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  1. I'm also only just a happy snapper but think this is a lovely shot taken at 'Extreme Contrasts' with a Nokia cellphone. What do you guys think?
  2. Hi We are GPS Storm from Nelspruit South Africa and have family living in Concepcion. We have been unable to reach them since the earthquake struck and would be every grateful if there is someone living in that area that could give us a bit of info on how badly the area was hit and if we are worrying for nothing! Please help!!! Chris And Alison Jacobs
  3. Has anyone seen this website? www.tb-rescue.com I think it is a great idea, and the more people that register on the site the greater chance it has of succeeding.
  4. I was very worried about being fleyed for opening a topic like this one!! But am now really glad to see that is was worth the risk. It's reallt nice to see that there are cachers out there who stiil enjoy the game and like making it enjoyable for others, THANKS YOU GUY'S
  5. WOW!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! Jors.... when are you coming to the Lowveld..........? I'd love to read some of your 'found logs' on my caches!!!!! LOL!!!
  6. Thanks for those interesting web links JPMZA. I think even some of us experienced Cacher's could learn a thing or two there about writing proper logs I am very grateful to see that the majority of cacher's who replied to this thread, agree with my view on log's. It's always good to see when others share your view. FYI... For some really good log's and to see why I really hide caches, check out these logs (and all on one cache!!) Lügner, Lügner, Hose in Brand Extremen Cache!
  7. I suppose thats close enough.... It was actually bags of coins!! Take it away Carbon Hunter...
  8. Thanks CnC, and a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours!! Well here goes: What did St. Nicholas originally drop down the chimney of homes in around Europe? (Hope this hasnt been asked??)
  9. One of the many places my mother and father dragged me to on some or other obscure holiday - I think it was in Kleinmond or something like that.
  10. Thank you Hemachatus..... My whole aim with this topic was just hoping to change/help at least one newbie, and your log made my day. A lot of guys are saying, ja just be happy you get logs weather they are short or long and some people don't like writting lots etc etc.... I'm sorry.... but to me that seems like playing chess against someone but saying to them "I like playing chess with you but sorry I don't like moving the pieces, I'll just do it in my head!!!" A am glad there are cachers out there that agree with me - Rather a neg log than no log!! Then I can go out and fix my mistake, and get a nice log from the next cacher or keep trying until I do.
  11. I know there are a few good reasons like, mega caching and phone logging, but feel that that is a terrible excuse. I'm inclinded to say if you're not going to do at least a two line log then don't do my cache please!!! I also agree if it's a crap cache I also don't want to do a long log but at least a sentence should be required. And yes I know, I heard someone out there say "You're not alowed to use logging requirements!!!" but I'm just saying!! Where will this abreviated short log drivel lead to - I'll tell you - To caches that's listings will look something like: "Saw this spot, liked it, placed a cache here, don't care if you enjoy it or not!!!" Because if cachers arn't going to put some effort into their logs people are going to stop putting effort into hiding, and that would effect the overall quality and also the overall life span of the game.
  12. I was just wondering if it's just me or are there other cachers who feel the same about logs on their caches? There is nothing nicer for me than to sit and read logs coming in from all the caches that I have hidden about other cachers experiences at the hides. It is the main reason why I hide caches!! But lately all I've been getting is: @ 17H16.TFTC SL. @ 05H40. Very nice! @ 05H30. TFTC SL. Cache is wet. Or easy find thanks What the....????? Have cachers forgotten how to log a cache? Are you not supposed to log your visit in the log book, eg. Date + GPS Storm was here, took Geocoin. And then log your experience on the web, eg. FTF!![] Wow, I almost felt like Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code when I tried to open the tube. This will be more difficult if you didn't get all the clues to open it. It was the first time for me to encounter such a puzzle. The location was once again great but to get there and back was the problem for me as I had to carry my 3 year old for most of the way. Make sure you take enough refreshments if you plan to do the whole trail. Thanks for bringing us to this place. And a very interesting cache. Took :TB Left : Stone & dice Come on guy's, I'm sure those who do those poor little feable logscan do a little better. Let's all have some fun, not just the finders.
  13. I know it was at the same place as where the SAAF was founded..... but the place name eludes me. Might come back to me soon though!
  14. Thank you Bouts!! I didn't even realise it until Fish Eagle told me he saw your congrats thread, Ha Ha Ha!!! Obviously I don't chase numbers but prefer to chase memories and experiences.
  15. What about a cache survival/repair cache? Caches hidden all over the country that are stocked with cache repair goodies like containers, log books, pencils, sharpeners, caching guidelines etc.... That way, when you get to a cache and find that it needs some maint (And as we all know, whatever the cache needs you just won't have with you that day of coarse), you can look up the nearest repair cache, get what you need for maint and snip, snip and bob's you aunty, the cache is fixed!!!! Just a thought, use it, don't use it!
  16. Sorry my guys, I've unexpectidly been off line for a few days now but have everything up and running again. Thanks for all the replies.... Hi there Dan404, Welcome to the forums and thanks for solving this one for the Capetonians. The man who died was Dominee (preacher) Johannes van Arkel. The Floor is yours Dan404!!!
  17. Thanks Tomtwogate, I can't believe I remembered that..... But most of all, I can't believe I remember the next thing that my question is about. Staying in the Cape: A well kept hidden secret in Cape Town is that the castle is actually a symbolic gravestone... Who's Gravestone??
  18. I did a task in high school about the fort and after a bit of mindbending I think I remember..... Wasn't it 'Miem de Wet koopmans' or something like that?
  19. look's like not too many cachers out there have the guts to tackle a water, leopard and adventure filled Croc Gorge this time around!!! Comon guy's we'd love to see you there!! If all goes as planned there will also be a new earth cache to log along the hike.
  20. Tomtwogates is right, I'm sure it was the first ever space walk. I think it was the Russians, but that's about all I can remember.
  21. OK GlobalRat, you had me truly stumped (no pun intended) with this one.... I had to google it just to satisfy my inquizitive nature. It's a fantastic question and I really enjoyed reading and learning about it!! VERY INTERESTING!
  22. No Googling! I just work in the media industry and remembered seeing it there after doing some research for a GPS Co-ordinate listings page (Yellow pages) for South Africa.
  23. Got my info from this page: Yellow pages Did you mean in South Africa?
  24. I am seriously looking for some of the higher denomination Zimbabwean notes. Like the 100 trillion dollar note. Is there anyone one going to zim in the near future that can maybe bring back some notes for me, or alternatively, do you have any notes that you wont mind parting with?
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