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  1. WOW! I'm not even going to try out my 600 on Christmas! After I charge the batteries, I'm just going to install the new firmware first (anything to avoid ANY of the issues I've been reading about in these forums!) Doc
  2. I highly doubt it. The officer didn't stop you based on your AVERAGE driving speed, they stopped you based on the fact that at the time they sampled you, you were speeding. I tend to agree with what was previously stated, if you're speeding, you probably deserve the ticket, if you weren't then the system is already stacked against you. Your only hope then is what usually happens to people I know...the police officer doesn't show up on court day and the whole thing is dismissed. Doc
  3. I have to tell you guys, I don't even HAVE my eXplorist 600 yet (Christmas) but was really concerned because of all the bug reports. You have helped to ease my mind somewhat. Thanks, Doc
  4. In that vein, is the Back Road 3D by National Geographic as good as the individual state/region discs that they have? Has anyone had a chance to compare them? Thanks, Doc
  5. Well, I'm definately going to go with Topo 3D first (after I try out the DirectRoutes that is coming with the using.) I am sure that at some point I will buy the National Geographic (just because the maps are so good, if for no other reason.) Thanks again for all the help. Doc
  6. I know that at some point I am going to spring for Topo, if the National Geographic won't download the maps to my unit, then it will have to wait a bit longer. I will probably get it eventually but right now I am interested in using the mapping capabilities of my unit (when I actually get it in hand...it is to be a Christmas gift.) As to being "dreaded", I've read through the bug list...oh brother! Doc
  7. Thanks Jhwk! I'm physically handicapped and don't expect to be doing any type of "trail busting" at all, so DR may just do everything I need then! I appreciate all of the help everyone. Doc
  8. Thanks Redwoods, great link. It's interesting to me that with so many Raster to Vector convertors out there that someone hasn't also taken the time to create some file convertors for the various GPS formats. I'm sure that the GPS manufacturers want to sell their software, but I can't see it being that big an impact and, in fact, I would think that it would boost their sales if they used the fact that there was a way to convert other maps to their format. Doc
  9. Okay thanks, too bad there's no conversion out there. I appreciate the assist. Doc
  10. Total newbie that is about to receive the dreaded eXplorist 600 as a gift. It is coming with DirectRoutes (instead of Topo 3d) so I am looking to supplement. I'm curious if anyone has looked at both of these and if they have any recommendations on which I should purchase? Thanks, Doc
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