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  1. I can't even find a way to order domestically. The only link that works is the one for International orders. Doc
  2. Well, if you think about it, it is a little nuts! SO WHAT?! Name one sport or game that isn't. Add to that, what kind of personality do you think it takes to be a cop these days? I'm not saying they're crazy, I'm saying that they have to crave some kind of 'adventure' or 'thrill' to be doing what THEY are doing. If you are not breaking the law, why are they bothering you? I don't get beligerant with the police (I have too many that are relatives through marriage) but if I'm stopped for frivolous reasons, I want to know why! I got pulled over once because a car 'similar' to mine was involved in a robbery. I wanted to know when and where the robbery was, did the officer run my plates and if so, why was I pulled over? He appoligized and left! Most LEOs are great people doing a tough job, but they, like every other profession, follow a normal distribution (bell curve.) You have absolutely terrible ones in a small minority on one end, the average ones in the vast majority and the fantastic ones in a small minority on the other end. Go out, enjoy the sport, don't worry about the minority that may stop you (as long as you aren't doing anything unlawful.) If you are stopped, look very intense and act as though you can't even believe that they are asking and simply say "I'm geocaching." If they want more information than that, then explain it. Doc
  3. Shoot 'em, stuff 'em and use them as travel bugs! Actually, the couple of caches that I've found there have been some around. All I've done is act as normal as possible. If you act like you have a direct purpose and know what you are doing, people tend to leave you alone. It also helps if you can distract them a little, kids or small animals will do that for you. Doc
  4. Ammo Cans (when used for real ammunition) are required to be pressure and leak tested under water. 99.9% of them pass without a problem...it's the .1% that you have to be careful of and usuallly those are because the seal was improperly placed. The thing that I would worry more about with an ammo can in salt water would be the hinged top getting so encrusted (sea life, salt, etc.) that you couldn't open it easily! Isn't there a requirement that you check your cache regularly? As long as you are doing that, it shouldn't be a big problem. Test it first a couple of times with a roll of toilet paper in it to see if you pick up any moisture. If not, you should have a good can to work with. Doc
  5. Oh come now...on this board..it has to be Great Phreaking Skills... Doc
  6. ...the saga continues...after many more frustrating calls to THALES (not able to get through calling at EXACTLY 10 seconds after 6:00 am Pacific Time), and after listening to some advise to allow the battery to totally discharge and then re-charge (ahem...it would NOT re-charge...) I decided to take drastic action. Utilizing little known skills taught to me many years ago by mystic and arcane masters I was able to sneak through the THALES phone system and speak with the Tech Supervisor...within an hour I was actually speaking with a technician at that point! Unfortuantely, my GPS must now take a trip the GPS hospital for a check-up and possible surgery (battery as well.) Hope to see it again in about a week-and-a-half or so. With my luck, it will turn out to be the cable! Doc
  7. I think my avatar would look pretty good on a coin. I will probably get around to it eventually. I just want to do some more caching first! Doc
  8. This was absolutely my FIRST REAL BUY period (I'm on a couple of pre-order lists!) I'm not sure I'll sleep until they get here...what is it two months? Doc
  9. I tried that this morning. So far now, I have left my call-back four times (plus the e-mail I sent them. ) I can't tell if their products are so incredibly screwed up that they can't keep up or if they only have two techs working! Doc
  10. Did that first thing. It's a possibility, but I again let it charge overnight and it showed a full charge when I turned the unit on while plugged in. As soon as I took it off of the cable, it showed a half charge again. I sat on hold waiting for over an hour yesterday and never got a tech. I finally left a call back number in the hopes that they might call today (I'm sure that they will, while I'm gone!) I was just wondering if anyone else has been seeing this on any of their 400, 500 or 600's or if mine is a fluke? Thanks, Doc
  11. I would also like two. GREAT DESIGN! Doc
  12. Well, I finally got an actual Magellan battery and let it charge up overnight. It showed a full charge this morning while still connected to the charger. I took it off and turned the unit back on and guess what...it shows half a charge! I have since decided to hook it back up to keep charging except now, while the unit states that it is charging and everything, it shows virtually NO charge (when I unhook it, it still shows about half a charge.) I have e-mailed Magellan and am typing this one-handed while having already sat on-hold waiting for someone to answer (due to heavy call volume) for about an hour! Doc
  13. Today would be a perfect example for me. Only my second find and the cache was literally sitting in the open, which, according to their page, was NOT what the hider intended. I simply tried to put it back exactly as described on the page. Didn't take it from the spot, didn't try to make it harder to find, just wanted to put it into the same condition as described. Doc
  14. We have a LOT of outside high security locks that we work with. Bluejaytoo is right, we use Tri-Flo on them and they work great year-round. Doc
  15. Especially if you show it to the people at the airport, open it and explain what it is. They are going to be naturally curious (and cautious) about it. Once they see that it is simply and empty box, you shouldn't have any issues. Doc
  16. 3 months ago, Heathrow...but it WAS a direct flight which probably makes a difference. If it (your baggage) has to go through more than one airport security and customs check there may be a problem, even though it would probably have that little "U.S. Inspection" Card stuck in it (like mine did.) Still, I take the things back and forth through Canada all of the time... Doc
  17. I have had to carry expended ammunition and primers on planes in my luggage (imagine the residue!) Just make sure that you tell the people checking your luggage and have them open the box and review the contents to make sure that it is empty and only contains trace amounts and you should be fine. Doc
  18. I have no intention of revealing to someone that I don't know my place of employment, nor one of our Government contracts (yes all contracts, even with foriegn entities must still go through the United States Government) that states the shipping terms. Suffice it to say that I have worked in this particular industry for over eight years. You are OT, my point remains, that United States manufactured ammo cans ARE available throughout Europe. Doc
  19. Incorrect - it may be crated, but if it is linked, it is usually shipped in cans. and Yes. Doc
  20. I have had mine forever. Years ago when I first started working I was the only one capable of doing the "higher math" and statistics needed for the job. People there started calling me 'Doc' so my computer nerd friends coined it for me. Doc
  21. What have THEY got to do with ammo cans (usually 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm ammunition, though 30, 40 and 50 are usually packed in much larger containers?) These would be made by medium caliber ammunition producers. In the United States the top producers for this ammuniton are Alliant Technologies and General Dynamics. In Canada it is SNC. ALL ship to foriegn customers in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, so you SHOULD be able to find ammo cans just about everywhere. Doc
  22. Well...I don't think so.... FMS ...I'm somewhat familiar with the subject... Doc
  23. Slovakia is a fairly recent addition to NATO. It spends about $400 million annually on it's military which would indicate that it probably doesn't buy a great deal from the U.S. but depends instead on European producers (or only purchase a very small amount from the U.S.) Since it really is a fairly new player, it's doubtful that you WOULD find any ammo cans for sale there (if the European counterparts are using them instead of boxes at this point.) A great deal also depends on the type of weaponry that the Slovakian army primarily uses and how much or if they train locally with practice rounds. You are probably better off bringing a can or two with you. Doc
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