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  1. Yes. It is Groundspeak that interprets the time incorrectly. I've uploaded some screen shots, it may help get my point across better. What is your time zone in your profile set to? Is it set to Mountain time? Let's assume it is. Let's say, you go out at night of Jan 19, and found a geocache at 12:30 a.m. (after midnight so local time is now Jan 20). You press "Found" on your GPSr. The field notes record "Found it" with time stamp of 2010-01-20T07:30Z since MST is UTC-7. You upload it, and it shows in the Field Notes page as 2010-01-19, because it converts it to PST. Time, not shown, is 23:30 You click "Compose Log", and the date it filled in automatically is 2010-01-19. Time, not shown, is 16:30 (23:30 - 7 hours). Now, let's say you found a cache at 5 a.m. in the morning of Jan 20. The field notes record "Found it" with time stamp of 2010-01-20T12:30Z since MST is UTC-7. You upload it, and it shows in the Field Notes page as 2010-01-20, because it converts it to PST. Time, not shown, is 4:30Z You click "Compose Log", and the date it filled in automatically is 2010-01-19. Time, not shown, is 21:30 (04:30 - 7 hours). Give it a try. That's exactly what I saw which led me to make my post (#2). I just didn't know why. It is the same issue - the caches that I had problems with, I had found early in the morning. Thanks for clearing that up. I'll have to watch future logs until this one has been fixed.
  2. Worse than that here . . . can't get cache listings to display at all, so can't see co-ordinates and can't even log maintenance on my own caches to keep them running for others. Had a brief go in local library, no joy, library also runs XP/IE6. I would agree with this - this 2000/IE6 user has many issues. - Maps don't work - Can't read many cache pages due to information flowing off the page to the left with no scroll bar - The nav menu isn't on a number of screens - When sending an e-mail, the text box resizes twice with every key stroke - Date issues with some field notes - etc The site really is unusable now where it was very usable before. At least if I'm patient, I can still run PQs, so I'm able to get the data offline and work with it there.
  3. I'm having problems with dates too, although I think I have a different issue. I've just noticed this issue, so maybe it's a result of the latest site release issues. On my field notes page, I had a few caches listed with a date of 01/17/10 and a couple dated 01/18/10. Since I wasn't ready to log the 01/17/10 caches yet, I decided to go ahead and get the 01/18/10 caches logged. When I went in to compose my log, the date had been changed to 01/17/10. This happened on both caches.
  4. I have to think that what you are experiencing is unrelated to the site update. We are not seeing widespread reports of site slowdowns, and no changes have been made to the servers that I can imagine would affect their performance. The changes to the site infrastructure made by the redesign should actually have sped things up if anything. It crawls for me too - I can't think of anything else that has changed other than the update.
  5. Boy - just sent and e-mail to another user. That was awful...
  6. That's great! Hopperz and I are very excited! I couldn't get the link to work, but went on to their website to take a look. Thanks to all for getting this put together and thanks to all those cache hiders for making this Cache Across America Challenge a success.
  7. You can't open compiled cartridges in the builder. You can play them in the emulator, but not view the code. If you want to look at a cartridge's code, you will need to find one that is open source. More of the older cartridges were listed as open source than is true of the newer ones. You'll see a "License" link on the bottom of the left column. For instance: http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.a...f5-f3890cedebe0 Those are the files that can have their extensions changed to .zip and decompressed. After that, you'll see a .lua file in the decompressed directory. That is the cartridge source, which you can view in the builder. Thanks - When I tried the emulator yesterday, the builder locked up so I thought maybe I had to open the file first. I've since rebooted and the emulator seems to be working fine this morning. Very cool!
  8. Sure, download the builder ( and assoicated software). Then download a cartridge and use the emulator (contained in the builder) to view it. Deane AKA: DeRock & the Psychic Cacher - Grattan MI For kicks, I thought I'd give this a try to see what it looked like. I downloaded the builder (I assume the "associated software" came with the download) and installed it on my laptop. I then opened the builder and it appears to be functional as it seems to allow me to start the process of creating a new cartridge. I then downloaded a cartridge and saved it as a .gwc file. Next I tried to open the cartridge in the builder, but the builder doesn't find the file in the directory that I saved it in. I'm assuming that I have to open a cartridge before I can run the emulator. Do I somehow need to define the file type "cartridge files" somewhere or have I missed a step somewhere? Thanks. Ok - I just keyed in the file name and got it that way. The builder won't open it though as I'm getting error messages. Back to the drawing board.
  9. While I really like the route queries, I wouldn't be surprised if these are really adding to the numbers. With a normal pq, I can go edit the criteria and effectively use the same numbered query for a different area or purpose over and over again. With a route query, it's seems to be a one shot deal - that route only. A lot of the routes that I run are ones that I either travel only once or infrequently. So, in order to work within the 40 query limit and/or the 500 cache per query limit, I generally have to delete route queries after each trip. I may need them again, but those will be a new query and therefore a new corresponding number.
  10. We also just took a long road trip. We had 4 CAA finds before the trip, I planned on bagging 2 more on this trip. We went over 200 miles out of our way for the Nebraska cache...it was missing. We took about a 4 hour break for the Colorado cache, this one seems to be available for only a couple months of the year. We will not be persuing any more CAA caches. I feel that to be a CAA cache it should be available to all, all the time. Perhaps a group should take care of the cache instead of relying on 1 person. We will be out to get a cache in every state, just not 1 paticular cache. For what it's worth, of the CAA caches that I've done, I've really enjoyed those that have shown me a bit of the state. If I'm traveling many miles to a new state, I enjoy seeing a little something special about the area even though this sometimes takes more time than just pulling off of the Interstate. I appreciate that the hiders have thought about what makes their state special and have placed their cache in a location that allows someone from out of the area to experience a little bit of it.
  11. My First Post - YaHoo! Thanks to Blue Power Ranger and all of the hiders for getting this series put together. And a big thanks to those hiders who have provided life-lines on the cache page. There's nothing like being thousands of miles away from home and being worried about not being able to find the cache. It was very sad to see Spaceteacher travel all the way from Alabama to South Dakota only to have to DNF Hopperz (she's 10) and I have been having a lot of fun with these. We even went out on a limb and planned our trip to DC What motivation! - Now we just need to figure how to get to all of these wonderful places. We're really enjoying seeing this great country of ours and some of the fun places in each state. Sadly, it looks like we may have to cancel a trip we have planned across part of the Northern US as 6 of the 10 caches we were hoping to visit are either not yet placed or are disabled. I'm still holding out hope that things get resolved very soon, but must admit I'm starting to lose some of my optimism Still having fun though - Thanks again for a great idea and series!......Now if I can just remember where I put that list of codes
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