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  1. Here is a virtual with loads of history. Mining I-Ludlow Massacre Weather wise...roll the dice. The two passes that you will have to cross, Monument and Raton, can be very dangerous in bad weather. If the weather is too bad on the passes, CDOT will close them. Have plenty of fuel (keep your tank filled over half way), water and glove compartment food. Temperatures this time of year can drop well below 0 degrees and with wind chill can be very brutal. South of Pueblo, there are few places to stop and the traffic will be noticeably lighter than Denver to Pueblo. Roadways are exposed to high winds and blowing snow. On the other hand if you get good sunny conditions, you will enjoy a very beautiful drive. You will see the Sangre deCristo Mountains.
  2. The nuvi 1490 is an automotive GPS. This is basically street type navigation aid and not trail. Also you probably have the Europe and/or UK version and nothing to aid in South Africa.
  3. If you see someone close to the cache approach them and say, "Hello." If they ignore you or strike up a nice conversation with you, beware of the muggle. If they take offense and begin to argue vehemently with you, you know that are a cacher. Ask them if they would like to join you in the hunt.
  4. Looking at the cache page for that, you were the last to find it almost a year ago. I haven't been skiing for a couple of years now but we were enjoying Steamboat Ski area for several trips. Have you been there? I bagged a virtual there a few years ago. Buddy's Run We would ski for a few days and snowmobile for a day than back to skiing. About every other night we would head to Strawberry Park hot springs. Wayyy better than the pool in town.
  5. Did this one back in 2003 and it is still active. Copper Mt American Flyer The snow where the cache is located is probably powder but it is not that far off of the groomed trail.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E41wzewfcrA&feature=player_embedded#!
  7. Oink! That would be my guess too. New cacher...all full of excitement and wonder of finding caches and wants to share the joy. Makes a mistake of placing a cache on vacation with out knowing the consequences. Mistakes are made and lessons are learned. Welcome to geocaching EsbenGjetrang. I am sure you will do fine and have fun with this hobby.
  8. Try contacting Skihasen and see if they can help
  9. If you are taking the southern route into Arizona, look up virtual cache: Standin on the corner.... 142 favorite votes and has been around since 2002.
  10. From this early forum post dated 06 August 2001. Who do suppose that was and are they still caching? The "son" would be 24 by now.
  11. Now that there was some funny stuff. Not to mention I don't know which one he's talking about either. Perhaps you two should attend the OP's school for gifted children. All would, I think, become clear.
  12. Take that football helmet off of your head and go look at post #28. It has a picture of Sinise. (Dinosaurs can be such headaches sometimes )
  13. Are you speaking about Seth, or I? 'zactly...(oh yeah)...!
  14. I think most folks will have already lit their torches and be grabbing for their pitchforks before they read that last paragraph and that you will get very little of the civil discussion you say you want. Fun thread for angst generation though. Pass the popcorn please.
  15. When geocaching is outlawed...only outlaws will be geocaching.
  16. It is common knowledge that if you ask about it, you are automatically selected. There is nothing you can do about it now.
  17. Yes and it was a blast back in 2005. Coco Cay was a Traditional Cache and then found 3 Virtual Caches in Nassau, Bahamas. I took my Etrex Legend for hunting the caches. The 60 series stayed back on the boat.
  18. What ever it takes to get those numbers up.
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