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  1. Where can I find information about the TN Delorme Challenge? Some of my hides are logged with TN Delorme Challange in it. Eagle-2
  2. We tried 3 different cables and 2 different computers. I guess I’ll call Garmin. I’ve had this unit 1yr and 2 months. I discovered I could load POI to the microcard with my card reader. So I can use it this way. Not as easy as loading the waypoints by the computer but better than nothing. Thanks everyone. Eagle-2
  3. The unit will turn on, but when you hook up the USB cable, The unit will shut down and will not come back on until it disconnected from the UBS port. The unit will not come on at all when the UBS cable is hooked up.
  4. When I connect my Legend eTrex CX to the PC it will not turn on. Does anyone know what I should do? We’ve tried it on 2 computers and it’s the same on both. It works fine but will not connect to the computer. Thanks, Eagle-2
  5. DIRT CAKE 20 oz. Oreo cookies, crushed 2 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese 2 c. confectioners sugar 2 lg. chocolate instant pudding 4 c. milk 16 oz. Cool Whip Mix cream cheese, Cool Whip, and sugar. In another bowl mix pudding and milk. Combine cheese and pudding mixtures. In a flowerpot or 9x13 pan place half the crushed cookies in the bottom. Add pudding mixture top with the rest of the cookies. Chill 3-4 hours. Insert flower in center of Dirt Cake for presentation before serving Our grandchildren always add gummy worms! At Christmas time we decorate with a Santa slide and sprinkle confectioner sugar over the dirt for snow.
  6. Lee-2

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone!
  7. 'Secret Agent Man' sung by Johhny Rivers, written by PF SLoan
  8. I love all the beautiful pictures. I can’t wait to take Duke out geocaching. Duke is being treated for Heartworms. The Humane Society offered to take him back. But we couldn’t do that. So we’re having him treated. Our vet said we could take him out on walks and hikes in 3 more weeks. By the end of February we hope to start geocaching with Duke. I’m working on making bandanas, and getting his gear together. Thanks for all the help and posting the pictures. Eagle-2
  9. Thank you hn25slc (The Shipper) This Awesome coin will be treasured forever. Eagle-2
  10. TheCollector Glad you like our sig item. Thanks for the trade. Eagle-2
  11. How about 'Geocaching purple heart'?I don't care for it being called anything purple heart. My opinion, but none the less, people will do what they will. I see nothing wrong with the concept, just don't know why it has to be military formed. I find it interesting how much my view is different from yours. You see, when I read 'Geocaching Purple Heart', I immediately knew exactly what we were talking about. At the same time, it reminded me of my Brothers who have been injured or killed in service to my country. The two ideas did not clash. *It often appears, and once again my opinion, that people who have never served tend to relish in the idea of playing soldier. To this extent they create icons, awards, and even further compare things in normal life to that of combat soliders who have real risks. On some levels it almost cheapens the image of the real soldiers and what they are doing. If it is taken for granted then people start thinking they are just playing war games. Why do these two things need to be paralled at all is something that I will never understand. There are other options and better ways to pay our respects. I liked the camo heart with a band aid on it. Seems enough to me, but am sure others will disagree, and that's fine. *This was not directed at sbell111 or anyone else. It is merely my opinion and was a fitting place to voice this. I agree with pghlooking. Out of respect for our military it should be something else.
  12. Mine is the same way. I use Metroguide 7. I use the waypoint tool and mark all the Exits that I turn on. That keeps the eTrek Legend cx on the route. I’m sure there’s another way. Maybe someone that knows a better way will post it and help us both out. eagle-2
  13. Thanks, We want Duke to go hiking and caching with us.
  14. I don't know. But the picture is Beautiful.
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