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  1. Hi, I love patches and have them all over my geocaching backpack. So I am thinking of having a patch made with the same image as my wooden nickels and my geo-name on it. Would you want to find and would you use a patch with someone else's name on it? Or would most people just leave it in the cache?


    I enjoy collecting signature items. So I would love to find a signature patch.


  2. I joined the Locomotives Group. It has beside the Category Managed: none yet. How is the Category Managed set up?

    I would like to add a Waymark but can not. Is this why?




    The Locomotive Group has been formed but the Locomotive category has not yet. Contact the leader of the Locomotive Group (go to the My Groups page and click on Locomotive Group and it will list the members) and ask what the status of the category is. Once the category has been completed you will be able to post your waymarks to the category.




  3. We had to send our Legend Cx back. It wouldn’t turn on.

    I mailed it to them on a Thursday and got it back the next week on Friday.

    They replaced it. I only had it 2 ½ months. I’m very happy with the service I got.

    We also see very little difference in the readings we get from

    our Legend eTrex and our Legend eTrex Cx.



  4. Thank to Eagle - I might be able to put my picture up. Great arrowheads btw!


    ok - here goes - our first batch of shoes.... And I put one in my first cache today - yipeee.....




    Sorry image is so big - haven't figured that part out yet - but I got the picture up - even though its not the greatest pic.... No laughing at my craftwork either - lol..... Lots of love went into them at least..


    Awesome shoes! Your artwork is beautiful.



  5. Adding where? how? huh? This is one of the few times that more words are ok.


    Sounds like a table accessing error to me.


    Sorry about that.

    I’m can not add a Natural Cave Entrance in the Natural Cave Entrances area.

    I keep getting this message (Index was outside the bounds of the array)

    And I don't knw what it means.

  6. I'm putting together a Token/signature item cache and was wondering if anyone would like to donate a token to the cache? It will be called "Coins, Tokens & Nickels Oh My!" . I'm also putting in some of the pins that come with coins. I've also put in some tokens and nickels that I was sent duplicates of. And of course some of ours are in there and will be replenished every so often. And yes coins too!


    Anyone else have a cache like this?


    I'll send you ours.


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