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  1. A couple of drool-worthy 2006 Compass Rose coins!!! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  2. Grid! These are SO cool! I'll most definitely be getting some! BTW, we missed meeting you at our unofficial "Eat & Greet" at Western Sizzlin' last week! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  3. Jeremy, you can't keep forgetting to feed the hamsters if you want them to keep this server running correctly! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  4. Maybe he/she is a necrophiliac & is counting on the above! Okay, so I'm suffering CSI withdrawals... Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  5. Yeah, but how would you get him/her to put on the shocking collar? Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  6. I write a note on the first page of the logbook, in addition to the GS standard one that I laminate. It will have the date we placed it, then most always starts with: "Welcome to our cache, "Cache Name." We hope you enjoy it, as well as the other caches in the area. Happy Caching! TeamVilla5." If it's a theme cache, the note is a bit longer and more specific, but you get the idea! Happy Caching! Lori V.
  7. If you took out the first two sentences, I think it would rub the reviewer more the right way! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  8. Not really... they simply worded, "Took McToy, Left same McToy," a little differently! Now, just for fun: Do we have to start talking about the verbal skills of various Presidents? If so, I think we could fill a whole forum with Shrub's flubs! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  9. I'm aware of what the guidelines say, but I'm also aware that it could very well be possible that some parks/areas under NPS control could allow them in their specific parks with permission. I was just wondering if anyone was aware of any like that! Thanks again! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  10. We have a similar cache here, and the owners even posted on the page that if you'd previously found it, go ahead and relog since it was in a new location. I did, when I went to drop a bug. Two hunts, two ! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  11. Well, you already took my reply! I was going to suggest most anything Snoogans-related... haven't had the honor, YET, but I've heard many fab things! Good luck on "the Leap!" Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  12. My sentiments exactly... and I might even think real hard about the kids! :D Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  13. Ooooh, Ooooh... me, me! There's one cacher in my not-terribly-immediate area that has many finds... he had trouble finding a few of my caches in one particular park and left comments like, "If it's buried, it still is, I guess... PASS!" Same negative-type comment on each one in that park. Then, in another park, he found one & said he almost passed on this one due to "previous coord problems," but that these coords were right on the money... "Go figure," as if I don't know how to take coordinates & I just *happened* to get a set right for once!!! As if that weren't enough, he left a note on SOMEONE ELSE'S cache about how these coords were very good, and that someone else in the park had given bad coords, in his opinion. Now, granted, with ONE of my caches, it seems as if there is a 50/50 split between people who have no probs finding & those experiencing coord probs. I've made a note of it on the page, checked it with both our GPSR's. But the others, no one has mentioned bad coords, just jumping from tree cover. Don't get me wrong... I've never met the cacher, and maybe this person is very nice, but they sure do sound grumpy & accusatory! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  14. I think that the term "generic geocoin" is a tongue-in-cheek reference to all the "special" this and "exclusive" that. I *also* think that too many people complain about Geocoins not traveling anymore, and I think that these coins are a good answer to that complaint. I *ALSO* think that it's a bit snobbish to turn your nose up at these coins just because they are named "generic;" they still paid to have them trackable on gc.com, and they are still a good price, and I, for one, think they're pretty cool with their clean, simple lines! So, Tyvek suit in place, there's my ten cents worth! Happy Caching, Lori V. TeamVilla5 Edit: I promise Gridlox & I did NOT plan our tirades to come at the same time! hehehe
  15. I want to put together a puzzle cache, but I don't know where to start. For those of you who have made one, where did you start? Any and all advice is appreciated! TIA! Happy Caching, Lori V. TeamVilla5
  16. Thanks! Not terribly worried about trackability, as the coin has special meaning for us (Autumn 2005 is when we started geocaching!)... I've decided that's how I will control any hoarding impulse I may develop re: geocoins... the coin must be from a state in which we've cached, someone's personal that we know, etc... something with *meaning* for us as geocachers! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  17. Found a couple TX Geocaching Autumn 2005 coins as FTF prizes... anyone know if they are trackable here... I know they are on txga... TIA! Happy Caching!
  18. Medication for my birdies... Sweepstakes prize of a year's worth of Colgate toothbrushes, toothpaste, & tooth whiteners , and a great duffel bag... OH! And 2 *GAW-geous* TX Bluebonnet coins!!! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  19. OMGawd! I wish I had the stones it'll take to nab that one! Sounds absolutely fascinating... in a morbid, staring-at-a-decapitated-body-on-the-side-of-the-highway kind of way! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  20. Boy, that shows you how stealth-savvy I am... never thought about that! For that matter, I haven't even learned to master PQ's!! Thanks for educating me! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  21. Don't you want to go ahead & start posting more coins on "e"? I'm waiting for a few certain ones to show up, and I'm suffering from terminal Instant Gratification disease! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  22. Were there any left of these? I've just gotten started reading about all these new coins... SIGH! There goes all our $$$, I guess! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
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