filled it out on tuesday great cause me grandpa was right up to the line of diabetes but is backing away. when r these supposed to come?
  13. i think you should get an exchange or refund i have a magellan 210 and one misleading thing was that in the manual in the gps it says you can recharge it with rechargable batteries. well thats a lie turns out they are using the same manual for the 400 500 and 600 which you can charge
  14. i would just watchover it until you get a bunch of DNF's in a row then archive the thing i think caches you adopt are considered yours? i have 2 adopted caches and i dont get any notification when they are found unlike my other caches and they dont appear on my hides list.
  15. i dont know where you get these ideas but go to www.elgoog.com its google backwards its so cool!!!
  16. Nothings wrong with my generation and hey we are going to have to live a more hectic life later but say add 20 years to our life expectancy. do your HW be a Doctor Make Lots of $$$ have a good retirement maybe in 50 years ill be vacationing in alaska!
  17. wut you want is to find a steel i would look in your paper for the sales going on and also possibly wait till the huge after christmas sales. thats what i did excellent way to shop
  18. wow thats a nice coin for a very low price
  19. it is take me out to the ball game our pastor did it its hillarious where can i do this translating thing i want to here how it sounds agian i just did it here it goes: implement me out buy me some peanuts and all world chaps, which I am not interested, take me to the ball play to the mass, if I receive at all back thus root root for the complete crew verwurzeln let, if they do not win its a dishonor for its two three impacts, which are at the old ball play yours out
  20. it is take me out to the ball game our pastor did it its hillarious where can i do this translating thing i want to here how it sounds agian
  21. looks like i missed this one cant wait for the next version.
  22. i dont trust that can i just ask the amount they are fine works but i dont want to be scammed
  23. true i dont know wut your takin about at the end but i would say you didnt cheat you just used your resoarces if you want to make it easy so be it but im sure you didnt cheat... unless it was somehow illegal which i highly doubt
  24. MN just legalized caching in state parks but many county parks still have laws agianst it my main goal is to get my nearby county park to legalize it. its a huge park with lots of possibilities. but right now im on the DNR's good side.
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