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  1. You can always do it yourself. Most units, at least my garmin, appears to use an ARM processor.

    Searching google I found a project for putting uclinux on a magellan allowing the interface to be written in C, however to undertake a project of that size is very difficult and time consuming and only works (usually) for the specific hardware you are working with. (i.e. Not compatible with other gps models).

    It's not as easy as it looks.


    Just take a look at ipodlinux.org

    Over a year of development and it's still not quite up to par with the default firmware provided by apple.

    It's harder yet becuase of the lack of documentation, and usually companies like this aren't just going to give you the full technical specs about their product.

  2. As far as I am aware each WAAS sattelite is being fed it's correction information from ground stations in the area that the satellite covers.

    Unless you are located near the ground station providing the correction data or have similar atmospheric conditions, WAAS will not help your accuracy and may even worsen it with incorrect atmospheric correction data.

    Even though the estimated error margin may be lower with data provided by the sattelite, your actual error margin may in fact be greater.


    The benefit of two WAAS sattelites in theory I would guess is because they would be recieving different correction data depending on their location and coverage.

  3. It's also working great for me.

    The only thing at the moment that I can think of thats useless (to me at least) are the games. If those were scratched I would think it would free up quite a bit of memory to add the additional features and more that we would want in the future (such as longer waypoint comment fields, names etc.)

  4. I use the same protocol with MS Office.

    Use OpenOffice in place of that, never need to worry about $$


    If I'm understanding the quote Sputnik 57 provided, it might be worth simply bying the current version and not activating it until the new version is released, that way you get it for the cheaper price. Of course the same could go for after saving even more money when the price falls after the new version is released (find a old version, and upgrade it for free)

  5. A similar thing was suggested if I recall correctly only it was called group ID's instead of Family or something like that. What would work as well is a network of friends (like a buddy list). When a log is made and a relation with these buddies, the log could be split to give a quick summary by the appointed leader of the group, upon reading details of the log there could be sections for each users own notes, comments, etc

    Just an idea. It would clean up the logs list a bit, instead of having 5 logs from the same day by a group, just one which would expand to show each users individual log.


    And of course the log status would count towards that corresponding users stats.


    Other possible methods, such as gaming clans. Clan/buddy/freind/family/etc signup where the leader would create his groupe then users could join the group (pending approval of the leader). Once a user has been recognized as part of a group or groups, additional options would be made available when logging a find such as if he went with the group etc. The first person in the group to make a log would be used as the main log on the main page, others would be either after clicking for more details of the logs perhaps in expandable boxes.

    Or Statistics such as who went on the hunt as part of the group etc.


    No matter what is done, making users relational(?) will probably be tricky and complicated.

  6. I'm not sure how the internals of geocaching.com work but if in the database two dates are stored, one being the user specified find date and the second the date the log was submitted, it's possible that pages are loaded using the date submitted and not the date specified found. (or dispalying in the order submitted)


    Of couse I could be clueless, that's always a possibility.

  7. I agree with all the above mentioned reasons, the greatest being If I can't help it on it's way, or would be backtracking on it's goal.


    OT scenario which I incurred today. Found a TB in a cache, got online and discover that nobody logged it from the previous cache to this one. If I had wanted to help it, how would I have logged it, since gc.com would have thought I had grabbed it from a cache I didn't?

  8. 1. What was your first cache?

    Bighorn Cache


    2. What made you start caching?

    I had just purchased a new etrex vista, and was surfing the web for some good topo maps. I ran accross this website and bookmarked it for a closer look later. Here I am


    3. Do you have a favorite cache?

    Their all my favorites :angry:


    4. Do you have a favorite cache experience?

    Cache La Poudre - First cache I ever did in the dark


    5. Who are your regular cache buddies, or do you usually cache alone?

    Use to go with my dad, but lately it's just been me.


    Have most of the caches blurred into one mass without distinct memories?

    I keep my own log, apart from Geocaching.com with pictures. Usually after seeing the pictures it all comes back. Only 15 caches at the moment though



    How do you deal with the boredom, if any, of doing the same kind of caches over and over again?

