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  1. Heres a Link to one Geocacher's letter to the editor from this board.


    It was published in the 5/16/03 paper. I'll let you know if any further articles or op/ed listings get published.


    FYI... I sent a letter to the paper and the parks dept. asking them to contact me if they would like to know more about Geocaching. So far, no response.


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  2. quote:
    Originally posted by BrianSnat:

    Interesting article. I take from it that we should be more careful about where we place caches.


    If you must place one near homes, be sure that searchers won't be observed.


    _"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues"_ -Abraham Lincoln


    Exactly why I started this discussion last fall. I strongly contemplated removing it for the winter. Summer months are NOT a problem with this cache location. I'll leave it now that foliage is returning, but WILL likely remove the cache next winter.


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."





    I opened my local paper and what did I see, but a picture I immediately recognized... one of my geocaching boxes I've hidden with the title: "Mystery in the Woods Solved"


    I read the article (please read it yourself as I have some questions) and it's largely nuetral in it's coverage. However, there are some area's I'd like to address, but don't know if I should just leave the article alone and hope my cache doesn't get plundered soon. Some of the misstatements were:


    • "The only rule of the game is to take something, leave something and write in the logbook." Do I need to let them know there are many rules (such as no digging, etc)?

    • "In addition, people are urged not to put any explosives, ammo, drugs or alcohol in the cache." "Urged" ??

    • "items like food and candles" In all the times I've checked the cache both logging with a note on the website or without logging, there has never been any food in this cache.

    • "There are also reports of more containers at various locations in and around Alexandria. There are reports of one near the Lake Burgen rest area, one near Alexandria City Park and another by Lake Brophy Park. People have even witnessed an ammo container in the Kensington Runestone Park." Three of the four caches mentioned above are mine, though only Alexandria City Park has been "published". Do I do anything to move, remove or temporarily diable these caches? Last fall I started a topic on this very cache and in the end, opted to leave it through the winter. Now this article.

    • "— some of the containers also contain a notebook" Should I explain that ALL caches contain a logbook and an explanation sheet for this type of unintended 'find'?

    • :On the box was the stamped word "GeoCache." Following a search of the Internet, Wenner found out what drove people to traverse the terrain behind his home in search of the ammo box." This just humors me a little as not only is geocache stenciled, but Geocaching.com, so an internet search was not 'needed'. Also, I have a very clear 8.5x11 explanation sheet in all my caches.

    • "So if you see people acting strangely and following the lead of an electronic device, don’t worry, they are probably just geocaching."


    So, not too negative, not extremely positive... I am tempted to temporarily disable the one in the paper. This picture and most of the "watching" had to have taken place in the fall winter and early spring as the summper provides ample foliage for cover. What do you think?


    I have contacted the Paper and offered to answer any questions they may have. I've also followed up with the Alexandria Parks dept. to see if they had any questions or concerns about the article and cache that I could answer.


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."


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  4. quote:
    Originally posted by GOT GPS?:


    Always different...Hit refresh



    Not to be too rude, BUT...

    Why do I care that the 'maze' is always different? ????

    Don't take it personally, I just don't see the point, it's still a busy maze that takes up a good portion of the screen...


    I'm stepping off my soap box now.. icon_wink.gif


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  5. quote:
    My base map seems to be off sometimes. I have to zoom way out to get my travel line to match up with the base map road.


    ?? What is "zoon way out" ? What zoom scale are you talking about?


    ?? how far off of the road does your position appear to be? (you can use 'measure distance' to get an estimate)


    I have a 76S and have used the basemap, TOPO, and City Select with it and the accuracy of all maps has been VERY good.


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  6. quote:
    Originally posted by jgilliland:


    So, now that that's settled <g>, anybody know the answer to my questions about version 4 vs version 5 of the US Metroguide?


    V5 is uses NavTech data (same as City Select). I am not certain as the map viewer on their website kept crashing, but the data appeared newer than the City Select data I bought late last year. Based upon the recommendations at that time from two different dealers (here), I bought City Select over Metroguide for my dad's GPSMAP 196 and I was able to use the data on my 76S (2 gps's are allowed)


    Anyway, my point is, wait for or find v5. From my experience with CS (love it), I would wait for the NavTech data on the new Metroguide.


    Good Luck.


