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  1. Issue: I have two different phones I hunt with using the same account (because my kids and I hunt together and one of them has a phone). When we log a find, it only shows up As found (a smiley face) on the phone that logged it. In my account online, they all show as smiley faces/found. Is there a way to sink my account so that both phones show my find? And how do I make both show as found going forward? Anyone have any idea? edit::: as soon as I posted, I realized I could delete the app and reload it. That synced my account. Now I just need to know if there is another way to sync them while I’m out without deleting the app. And thanks!!!
  2. Can someone please tell me which coordinate conversion I use for Geobeagle? I need to enter the waypoint manually but cant find anywhere that tell me which conversion to use for Geobeagle. Thanks.
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