    I'm in this for the experiences, views, and get off the couch aspect. (Although I'll admit, half the fun is logging and managing the pictures since I'm a geek :lol: )


    I usually don't trade stuff because I forget to take stuff to trade for.


    What would have to happen to the game of geocaching for you to wash your hands of it completely?"

    Something pretty bad would have to happen. But I can't quite place my finger on it.


    How many times have you had to explain yourself to the police?

    None so far. But I'm pretty sure that some benchmarks I've done near residential areas have gotten people a little suspicious. (I mean, when you see someone "pretending" not to look at you and then has her kids go in the house as she does.....)

    I try to stick with caches that are not in populated or even well traveled areas if at all possible.


    My goal: Just have a fun time (on the side, find all Geocaches in Colorado :lol: )


    What would be an annoying geocache that would hardly be worth attempting? Create a multi-cache consisting of all fourteeners in Colorado, which you must find and follow the instructions to get the final cache. :lol:


    Is anybody still reading this? I'd be surprised if you are.

  9. Hey Clyde, would there be any chance of getting a little more advanced log management? For example, when creating a log the option to create a found, dnf, or note, instead of only a note? As well as when writing a note, have it say by the "Registered Username" instead of by GSAK?


    Perhaps then another entry to mark whether the log entry had been logged online or not. That way if any waypoints are imported later one, those geocaches not logged online wouldn't be overwritten. And another search function for logs that hadn't been put online. Something like that.

    Just thinking of a nice way to keep track of caches, especially when away from the internet.

  10. Perhaps in regards to the battery indicator, it could be made as laptops. Where the actually battery indicator will give you the capacity of the battery, and also give you an estimated time remaining prediction based on usage.


    EDIT: Using my rechargeable batteries (nimh), I got about 4 hours after the last bar disapeared, sometime near the end I tried to use it and it gave me the following message "Batteries too low for backlight". The backlight still came on, but it was very weak/dim like setting the level to 10% on fresh batteries.

    In conclusion, don't soley rely on the battery indicator. Just pack a pair of extras or so.

  11. I suggest the 60cs. Why? Because I bought it recently, and so far it is performing excellently. The battery life has been a great improvment over my vista as well as map panning speeds. Plus it's color, which is another perk.

    What I don't like about it (but this goes for all GPS's at this time) is lack of full geocaching management (i.e. Easier management, proper descriptions, hints, etc), but you can't have everything.

    56mb of map storage is still not alot, especially for the price. But at this time it's enough for me to load my entire state from city select. I'll have to see how it holds up with topo, but I doubt it will even be close. But for me personally, thats not much of a problem since I usually plan ahead for hiking trips and come prepared with paper maps.

    usb map transfer though greatly reduces the pain of having to reload maps from time to time.

    I'm also a little worried about the antenna since it sticks out there a little, but REI (where I bought it) said that if anything happened to it, bring it in and they'd give me a replacment. (I'll have to see how that works out :D )


    You might want to wait for the new explorist 600 that is supposed to be comming out soon and just give it a test drive before making your decision. If its all its cracked up to be, I would greatly consider buying it. But we'll have to see. 16 vs 256 colors.... Sure it's enough to show maps, but I'd need to see it in person how well it looked. But the unlimited map storage with SD cards and 3 axis compas are intriguing.

  12. Ok if anybody is interested. I compiled all of Colorado. You can download the zipped gpx file here: http://www.saevian.com/geocaching/index.html


    There are 12,267 benchmarks in the .gpx file <_<

    I highly suggest using GSAK to sort through this. While it's parsing you might want to get some coffee, or plan upcomming geocaching events :huh:

    On the bright side, once it's in your GSAK database, it's very efficient and fast. <_<


    I might do other states upon request, just drop me a line. Or if you have done this for a state not listed on the download page, send the .gpx my way and I'll make it available to everyone :blink:



  13. The explorist 600 is supposed to have a 3-axis electronic compass. If you like using the built in compass it will be nice to get a way from the Hold Level "feature" as mentioned in another thread. :D


    Currently using a Garmin Vista but looking into the magellan line just for the SD card capability. Unfortunately, if the Li-ion battery is not serviceable it will also keep me away from buying it. (So close and yet so far from the ultimate GPS :blink: )

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