    P.S. I also own Topo, which was more than adequate, but I almost never use it now that I have CS. While driving, I LOVE the feature of seeing the name of the next road continually updating on my map screen. I also like to create auto routes on my PC and download them to the 76S (76S does not do autorouting on the fly like the 295, 196, V and Street Pilot).


    I still use Topo when canoing in the Boundary Waters, hiking or in mountain ranges where the topo data has more significance.


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  7. quote:
    Originally posted by dreddd2000:

    .....how long is a good amount of time to let it do this before I accept the coordinates? icon_confused.gif


    Depends upon what you're after.

    If you're sitting in front of a friend's house and simply want to mark the location so you can find it again with your car and have him/her on your waypoints list, then there's no need to average at all. Your positional accuracy (likely 10 to 30ft) is plenty good.


    On the other hand, if you're placing a cache in the woods, you're using your external antenna because cover is dense and you want to have the best possible coordinates for future cache seekers, then averaging several minutes is prudent and respectful of those seeking your cache. I for one take great care in ensuring the coord's I may post on the web are as accurate as can be. If you've ever hunted bad coordinates, you know how frustrating that can be.


    So, in the end, the answer to your question is "it depends"....


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  8. quote:
    Originally posted by Ericgps:

    On the Garmin GPSMAP76S I believe the "reposition" fuction is called "Average Location". Once you select a waypoint hit the menu button and it is the top selection in the menu. This is with version 3.20 firmware.


    EricGPS icon_smile.gif


    You're correct. When I mark a waypoint either through Mapsource or getting address coordinates off the internet, the actual coordinates may be off (especially internet address coordination). When I actually get to the waypoint, I select the waypoint icon off my map page by moving the arrow on the icon and hitting enter.


    Once on the waypoint page, hit the menu button and then 'average location'. That will aquire your current location and overwrite your original coordinates.


    Presto, you've updated the coord's.


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  9. A few of you MAY remember my questions about an erratic beeper (message notification, etc) on my 76S. Anyway, it worked when new, then mostly very very quiet, sometimes not at all, and very rarely perfectly normal.


    I went through ALL the firmware updates, hoping that it was a bug. Finally, I got around to calling Garmin.


    They asked me to mail it in insured. I did. In less than a week from the time I mailed it in MN to KS, it was fully repaired with note explaining the repair and back on my doorstep.


    Turns out they said the problem was verified and the beeper was fault with reversed polarity to boot. They replaced the beeper and returned my gps via next day air. This was covered under warantee.


    In a day and age of poor service, this was great customer service. (One of the reasons I went with Garmin by the way.)




    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  10. quote:
    Originally posted by Tightlines01:

    Hey all,


    Quite a few threads comming off of this topic. I'm still undecided to what type of mount to buy. The thing that concerns me with the weighted dash mount is the space requirments. I drive a Ford Ranger most of the time and occasionally get to drive the wifes Blazer. In my Ranger I'm not sure if I have enough room for a mount that sits on top of the dash because of the weird slopes of the dash. Right now I just lean it against the dash and the windshield, (the non skid surface on the 76-s seems to hold it pretty well unless I take off eradically). Am I right to be concerned with the slope of the dash and the hieght from dash to windshield with the dash mounts.





    My friction Mount allows me to have the gps hanging over the front edge of the dash.


    I lay the "arm" of the mount down almost flat. You can put the 76(s) into the "holder" in either orientation, so you put the "ball" towards the top of the dash and let a majority of the "holder" hang over the front of the dash. I do not know the Ranger dash, but I am certain the friction mount would work just fine. The friction mount is lead filled and very flexible so you can easily conform/reconfigure to meet different surface curviture.


    After using both the suction cup and the friction mount, I would NOT go back to the suction cup. The friction mount is more effective, easier to use, easier to move, etc.


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  11. quote:
    Originally posted by Growley:

    Us 5 Camp, can you buy the complete weighted mount for the 76S ready to place in the car, or must you buy the mount and then another part to hold the 76S? This is what I had to do with my Garmin mount. Thanks.


    I already had a RAM mount that I use on my canoe and bike, so all I had to order was the base and a 2.5" to 1"ball base.


    My setup for the car consists of: weighted base, 2.5" ball adapter, spring loaded coupler (don't know what it's called, but it adapts the ball on the back of my holder to any other 1" ball mount), holder w/ permanently attached ball.


