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  1. Glad you guys mentioned the notifications as that is often overlooked when a cacher relocates. Each notification entry has its own location center point and distance setting. As a feature one could set up new cache page publications for two locations, useful in cases where a cacher works in one location and spends weekends in another location, etc.
  2. If you ever hope to obtain cooperation from the person who picked up your geocoin it will be best to refrain from using the word "stolen" and publishing accusations here and elsewhere. It will also be best to remove the statement "stolen by faba333" from the trackable's title. Your best hope is to assume that the person who picked up the geocoin did so without fully understanding how that part of the game works, and that he or she will learn of their mistake and put the item back into circulation at some point in the future. The chances of this are admittedly small, but the chances of receiving cooperation after being disrespectful are near zero. Perhaps you should hope for the best instead of poking the newbie in the eye by name publicly.
  3. The correct boxes are checked and I'm sure the reviewer will get to it soon.
  4. I have not applied many of my favorites votes at all. For one thing, I'm having trouble remembering the details of caches I found several years ago, and as I have become less able to make longer hikes more of my finds do not rise to the level where I believe a favorite vote is applicable. Of course, my yardstick is my personal opinion and is not the same as that used by others. There is no nagging feeling that I need to use them all.
  5. Sorry, but it would be inappropriate for a reviewer to advise anyone of the location of someone's unpublished cache. I understand that it might be seen as helpful in some cases, but that's a slippery slope to be avoided.
  6. I also had a quick look and it appears the cache owner may be working on obtaining permission from a property steward to hide the cache. Hopefully that will be resolved soon.
  7. You can respectfully ask on the cache page(s) that finders sign with initials only, or no stamps/no labels, but you cannot require it and you cannot delete logs for failure to sign the log in the manner you would prefer. With that said, if it is a power trail, no one is going to read the cache pages anyway - they will just move from one to the other as quickly as possible to earn the group of smileys you have provided in the least amount of time.
  8. Sorarse, If the travel bug has not been placed in a cache before, what I am about to say does not apply - but it may be good to know. If a travel bug that has been moving around is placed into a new cache before publication, it is possible that some cachers may have that travel bug on their watch list. This will allow them to see that the travel bug has been dropped into a new cache, a certain distance and direction from its previous position, and in some cases, they may be able to make a pretty good guess as to the location of your cache. This could result in someone writing their found it note in the physical log before the cache is published, and possible moving the travel bug while they are there. It is best to log travel bugs into your cache as soon as you see that the cache page has been published.
  9. Please don't use knives - kids might find a cache without their parents looking over their shoulder, plus, many park managers don't allow it. A number of parks use prison work crews to do cleanup and landscaping, and the last thing they want is to have someone bring a knife back into the prison population. This is something that could result in having geocaching banned in places.
  10. For air navigation purposes, altitudes above 18,000 feet are expressed as Flight Levels. 18,000 feet = FL180, FL250 = 25,000 feet, FL400 = 40,000 feet, etc.
  11. Actually not correct. There is a small piece of land on the east side of the Delaware River/Delaware Bay that is part of Delaware. There's a long story involved there too - but the piece of land can be easily seen on Google Maps just west of the Killcohook National Wildlife Refuge. The NWR is in New Jersey, and the adjoining land just west of it is part of Delaware. An interesting piece of trivia, and a winning bar bet - if you bring your laptop with you to prove it.
  12. To have another geocacher adopt your cache, please go to this web page: www.geocaching.com/adopt Once there, enter the GC Code (GC?????) of the cache and click on the lookup button; then enter the geocaching account name of the person you want to take ownership and click the user lookup button. At this point you may add a message in the text box if you want, and when ready click on the Send Adoption Request button. The system will generate an e-mail to the prospective new owner, and once that person clicks on the acceptance link the ownership transfer is complete. Hope this helps. -Brad
  13. Hi folks. This topic seems to have taken a turn off course into finger-pointing land. If everyone is done responding to Downy288's original question, perhaps someone can report it as being ready to be closed.
  14. If you believe your cache has been logged by someone who is posting numerous improbable logs, you may write to contact@geocaching.com and describe the situation. There are actually some folks who believe that finding the answers is adequate justification for claiming a find on the cache page. Usually an explanation that an actual visit to the location is also required will cause the practice to stop.
  15. One way to check this is to set up a "my finds" pocket query and load the results into GSAK. Once there, you can sort the logs by GC Code and any duplicates will be shown together. There are probably easier ways... Watch this space.
  16. I have the Florida and California souvenirs. If you receive a souvenir for a place you have never visited, is there a chance you may have logged one of the old moving caches? If so, and if that cache has found its way to a place you have never been, you might be awarded an unexpected souvenir. I'm guessing you might lose that souvenir if the cache moves somewhere else.
  17. Well, there was this cache page submitted by a brand new player who innocently used the term "mugger." I doubt that it will catch on, though.
  18. I have nearly a hundred points left over and seriously doubt that I will ever use more than a third of what I have been allocated. I have osteoarthritis, chronic lower back pain, and am somewhat forgetful. So I do a lot of park and grabs, and I remember only the really standout caches that I have found. The system works pretty well for me.
  19. I don't believe the article is entirely clear. For example, during the Bush era, there was a proposal in the works to designate additional Federal lands for timber production to fund public schools in areas where the tax base is insufficient to keep schools open. It would be good to see an objective explanation of the article.
  20. I believe each person finds the ways to use the web site and to geocache that make them most comfortable and make the game most enjoyable. When changes are made some effort is required to adapt, and if the experience of the new version is seen positively, many will smile and move along without comment. If the new version is seen in a negative light, there is greater incentive to comment. Fear probably has very little to do with it. The good thing is that there is enough variety in the game that almost everyone can play the way they want to play.
  21. You might want to look into Waymarking where you may see some of the ideas you have mentioned. Reading material can be found here and after you have read through some of the topics you can choose places to ask questions.
  22. Check your email settings. If necessary, change the email notification Email address to a yahoo or Gmail address. It's possible the notifications are being eaten by a spam filter. Also, check the range around your center point and make sure the coords as your center point are accurate. Also, please note that the home location or home coordinates setting for your account is not the same as the center point setting for your notifications. You might check your notifications entries and confirm that the location and distance choices are as you want them to be. Hope this helps.
  23. When a cache page has been archived, it means that it has been taken out of play.
  24. If you will try the feedback tab again, there is a link at the bottom of the menu which reads "Go to our Support Portal". Once there you will find links to quite a bit of good information, and on the left navigation box there is a link for "Submit a Request". You can write up the details of your daughter's account issue and someone from Groundspeak will respond with whatever assistance is needed. Please bear in mind that this is a holiday weekend in the United States, the Seattle area is experiencing icy weather which tends to bring their traffic to a standstill, and there will be a backlog of assistance requests - so their response will probably be delayed. In the mean time, watch for good suggestions in this forum thread from helpful users.
  25. As of yesterday, November 14, there were already more than 200 searchers working with the police there. Before going to the area, it will be best to check in with the authorities there to see if more help, and what kind of help, may be needed.
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