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  1. quote:Originally posted by Black Dog Trackers:Here is a previous thread on that question, and at the bottom is a link to an even earlier thread. Since all historical links are now broken and search only seems to go back go January, can you recap?
  2. I just now read this thread and can't resist adding a "me too"-- While looking for local benchmarks my attention was caught by one called "SAN FRAN SALT LK CTY AWY BCN 9". I started looking into the history and got hooked. The SF-SLC route was the last to open due to the difficulty of getting over the Sierras. With a little creative searching of the NGS database I've found benchmark notes for beacons 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11B, 14A, and 15. The last two of these will have to wait a few months for some snow melt as they're on Sierra peaks, but I'm going to start looking to see what's left of the rest. If some FAA list is found, I'd love to know where the others might have been.
  3. I voted "both" in the spirit of "cache in, trash out" but I think I'd probably pick 'em up with the pliers on my Leatherman. I asked a diabetic friend and they recommended plastic soft drink bottles as temporary sharps containers. Watch out for the thinner plastic used for bottled water-- the heavier plastic for carbonated beverages is better. They recommended finding a cooperative doctor's or dentist's office for proper disposal.
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