    If you don't have a RAM mount already, you'll likely want to order other bases, for example a u-clamp style for a handle bar or another round or diamond shaped base to attach via screws to a canoe or boat or ???


    I'd advise you to talk on the phone with TVNav, GPS Store or GPS City. Many have posted their links and they are all easily found through Google. The only beef I have with RAM is their website is horrible. The site at GPSCity is about the best I've found for navigating the possibilities.


    Good Luck!


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  12. As I've posted here . I liked the weighted RAM mount MUCH better than the suction mount (in fact I returned my suction cup mount.)


    I posted another picture of it here along with the GPS Store case. One big bonus is the ability to use the 76S in the RAM mount with or without the GPS Store case on the 76S.


    GPS City has good online info on the RAM Non-Skit Mount.


    Your mileage may vary....


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  13. Everything he said...

    Originally posted by shegget:

    Just wanted to say the neoprene case is awesome... I bought one after hearing about it here. Thanks for the recommendation!

    The neoprene doesn't seem to affect the reception at all. I held the 76S up to a window with only the neoprene back facing out the window, and successfully picked up 4 satellites quickly icon_smile.gif

    I made one small mod to the case though... I cut out a section just below the belt clip on the back of the case so that I can flip up the rubber seal and hook up the 76S to a laptop/cigarette lighter adapter without taking the GPS out of the case. Now it's pretty much perfect icon_smile.gif




    additionally, I have the RAM RAP base & 76 holder for my dash. Most of the time I use the 76S while driving w/o the neoprene case, but when caching in and out of the car I slip the 76 into the RAM/RAP holder case and all. It slips into the lower "finders" of the holder and the side pressure is enough that I don't slip the top of the GPS into the holder. I know this is a convoluted message, but hopefully those who've seen a RAM holder will understand.


    For a better picture of the RAM Friction Dash Mount - Click Here






    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."


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  14. Like many others, I keep the compass powered off most of the time (while moving faster, driving, etc.)


    It is so quick to turn the compass on and off, so it's not a big deal (simply press and hold the "Page" key).


    However, while on the 'final' stage of cache hunting, I use the electronic compass for every cache. It's a nice luxury that becomes more necessary as you get used to having it.


    So, in the end, it's a matter of $ and 'wants'...

    I am very glad I went with the 76s and don't even remember what I paid for it now... the upfront cost is soon forgoten, the functionality remains.... icon_biggrin.gif


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  15. I just ordered the New RAM friction mount for my 76s RAM mount. I never liked the suction cup and returned it. To date I've used the RAM mount on my bike, canoe & car.


    The RAM friction base will allow me to use my existing RAM components while the new lead centered, rubberized base weights the gps mount to the dash or ???


    Check it out at GPS City or TVNav...

    RAP friction mount with a GPSV



    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  16. I loaded the latest 76s beta (3.x?) and have upgraded to MapSource 4.11.


    I have portions of both North American City Select (sans routing data) and US Topo loaded.


    Last night while driving a route created in MapSource and downloaded to the 76s, my GPSr would lock up (at times) when I selected the "highway" page.


    One time I got a blank screen with one vertical line off the right edge by about 1/4 inch. The other time the "land" below the horizon on the screen had probably 50 vertical lines in it and moving about. In neither case would the GPSr respond to the power button.


    In another case the unit just switched off while selecting pages.


    Your mileage may vary....


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  17. Try a ram-mount from tvnav or gpscity or ??


    very veristile, tough, relatively inexpensive.


    I have one mount with with different bases I use in the car, canoe, bicycle for my 76s


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  18. Hello,


    I have Mapsource 4.10.2 Beta and City Select 4.01.


    I would like to download the city select data to my 76S sans the AutoRouting data.


    I have searched for how to turn off the autorouting to save memory for downloads, but I've struck out.


    I've read about looking under the transfer tab of edit preferences, but there's no relevant boxes for me to check.


    Has MapSouce 4.10 eliminated the check boxes others refer to?


    The only spot I see any mention of turning routing data on or off is under the USB tab once you select download. There's a Serial and a USB tab. Obviously, I am downloading Serial to a 76S, so does it do any good if I turn off autorouting on the USB tab?


    I feel like I am rambling way too much, so, I'll stop here and see if anyone can interpret my mess.....


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

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