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  1. Have to admit, not joining this mission, as from here, I really don't understand or comply. Box is NOT free for me. Postage of a box that size would be $30 to $45 - ouch!
  2. Are you driving (remember left side of road) or on tour with others? Places to visit - Auckland has lots of good caches, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin are the main centres. Look for where you are staying, and if any are easily accessible. Terrain rating is a good guide for easy access usually. If driving, then the smaller centres also have cache spread. We also have lots of micros now, as new caches get into the hobby. 90% of caches are good placements, scenic, historic, or of general interest - watch out though, in some places there are small challenges between some to place hard puzzles. Stick with traditional caches, and you should have fun! we certainly do.... a little route pre-planning goes a long way to making it a smooth day too. Enjoy our country!
  3. I am booked on 11.11.11 to officiate at a wedding - think I must get one of these for the couple, even though they are not cachers!
  4. a HUGE thank you to Skye of Groos Crew, as I cleared my mailbox this afternoon (Tuesday 25th). What a thoughtful mission you put together for me. One of the reasons I join these missions is that (for me in New Zealand) every mission is international. I get to share a little of NZ with others, and I receive from others things not found here. Today I received a wonderful, large hardcover notebook, with a quote on the front about carrying the beautiful things in life with us. So clever, as the cover was butterfly themed. AND.... a neat shopping pad with magnet attached - Christmas themed with "no peeking" on it... AND .... a neat Christmas (here's my co-ords, Santa) ornament geocoin in red. I am so grateful for your caring and sharing.
  5. I had the privilege of corresponding with RiverCacher and family, through missions. Someone who was ready to help, while ensuring his girls were all on the receiving end of missions too. Someone who has left a huge hole in this community; a hole that may shrink but never be full again. Sleep peacefuly Mike. And girls - always tell him stories of your day, don't let him fade away from your memories and routine.
  6. I've just arrived home from the long summer holiday - caching most days - into an inland city with NO sea breeze - temperatures close and over 30 some days! and will put my mission into the mail tomorrow. As a thanks for being patient there will be a couple of extra coins..... Happy New Year all!
  7. One travel express coin arrived in New Zealand, and I grabbed it when I got home from my summer holiday. Next caching trip out - maybe in two weeks to Dunedin, it will be dropped off into a cache. But first I have to do a few days work - both for wages and in my garden. Raspberries, beans, peas, zucchini, scallopini, corn all want harvesting..... so caching now has to slow down.
  8. I ask one person to be patient.... although I brought some coins and a gift with me on summer holidays, I know I have a coin on their seeking list at home.... This mission should be in their hands by the end of January. Meantime, rain on the West Coast of New Zealand, but sunshine most days. Heading south to the glaciers over the next few days. Averaging about 15 caches a day - a low number due to having cached this area just 3 years ago. Many caches are on walkways, and some take a full half day. But the locations they take us to are worth the journey. Thanks for the patience.
  9. Always happy to help a traveller. There is a forum somewhere that lists those who will aid TBs etc, but I am currently unable to find it, to be able to post a link. Email me, via my profile, should you wish me to help you out.
  10. Love that the sender of my mission knew that I enjoy caching! Several gifts received of cache containers - micros. Some look personally made - all are different to ones found here. Thanks - that's a challenge accepted.
  11. My three year old grandson wants to open a package when he visits.... so knowing I will not be here from the 22nd, I've allowed him to do so.... we're up to day 15..... on the 13th December. Some fabulous wee cache container, of a type not seen here, pins, torch and a candy cane lights rope powered by plugging into the USB! Items all are not common here - it's been fabulous. Unless he visits again, I get nothing to open tomorrow!
  12. Aha! cool for some, but I will out and about caching in force.... except for midday burn time. 3 weeks plus of summer holidays. Back mid January - in time for this mission. So email being sent! Have an idea of what to send already.
  13. Mission arrived, and unpacked. Curious. Lots of stickers which grandson loved. Then by day four, four gifts opened. minus the chocolate, naturally - rather sweeter chocolate than our local variety. Love sampling culinary tastes from elsewhere! And today - on the 6th day of Dcember, my caching mission buddy gave to me, a caribiner and a wheeling island laynard (in purple, my favourite colour!) Go well cainrcc. Pleased to see the santa sleigh made in safely - I had fun painting that. Take care of family, precious time spent. Family are the treasures of our life!
  14. On the fifth day of December (Sunday, too) my cache mission buddy gave to me..... 5 caching pins AND a geocache beaded bracelet!
  15. On the fourth day of December my caching buddy gave to me..... a box of peppermint candy pops (without the stick!) Again something not found in New Zealand.... Oh, and for those in snow, today I tied tasted my first raspberry of the season - an ebony one, that I beat the birds to.... On goes the bird netting today. (that is, when it cools off enough to go outside again) Sunscreen applied.
  16. email sent- Yes name received- Yes card sent- Yes card received- Yes Many thanks to GregsonVaux, who sent me a lovely sparkly geocoin and a personalised card. I do not know that coin, so obviously I do not have it. Some research to be done.
  17. On the 3rd day of December, my mission buddy gave to me.... A hard cover geocaching log book..... (Now I will have to imagine up a new cache placement) sorry - photos still not uploaded.
  18. On the second day of December, my caching buddy gave to me.... ..... a beautiful butterfly notepad. (lovely pastel colours)
  19. so many missions not yet arrived.... and so few postings. Might be time for a nudge. Way down here in New Zealand, I was surprised by my mission arriving on time! Thanks for the lovely chocolate crisp, shaped as a gingerbread man on day one.... Dec 2nd here now.... so off to find gift # 2. Photos are taken and will be uploaded - but the progress photos might be missing edilble items (hee, hee, I'm enjoying this) Just wish my sent mission arrived on time!
  20. Another lovely coin, though sitting here in the sweltering heat, on the border of drought conditions, I find it hard to connect with Christmas and snow. Hoping you will continue each year with this series - it's one of the better ones around.
  21. Last day of November in NZ...... so hoping that this arrives at it's US destination TODAY! really want to share.....
  22. Excitement here - a package address to Butterfly arrived...... so many packages inside, and no peeking allowed. Oh, and lots and lots of stick on foamies, which I know my 3 year old grandson will want... Thanks CarinRcc - you made my day. Annoyed yesterday / today as someone didn't check their mirrors and backed right into the side of my wee red RX8 - so spent today working on insurance claims... Perfect day for a mission to arrive
  23. Usually that is revealed when the recipient posts that they have received their mission. Until then, it remains a mystery........ Ah, the suspense...... but all will be revealed.
  24. And I get emails from some who state they cannot log a trackable because X cacher has not yet dropped it.... so instead of them grabbing it, I grab it and log it.... Anyway - never send your geocoins out bare. Most come in a flip plastic envelope. Put some info in the 2nd half, and the one who picks up up cannot remain ignorant.
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