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  1. For Pennsylvania I know the process for placing a cache in state parks and I know you don't need permission to place on state game lands, but what is the policy for state forests?


    I think I found a nice location, but the land is either state game land or state forest. According to the topo it is state game land, but a lot of information I have found on the site states that it's state forest land. I just want to make sure all my I's are crossed and T's are dotted before I try and place the cache.


    Edit: Sorry for the mis-spelling in the title...Play should be Place. Now I feel like a fool and can't figure out how to edit the title (or even delete the post).

  2. PhotoDuck,


    Where do you put the bluetooth receiver when you are caching? I would assume putting it in your pocket would kill reception.


    The reason I ask is a friend has a Treo 650 and is looking for a GPS. He is also interested in getting into Geocaching. I figured a bluetooth receiver would be a pain outside the car.

  3. Most outdoor stores will have it.


    Personally I don't like the idea of the stuff. I have heard WAY too many stories of it not working and ticking off the bear even more. Though, I am not sure what your experiance was and if you plan to only use it on the black bears in the north east US, you'll probably be safe as they are usually pretty afraid of people.


    Biggest thing to avoid bears is to seal food in air tite bags when hiking, using a bear can if you are in a bear prone area and don't smell good.

  4. I agree, the Yahoo boards are a huge PITA. I have already offered my server space, bandwidth, and technical skills running forum software. I think they have all the resources they actually need. It just seems that things are still in the works for a REAL Tri-go site. I guess the big debat is that some people actually like the Yahoo format, so they are building some customs software to be both like a normal forum and the yahoo idea. My estimate, look for it to be up and running in another 10-20 years :rolleyes:


    As for the premium membership. Don't do it for the Members only caches, do it for the Pocket Queries and the support of the Geocaching site.

  5. I would love to find a cache that has more useful items in it. I think a multi-tool would be one of them. But I think as people say, these items might be best suited for the more outdoorsey cacher. Placed in a cache that you have the hike to get to. Not one that is in a community park in the 'burbs.

  6. Just a note here. When I was having problems with PQs I found out that you must run a NEW query to get the email sent. You can't make a PQ and then modify it and get the gpx file emailed to you. Be sure to make a new PQ each time.

    I have been editing PQ's and having them sent for a long time. Seems to work fine for me.

  7. Its not real long, but if you get in the area here's The 4x4 Hillbilly Hide.


    E-mail me if you decide to head this way. I can place at least one more soon, and direct you to some more off-roading spots.



    Besides the fact that it took me like 15 mins to understand the hill-billy style of writing, it looks like a great cache. Gotta see what's going on in the next couple weeks and maybe make a trip up to try it out. If you can give me a few more close ones that you would recommend I might make a weekend out of it.

  8. I am looking for some caches in Western PA that would require a little "legal" off-roading. Does anyone know of any. I found Quest Masters "Elk Rock" a few weeks ago and that was a nice little trip on State Game Lands, which although an established dirt road, were illegal to drive on.

  9. I have spent much of my life in the woods and I have yet to get Lymes...but man are you guys starting to scare me. Are there no safe activites any more?:)

  10. I would suggest going and finding a few caches before placing any. This will give you a good idea of places to hide, items to stock it with, rating for dificulty, etc.


    As for how much to spend on a cache, that would be up to you. I would stock it with things that people might actually want or use. I would also place it in a place that might be of some interest to people. A small park is a great place as I have found a few parks close to me that I did not know existed until I went searching for a cache.


    As for how far apart, Unless you are doing a multi cache, I personally would not leave them closer than a mile. Also, make sure you are not placing it too close to other caches. If it is too close to another, the approver may ask you to find a new location. Try to avoid places that are over saturated. You might get more people visiting your cache, but you are not showing them anything new. I also think you should pick places you are fimiliar with.


    But, what do I really know. I only hid 1 cache, only found 34, but found my first cache back in 03/2001 :P

  11. I have never seen an electronic device state right on it if it was suitable for use during aviation. But I think that something like a GPS could confuse a flight attendant and I can see many not knowing if it would interfere with flight instruments.


    That being said, no airline should have a problem with you carrying it on, but some may have a problem if you try to use it during flight.


    EDIT: But if you get the chance try it. It's fun watching the average speed showing up on your screen as 500MPH:)

  12. If the Summit you are talking about is the Garmin eTrex Summit, then you can infact send waypoints to it (you can also retrieve waypoints, tracks and routes from the unit).


    I got the eTrex Summit just after it came out. It uses the same (Serial) data cable as the other eTrex models. The difference is that the Summit did not come with a data cable where as the newer eTrex seem to.


    http://www.gps-planet.com/etrexdatacable.html <-- that is the cable you need.


    Also, if your GPS is that old, I would suggest buying the cable and going to www.garmin.com and downloading and installing the newest firmware updates for the unit.


    If you just want to download waypoints to your GPS, I suggest using the EasyGPS software. http://www.geocaching.com/waypoints/default.aspx


    As for Pocket Queries, others have answered the question of what they are, why they are nice, and how to use them.

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