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  1. cemetary caches when i go to those when someone sees you climbing trees looking up down running in circles people wish you were in the grave
  2. ya this is confusing and i would like it on or saturday near earth day too
  3. No worries about getting scammed buying these coins, prntr1 (Chris) Is well know in the community, as well as being quite generous to it, You can even order the LE Gold versions of the coin on cointracking dot com listed as a addition . They are wonderfull coins, Glenn my parents ordered a pair of both the manassas and gettysburg for christmas but they got here today there was only one of each in the package but my dad says he ordered 2 of each hes got the info to back it up so who do i contact
  4. yay my sister got me 2 bronze!!! oh they are so nice. good job on these one is never to touch my hands and the other will be sent out. i cant wait to see the next series
  5. yes there is a small port made only for the manufactureer in many explorist models even with the regular port this lil secret port is behind the patteries under a rubber stopper you just look in and you to the side and it says stuff such as power. but opening up your explorist is illegal as they can be tampered with to make fairly accurate bombs so dont take your explorist apart
  6. just checked out the wal mart near my house they finaly sold all thier merridians
  7. Hey Flag, I was going to post about your dad's Cache, View Carre that you talk about here. It is a very popular cache among those in Louisiana and those visiting New Orleans. I work in the building where the cache is but took a year to realize it. You dad is a legend among local cachers and a real great guy. DD no this was my dads first find, not hide hes not a legend im pretty shure
  8. i bet its cfob's just send it torwards minneapolis mine wants to go to new guine a country with only 2 caches a 5/5 star and a 4/4 star both have never been found sad aye
  9. you know how caches go down these days first you hide a cache with lots of stuff then you take somthing out you want and forget that you were going to bring somthing so you slide in a quarter soon the quarter is traded for a dime ...to a nickel...to a penny... to nothing i mean come on i have to keep replacing pennies and dust mites for new items so i just give up on my caches in that way. you can blame the guy before you for leaving spare change.
  10. we had no snow till 2 days ago then it got warm yesterday and now we dont have snow but ice thats why i dont cache at night plus im near minneapolis and 3miles north theres a bad wolf problem
  11. you know what i like? grave yard caches at 1 am spooky i live near the witch craft capital of the world to the town of Anoka not too big but i wouldnt go to a graveyard there at night its like all goth people sitting by a grave stone creeps me out.
  12. cool a Red Ryder BB gun!!! i hope i wont shoot my eye out
  13. ya same here i dont like square coins
  14. um ask this question in the forum that includes california or this will be most likely moved
  15. ok go to wikipedia and look up dave ulmer he started geocaching in the story it describes how he knew stuff like this would happen.
  16. evrything in here reminds me of the wut i saw on the late show the other day. they showed the burning yule log and had rolling credits giving an al gore speach about how yule logs cause global warming. check this enviornmental video out
  17. somthing from 3 mile island i hear they sell three armed shirts lol
  18. i dont know what it is but im sure the scrap metal is worth 10 cents
  19. lol its just a joke and i hope your just joking. just dont "spill" the beans now
  20. Video Camera Digital camera' or Dress shirt
  21. yo you done wipen up your yemmin juice
  22. i would not use windows 98 or a magellan wont be able to read it so find an XP computer if you can works much better
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