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  1. Google Translate does a credible job for a large variety of languages. I've used it for caching in many countries and have always it to be satisfactory.
  2. My wife and I just returned from Germany and Czech Republic where we found earthcaches and others to be in local language plus English or local language only. When no English was provided Google Translate quickly provided a crude, but usable, translation. So there's no need to stop caching if you can't read the local language.
  3. Lots of earthcaches are in State and National Parks which require an entrance fee. No problem there. And I've been to several in commercial enterprises that require an entrance fee. I have no problem with that either. But what I don't like is to show up at an earthcache and be surprised that a parking fee or some other fee is required. As a courtesy to other cachers, I suggest always stating in the cache write-up if a fee is required and what it is. There should be no upper limit on a fee as long as it is clearly stated. Then the cacher can choose to participate or not.
  4. As part of a summer road trip to visit some western national parks, my wife and I will be in Glacier National Park on August 11 - 13. We hope to do plenty of caching, especially earthcaching, throughout the area. I'd be glad to gather whatever info you need.
  5. I've seen some fine ECs where entry into a museum/visitor center is required to view the geology exhibits and answer questions based on them. Other ECs requiring entry are really lame. I get especially agrivated when the museum is closed and I made a special trip there for nothing. There does seem to be a policy prohibiting such entry ECs. This just one of several examples where rules are inconsistently applied. I sometimes feel that some reviewers are unfamiliar with the rules/policies. I think some training for them is in order.
  6. I can see no reason to create an earthcache for PMO. Maybe someone who has done so can enlighten us.
  7. The learning is better if the cacher must process the info on the sign before answering the question. Just copying the sign suggests little processing and, hence, little learning. I would discourage this type of answer by expressly forbidding it on the cache page. Otherwise, you have no choice but to accept the answer because they did answer it.
  8. A cacher's learning isn't complete until he/she knows if the answers are correct or incorrect. Therefore, it's important for COs to respond to all e-mails. My policy is to respond to every cacher. If the answers are correct, I say so. If not, I give the correct one.
  9. Earthcaches are supposed to offer an educational experience. So I always respond to the required e-mail. If the answers are correct, I say so. If not, I give the correct ones. I sometimes ask questions that don't have easy answers. So I get a lot of wrong answers. But if a cacher shows he/she was there and makes an honest attempt to answer the questions, I let the log stand. I wish other cache owners would reply to my e-mails. If I don't know if my answer is right or wrong, I've lost an opportunity to learn.
  10. Novel idea. But the Sphinx has been extensively repaired many times, especially in recent years. You will see the new brickwork around the base. So I think you will be hard pressed to identify erosion.
  11. I deleted ALL cookies, but it didn't help.
  12. I suddenly can't log on to geocaching.com from my desktop. No problem logging in from laptop or iPhone. What gives?
  13. I always reply to e-mailed answers to my earthcaches. Earthcaches are supposed to be educational. So I let the cacher know if he/she has answered correctly. If the answer is incorrect, I give the correct one. That's part of the educational process. I'm not the geocache police. If a cacher makes an honest effort to answer a question, I allow the log to stand, even if the answer is wrong. Cachers who don't e-mail any answer get a reminder. If they still don't answer within a week or so, I delete their log.
  14. It's only fair to the former cache owner that you not plagiarize his cache even though the cache has been archived. But you can easily rewrite the cache by using your own words, adding some original material and updating the logging requirements. That makes it your own. Minor edits aren't good enough. Writing an earthcache, especially your first one, can be a time-consuming task. But it's a great learning experience for you and your fellow cachers. Hang in there. You're on the right track.
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