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  1. Hi zakis, I agree with you, I am not very familiar with english language too, but what we can do for the facts 1.a & 1.b ?(see my first message - database & mail notifications). As moderator of this forum, I receive a copy of every posted message on my PDA with the text, to check it. The notification system does not support Greek characters. So, every time a greek message is posted, I have to go online to be sure that this message is O.K. for staying posted (no bad words e.t.c.). The solution of Greeglish solves this problem, but our forum and search system will be a mess. My oppinion is to post our messages in English (good or bad doesn' t matter), to avoid all problems. Υ.Γ. Φοβάμαι μήπως σε τελική ανάλυση μας "βάλουν χέρι" από την εταιρία ότι εξαπλασιάζουμε το μέγεθος της βάσης... Friendly, Antonis
  2. Πολύ χαίρομαι αγαπητέ Γιώργο για το "παρών" σου, τόσο το δικό σου όσο και της Χριστίνας. Κι εγώ στο ξεκίνημα της γεωκασικής μου καριέρας είχα την κόρη μου μαζί, αλλά δυστυχώς -λόγω εφηβείας μάλλον- προτίμησε πιο x-treme sports συμμετέχοντας στην ομάδα Adventure-Games... Θέλοντας να σε δελεάσω να προσπαθήσεις ακόμη περισσότερο να έρθεις στη συνάντηση που οργάνωσε ο Γιάννης για το Σάββατο, σου λέω ότι όποιος έρθει θα έχει ένα μικρό αλλά μοναδικό δωράκι! Το ίδιο βέβαια ισχύει για όλους όσους θα έρθουν... Φιλικά, Αντώνης Υ.Γ. Αν θα έρθει και η Χριστίνα μαζί ενημέρωσέ με μήπως "ψήσω" και τη Βέρα να έρθει.
  3. Hello geocaching friends! Because Greek section in geocaching forums is new, I think that it will be good to put some rules for posting messages. The facts: 1. It will be much easier to write in greek, but we have the following problems: a: Greek characters in posts use large size of forum's database, because of charset (iso-8859-1). Each letter is translated to something like this: "&928;&929;&927;&931;&922" b: When a new message is posted, the forum sends an e-mail for this. The included text is again: "&928;&929;&927;&931;&922" and nobody can read this. c: The primary goal for Greek forum is to attract geocaching players from other countries to Greece. I think that Greek messages don't achieve this. 2. It will be much better to post messages in English, but: a: Maybe there are some Greek players with poor English, (like me). They will avoid posting messages because the language. 3. There is the option of Greeglish, but: a: Players from other countries can not read them! b: Smaller size of Database, accebtable language for mail notifications. c: Most of us hate Greeglish (me too!) I think that the best is to post our messages in English. The whole geocaching.com site is in English, so all users can read and write in this language (more or less ) Waiting for your opinion, Reagards, Antonis
  4. Hi, I think that it will be much better to post messages in English, so geocachers from other countries can read them. Of course we can have some "Greek Only" posts, but let's avoid it for interesting messages like Zakis's one. Zakis, please can you edit your previous message and turn it to English? Thanks, Antonis
  5. Γεια σου Ζάκη. Η ιδέα σου να ειδοποιηθούν όλοι αυτοί που έχουν κρύψει κάτι στην Ελλάδα είναι super! Ξεκινάω απόψε κι όλας! Κρίμα που δεν θα είσαι εδώ, θα μας δωθεί όμως η ευκαιρία κάποια στιγμή να συναντηθούμε. Φιλικά, Αντώνης
  6. So.... 2006's First Greek Geocaching Meeting 1 FREE BEER INCLUDED
  7. Hi, I think this link will help... BBC News
  8. Hi, On 4th of February I'll be to Xylokastro. I 'll be in Athens on 14 & 28th of January (Saturdays). Ostria is O.K., 12:00 is perfect! So... I think that 14th is too close. I suggest the 28th of January to Ostria (N37 54,614 E23 42,6833") at 12:00. Do you agree? Let's be more hi-tech... I attach a google map for the meeting point... ...
  9. Hi Dimitri, welcome to Greek Geocaching Forum. All agree with Yanni to arrange a meeting asap. So... Yanni has work to do My friend Yianni, you have just to plan it and announce the time and the place... About the free beer and souvlaki: Paul and $hogun, if you come to the first meeting you will have as much beer you can drink (and souvlakia too) Good luck, Antonis
  10. When the earthquake took place, I was for a coffe at 38°04,532N 22°38,436E (Xylokastro), about 149 miles (208 Km) from the point of the earthquake. I felt smooth, weavy, long lasting movings of the ground, something like been in a boat. Nothing happend, no panic at all to anyone in the cafe. Cellular phones died for about 10 minutes and... that's all. The magnitude was 6.9! The good point is that it happened 75 Km below the sealevel, in the sea. So, no damage at all for the event! Nobody hurt. TV channels tried to make it "big story of today" (as usual) but today we forgot it. Anyway, thanks for the interest.
  11. Λοιπόν... Μια που ο φίλος ο Γιάννης έδωσε αναλυτικές πληροφορίες, παραθέτω κι εγώ τις δικές μου λεπτομέρειες: Με λένε Αντώνη, μένω στο Π. Φάληρο και για GPS χρησιμοποιώ ένα PocketPC iPAQ με κεραία Rikaline bluetooth και software το GPSTuner V4.2, με αναλυτικούς χάρτες για όλες τις ενδιαφέρουσες για geocaching περιοχές και με απόλυτη ακρίβεια στο καλιμπράρισμά τους. Συμφωνώ απόλυτα ότι πρέπει να αφήσουμε την TV και να βγούμε έξω! Σε μελλοντική συνάντηση (σύντομα ελπίζω) θα πούμε περισσότερα...
  12. Hello-hello! Of course I am in too! Yanni you can arrange the meeting anytime you want and I will be there! Nice to meet you $hogun, I hope to see you soon at the meeting. Regards, Antonis
  13. Νομίζω ότι θα ήταν αρκετά χρήσιμο να δούμε πόσοι και ποιοί Έλληνες ασχολούνται με το geocaching. Αφήστε λοιπόν ένα μικρό μήνυμα εδώ (στα Ελληνικά).
  14. Nice idea! I think that it will be much better to arrange it in the summer, to give the opportunity to geocachers from other countries to join. So... We 'll be in contact.
  15. Hi, This year comes with a nice surprise for all geocachers in Greece... The Greek section has started! We have a nice place for "OnLine" geocaching meetings, to the friendly forums of Groundspeak! So, fell free to post your messages here. Have a nice year and good geocaching, Cheers, Antonis. Καλή Χρονιά, Χαρούμενο και ευτυχισμένο το 2006!
  16. Hi, I think that it is very nice, but as graphic designer... , I have to say the followings: 1. The first point must be: "What is this" (I am a traval bug). 2. The phrase "Do not keep me" must be at the end of the first phrase and bold. 3. The lines in the text must be separated in complete phrases. You can see my opinion (what exactly I mean): Thanks, Antonis_GR
  17. Oh! Very good! Happy holidays to all!
  18. Ela Ela έλα έλα 1, 2, 3... ακούγομαι καλά; tsssseck!
  19. Hi, Geo is a greek word and means Earth! For the word "Hobby" there is a word (parergo) but we use the word "hobby". It is something like "Mixer", "Motherboard", "GPS" e.t.c.
  20. Hi, about the welcome note to the cache finder, I created a Greek version for them who accidentally found the cache. This note let them know what it is all about (to avoid problems) and how they can join geocaching. You can download it HERE Best regards from Athens, Greece, 73's, Antonis
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