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  1. Just a bit more detail in support of the post by TrailGators: Hope this helps.
  2. Obviously I cannot speak for that individual, but I know of persons who dislike the whole statistics "game" and do not log their finds on cache pages. Personally I do like to keep track but am in competition with no one.
  3. Your profile shows no (published) hidden caches. Do you have multiple accounts?
  4. And watch the site go down the tubes...................interesting perspective. That's what "if it came down to it" means. A business that no longer exists, has no deals. I would be interested in seeing the basis for the prognostication that the site will "go down the tubes" operating under the current business model. For reasonable responses to a hypothetical question, it is helpful for the hypothesis to have some probability of occurrence - and I'm not seeing it.
  5. Cache pages are not removed from the database. You could try going to your list of found caches in your old profile to see the cache pages you have previously found. Archived caches are not displayed on most maps.
  6. I would send the detailed information to bugs at geocaching dot com
  7. If your PC has more than one USB port, try moving the GPSr cable to another port connection. I had an issue where only the port I used first would work later.
  8. A problem with posing a question dealing only with permission from national park or reserve land managers is that there are many other instances where obtaining permission is also important such as private property, city parks, cemeteries, etc. It is better to leave the question of whether permission has been obtained open-ended so all potential situations are included.
  9. Go to this page and scroll down near the bottom where you will find a link to have all of your finds sent to you.
  10. I gave him the coordinates and only charged him $75.
  11. Please do not confuse a physical cache and an event.
  12. From Hiding Your First Geocache Step 2 : Take the small spiral notebook phrase as an example, not as the only thing that could be used. Generally, the log is something you place with the cache, not a wall or a similar object. And while you may have permission, please note this statement from the guidelines: edit: added word "notebook"
  13. I take my laminating work to one of the big box office supply stores; nearly all of them have laminating services available on a while-you-wait basis. Sometimes I can fit several items onto a single 8.5" x 11" sheet and the cost is very reasonable.
  14. It is possible that the reviewer may be working with the cache owner on this issue in private. Since the cache page is only one day old, I suggest allowing a bit more time. It is usually best to allow issues to be handled locally, but after there has been an adequate opportunity with no visible result, you could send your concern to contact@geocaching.com Hope this helps.
  15. To have another geocacher adopt your cache, please go to this web page: www.geocaching.com/adopt Once there, enter the waypoint number (GC?????) of the cache and the geocaching account name of the person you want to take ownership. The system will generate an e-mail to the prospective new owner, and once that person clicks on the acceptance link the ownership transfer is complete. Hope this helps. -gpsfun
  16. I'll bet you will make more progress by providing this information directly to the reviewers via a reviewer note on the cache page. Currently the information you stated here is NOT on your cache page.
  17. What briansnat said. We do the Route 13 trip at least two or three times per year and it is much better. The I-95 route might be faster in the middle of the night, and perhaps even on those weekends when there are stock car races at the Dover, DE racetrack. A couple of weeks ago we took the Bay Bridge (Route 50) approach to the DC area so I could log a couple of caches there, and then took I-95 south. A haz-mat spill on I-95 caused it to close, forcing us onto Route 1. Three hours and eight miles later, we were back on I-95 but the bubble of traffic still made for slow going. But at least I can color in DC!
  18. You could come back at another time or ignore the cache. When the OP stated "What do you think of this practice?" I thought it was a request for input and not a request for opportunities to criticize the inputs. My misunderstanding; sorry.
  19. If by stating "confronted with a cache" you mean that the geocacher has the cache in hand and is asked to explain what it is and where it came from by a muggle, I would offer a brief explanation of the game and let the muggle know how he or she can start playing if they want. I would also suggest the importance of leaving the cache hidden for the next player, hoping to enlist their support in maintaining the secret. Having seen the aftermath of trying to spin a yarn to explain a cache or its placement, I favor the up front approach. YMMV
  20. From the OP: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"
  21. Here's a link to get you started: Pocket Query page - see right side
  22. I don't see it in your profile, so the most likely cause is that it has not been marked active yet. Open the cache page, click on the link to edit the cache page, and then click the check box to mark it active. Scroll down to the bottom of the edit page and click on the link to cause your changes to be applied. The 72 hour clock does not start until the cache page has been marked active, as that is when it will first appear in the review queue. Hope this helps.
  23. Posting an owner maintenance log is a good way to let those considering searching for your cache know that it has been checked recently and should be in good shape. This is more helpful if the cache is in a location where it is not visited frequently. If there has been a needs maintenance log posted, I believe posting an owner maintenance log will remove the needs maintenance attribute from the cache page. I'm sure someone will correct this if I am wrong.
  24. You might also try steel leader from your local fishing supply store. It is designed to resist damage due to the razor sharp teeth of certain fish species and is available in various lengths.
  25. I would place a note on the cache page outlining the situation and perhaps noting a date by which you plan to have the cache replaced and put back into play.
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