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  1. That's what I was getting at with the "insider information" metaphor. Did you say that or was it Ashley? :unsure: I'm so confused1 :blink: :laughing: ? Crud, misspelled. Dang it, Larry! I clicked it.
  2. No need for that snide remark. Get the word out for the CITO events. If that means posting in a couple of forums, so be it.
  3. Four Mile Canyon Fire Restoration CITO This is a CITO with a difference. Help leave a legacy from yourself and Geocaching by participating in this special CITO event.
  4. Four Mile Canyon Fire Restoration CITO This is a CITO with a difference. Help leave a legacy from yourself and Geocaching by participating in this special CITO event.
  5. Very cool. Where was this at? No top. No doors. Middle of winter. I am sooo jealous.
  6. The average of 23 active/5 archived caches listed on my account: D=2.125/T=2.964 I'd say you are on the right track! I have 147 hides, any way to check this automatically? I brought it up in GSAK with "I Own" checked in PQ and just used a spreadsheet and =AVERAGE( )
  7. People often do confuse difficulty with terrain. The example I use in my class is that a very large container on top of Everest would be T=5, D=1. A reading of the guidelines by the placer would cause a cacher to realize that and there is a link to Clayjar's rating system which is quite good. Indeed. And here it is. Geocache Rating System I use that for my listings.
  8. Don't make me come down there... :P
  9. The average of 23 active/5 archived caches listed on my account: D=2.125/T=2.964
  10. ...and the smell. Now THAT'S a winner. Ammo cans have survived all kinds real life hardships. Fires. Floods. Earthquakes and tornado's... I have an ammo can cache that was recovered from last springs flood. The container had washed up into a persons property downstream. The contents, including a Unite for Diabetes TB, were still in the container. The log was intact but the rescuers needed to dry it out. The plastic ziplock had been breached. A good portion of the logs in the book survived. The container had some damage on the hinged side of the can but not at the lid itself. Which leads me to believe that the damaged of the container may have happened before the flood. Point is, the cache survived. I had replaced the cache earlier with a brand-spankin new ammo can. The cache had some history. Placed in April 2003. Visited by 184 geocachers INCLUDING billzjeep who had passed away (while geocaching) about a year later. The cache container was returned to me at last Sundays event that I had attended.
  11. Why on earth would you care? I go for caches that look like fun. I assume others do the same. I don't think the OP does care, per se. It's just a challenge, not a command. As for stats haters, sometimes stats are just interesting to read and digest. It's not about who's a better cacher, it's just interesting to read. Like football stats, I don't care who is a better team, I just enjoy the variety of the stats. Thank you TV. That is my intent with that line. As I mentioned above, sometimes the message received is not the message truly sent, and on forums, it can be hard to distinguish. Just back from an event and cache find. Yes I had fun. I hope everybody has fun caching. I got a 2/2 cache that in my opinion was rated correctly or near enough.
  12. Thank you all for your responses. Even you GOF Several people have noted the first bold statement and after re-reading it I can see why. The phrasing of the statement really wasn't meant to be that way. I guess it was meant to be more in conjunction with your find count. I am sorry I really at this time don't yet know the right phrasing that comes across well in forums. It is interesting to hear other perspectives on the my original posting. For examples different areas of the country are setting their terrain ratings locally. Good point. Again for compare and contrast, I was surprised that my terrain rating, while I considered it low, wasn't really. I did notice that some people have several 5/5 finds on their stats. When I looked at what the caches really are, I noticed that they were not an honest rating. This was stated in the cache logs. I do also enjoy a good geocache at a historic location or similar no matter what the rating. I would hope a D/T would give you exactly that type of info. Well not exactly but enough info to help you draw a conclusion. Especially if it is conjunction with the right attributes. Again, everybody it bringing valuable insight into thread. Also I would like to point out that I don't want the D/T we talk about to intimidate. Totally not my intention.
  13. I have made a discovery of sorts. I thought that my DIFFICULTY/TERRAIN rating average was a bit low at D1.67/T1.96 In my opinion (and you know what they say about opinions) this is a more telling stat of your caching performance than an actual find count. If your difficulty rating and terrain rating go up, you would seem to be inclined to accept a more challenging style of cache. I thought my terrain rating was a bit on the low side. Not really true. I looked at the statistics of some (actually quite a few who are willing to share their stats) of our more energetic geocachers and found that they are right in the ballpark or even a tad lower. Is the D/T average a type of pulse or blood pressure analogy? The more geocaches you find does not mean the pulse will change. In fact, it could go down. Finding fewer caches with a more aggressive D/T rating will bring those numbers up. BTW-I do not want to use these numbers to browbeat others. I plan to challenge myself by caching the more aggressive geocaches. In reality that is what I typically like to do anyway. I would like to get both numbers above 2. The downfall to that is that I have to be careful that the cache that I am seeking is really a competitive rating. In other words, some geocachers are intentionally over rating their caches and in reality, the actual cache is way under the rating. Think “Liars” caches or a “medicated” cache that the rating just makes you feel good. I am not going to go find a 5/5 cache that is rated incorrectly just to help my stats. The D/T rating does not sort out micros, small or regular so to make an argument that micros are not caches goes by the way side. You could find a power trail of 1/1 or 1.5/1.5 of any size or type of cache and you have really changed nothing except your find count. If that is what you are aiming for, so be it. It will just make it harder to change those numbers in the future. What is your D/T rating? Are there caches in your area, rated honestly, that will promote a stronger geocaching heartbeat? PQ’s will obviously help to sort out the caches by rating. I have noticed that in my area there are a few “over rated” caches. I feel that geocachers have a responsibility to correctly rate their caches as well as use the correct attribute. I propose to all: -Go for caches that will increase your D/T ratings and not just your find count. -As a cache hider, please rate your caches as honestly as possible. Why abuse the system? -Use the correct attributes for your cache hides or do not use them at all. Again, why abuse the system just because you can? Sorry about the long winded post.
  14. I can, KKC3442, known as "Cyclone". yep, dem were the days. KSR5659
  15. Just because you get a dnf or two, doesn't mean that you have to go verify/maintain the cache. Sometimes people can't (gasp) find it.
  16. 18% archived for me. One of which was caught up in a flooded stream.
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