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  1. Generally speaking, physical caches that have gone missing are not subject to being adopted as there is nothing there to adopt. Think of it like a automobile that is gone - crushed, melted, and made into a new refrigerator. There would be no reason to transfer the title of the car that no longer exists.


    You might post a "needs archived" log to the cache page and state in the log that you want to adopt the cache; the area reviewer would thereby be made aware of the situation and could respond appropriately. You should expect your request to adopt the cache to be denied unless there is some very significant aspect of it that I have overlooked.


    If the cache page is archived, the area becomes available for a new cache placement with a new container, log book, and page one of a new history.

  2. I am not suggesting any relaxation of the effort to work against the bill through well reasoned and respectful measures. If the scope of the bill can be limited or the bill killed altogether, that would be good work - make that GREAT work.


    Disclaimer - I am not involved with law enforcement, nor have I studied non-business law. With that said, I'm not sure if the avenues of constitutionality and enforceability have been pursed with members of the Senate or with the Governor's office. Restricting a person's ability to visit a public area could be challenged, IMO, and certainly a law enforcement officer could not presume to be able to determine a person's intent for being there. In a court of law, proving a person's intent for being present in a public place would be tricky indeed.


    I would like to digress to make a point.


    Georgia has a law making it illegal to kill a non-venomous snake in the state. A respected herpetologist presented a scenario on this topic to us once:

    Say you observe your neighbor killing a black snake, and you call your local game warden and offer to make a full report, and even to testify if necessary. The game warden would have to go through several steps including arrest, convincing the local prosecutor to move forward with the offense, arraignment, all of the pre-trial stuff, etc. In the mean time, people are out there poaching bear and deer, trapping illegally, and doing other things that are higher on the game warden's and the local prosecutor's priority lists. So prosecutions for killing snakes in Georgia are rare, or perhaps even non-existent. So that is essentially a useless law.


    I hope our senators and/or our governor will not want to have their names associated with such a law as H3777.


    <Edited to add my apology for continuing down the derailed path. Sorry.>

  3. A glimpse at this map suggests that much of the geocaching activity in South Carolina can be found in four or five geographically separated pockets. Getting a large cross section of SC geocachers together will probably require a central location plus an agenda that includes both fun activities and administrivia.


    My experience in Georgia is that geocachers would like to have someone handling things like meeting coordination and perhaps a web site with a discussion forum, but they do not want meetings to be consumed by business issues. I'm not suggesting that the geocachers of South Carolina need to do things the same way that they are done somewhere else, but lessons learned elsewhere may be helpful.

  4. I received a complaint from Delaware State Parks that the cache in question is in the park without the required permit. The cache owner has been notified of this and has been asked to pursue obtaining a permit.


    In the meantime, the cache listing has been temporarily retracted to keep it from showing up in searches. If the cache owner obtains a permit, the cache page will be restored. If a permit is not obtained, the physical cache will be removed per park policy and the cache page will then be archived and reposted.

  5. If you found this page, it appears to be dormant.


    If you want to establish some linkage with local geocachers, you might search for caches near your zip code and look at the profile page for some of the cache owners. You could send an e-mail to a cache owner by clicking on the link on their profile page.


    It has been my observation that most experienced geocachers are more than happy to help a new geocacher get started on the right foot.

  6. You may contact the volunteer reviewer for the area to request this information. Please look at the bottom of some of the cache pages you have had published, where you will find the name of the reviewer. It is easiest to contact reviewers through their profile page.

  7. Locationless caches can no longer be created. Here's some information on the ones currently in existence.


    From the guidelines:


    Reverse Virtual (Locationless) Caches


    Locationless caches are a variation of virtual caches, but with no specific location to visit. Instead, the cache hunter is instructed to search for an object that meets certain criteria and report its coordinates. Many times the seeker is also asked to provide an original photograph of the location to provide proof of visitation. (Note: All Locationless caches will migrate to the Waymarking.com site as of January 2006. They will no longer be available on Geocaching.com)




    Guidelines that apply to grandfathered cache types


    Virtual, Reverse Virtual (Locationless) Caches and Earthcaches


    These are special categories of caches that ask the seeker to find a pre-existing item to log. We are no longer accepting new Virtual Caches, Webcam Caches, Reverse Virtual Caches, or Earth Caches. Caches which existed before August of 2005 have been allowed to remain as grandfathered caches.

  8. [Humor]But on occasion, it has appeared that the 'nuances' of the approval process for 'exceptional' caches amounted to smashing a "Signal the Frog Bobblehead Figure" with a sledgehammer and then counting the pieces ... Odd number, the cache is approved. [/Humor] :lol::lol::lol:

    Actually, if there are an odd number of pieces, I pick one of them and break it in half.



    BTW, Yankees Win!, I explained what happened in my post time stamped Aug 6 2005, 02:44 AM just above yours.



  9. I published the cache page in question and have since retracted the cache page pending the addition of a log book.


    There are several possible ways this could have evolved, the most likely of which is that I just plain missed it. In any case, it is on its way to being resolved.


    Thanks to those who sent me an e-mail to alert me to the issue.




    (Edit - I need to read my sig line...)

  10. In every contest, there are those who will attempt to manipulate the rules or slip a curve ball past the judges. On the other hand, the judges have the benefit of seeing all of the games people try to play.


    I'm sure the judges have adequate controls in place. Let's let them do their job.

  11. I will galdly join caleenp in forum jail since my distribution methods seem to have been poor at best. :lol: .

    I am the person who chose WH to participate in the white Jeep distribution based on the promptness of his offer, his creative distribution strategy, and previous favorable interactions. IMO he did a fine job, for which he has my thanks.



    geocaching.com volunteer reviewer

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