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  1. yep, they're good. but no rebate if you buy from them.
  2. without question, yes I would. I've no issue with viewing the screen. it's been a great addition to my mountain biking. I no longer just "ride" my bike. I'm on the hunt for caches.
  3. Exactly. my feelings too. the thrill of the hunt....
  4. my 1st hand held, purchased a month ago. Garmin Oregon 450. (bought it after lots of research).
  5. x4 on the 450. With the rebate now, an awesome unit. I've had mine for nearly 4 weeks now. love it.
  6. awesome! and welcome. I'm a newbie too and learning something new all the time here. congrats on the GPSr. you'll have fun.
  7. With the 300, I've noticed it takes a while to start up when I load a fresh GPX file with close to 2000 geocaches in it. The first time it happened, I panicked and pulled the batteries. Bad mistake. The geocaches were totally whacked and I had to reload. thanks for that data point, (don't panic). I just became a premium member, and plan to load up my 450.
  8. Well mine is here and I already feel lost. It is quite a bit different then my nuvi in my truck. I have been outside trying to get it to acquire a signal and no luck it is overcast I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. And the manual is very vague. it seemed like 10 or 15 minutes the first time out, for my 450 to acquire all the sat's and such. good thing I had a Blue Moon to sip.
  9. I got both the training center and mapsource. my mapsource installed just fine without having to go thru any sort of tutorial. Yes, you do need to get mapsource to load the gpsfiledepot.com maps. I can't speak for New Mexico, but the Arizona topo and the Southwest trails overlay look awesome. Download that New Mexico topo, and make sure to get the Southwest trails overlay, (it covers both Arizona & New Mexico). welcome to the club! I love my 450 too!
  10. yep. been using them in my 450 since I got it. (shopping around for a charge kit).
  11. awesome! wish I new about the $50 rebate, I would've waited another 4 weeks to buy my 450. Maybe not... I'm having to much fun with it now, and wouldn't want to wait.
  12. >It may see some limited car time also. I'd go 450. I thought about the 300, but then saw the 450. a great unit. I've mounted it up on my mountain, and having a lot of fun with it. (using the Arizona Topo & Southwest Trails transparent overlay, via gpsfiledept. what a great combo). you can't go wrong with the 450.
  13. I agree - I have the Oregon RAM mount on my motorcycle but the Garmin one is well made and perfectly adequate for a mountain bike or car dash. cool. I picked up the Gramin,and I'm going to put that mount on my Titus Switchblade MTB.
  14. ditto! I went with the 450, rather than the T. gpsfiledepot is too cool, and you can get the 24K topo's!
  15. I don't think so. I doubt that they have the Digital Elevation Model data in them. I downloaded the Arizona Topo, and it didn't have the 3D.
  16. without even looking first, I updated my 450 with the 3.30. (Last Friday). oh well, I'll just have to wait for the next patch I presume. I'm still learning the how and the what with this unit. -jav
  17. *LOL* What next Headers and duel exhaust ? Sounds like You tricked out Your truck. Sorry had to say that. I plan on buying a 400 or 450 very soon good luck with it. Nice! shift kit and the after market brakes too! I lurked and researched for a bit before pulling the trigger on the 450. glad I did though. thanks, -Jav
  18. Congrats! I think you'll really be happy with it...now you need to look at BirdsEye for aerial imagery that will really knock your socks off... Get the free BaseCamp download from Garmin and the $30 subscription for all you can download for a year... thanks! I'll check that out. looking forward to having fun with the 450.
  19. I stuck with the 4GB card. was tempted to go larger, but if Mapsource limits the copy, why bother.
  20. forgot to mention. I also picked up a 4GB MicroSD, and also installed a screen cover.
  21. After sitting on the fence, researching like crazy, I finally pulled the trigger. I picked up an Oregon 450. Couldn't be happier. The manuals were a bit lame, but through forums like this and others, I've been able to work things out. to date, I've used the Garmin updater (as of March 30th), to get the GPSr current. Installed Mapsource, and added the Arizona Topo & Ibycus USA. I also purchased a bike mount for the unit too, as I mountain bike a lot. looking forward to having it along. maybe I'll use my bike for hunting down some local caches. any rate, a big thanks to the forum. I've learned lots and expect to share any of my experiences. -Jav
  22. ditto. I've researched the heck out of this. For my 1st handheld, (ever), I'm going with the Legend HCx. Good luck with your search too.
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