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  1. I noticed the current version of City Select is v5. I currently own v4.xx and am trying to determine what's new in the updated version???? Are the maps newer, if so, by how much? Are there other differences ??? smaller map chunks?, ???


    Anybody with knowledge in this area, I would greatly appreciate a reply comparing the differences/value of the upgrade.


    Also, cost, considering my City Select is likely about a year old, more or less.

  2. Thinking about buying a new GPS.<BR><BR>I'm torn between the Vista or a Map 76S<BR><BR>I already know the vista is a proven GPS of choice, so I'm asking if anyone out there has a Map 76S and what they think about it.<BR><BR>I have a Magellan Platinum right now, and am thinking about throwing it down the toilet.<BR><BR>Screw that slingshot effect, and now it's locking up, etc. So beware of them.<BR><BR>Sorry Magellan owners, but you know I'm right !!<BR><BR>Guitar Nutz

    Guitar Nutz,


    If you're still looking for a 76S, I will be selling mine. I've decided to shell out the extra for the 60CS. I guess I have a hole in my pocket or something... :lol:


    Anyway, here's a link to the Garage sale forum where I have it listed...

    76S for sale on Garage Sale Forum


    I am including the case from The GPS Store (where I bought the unit) as well as the part of my RAM mount that actually holds the 76S.


    I have loved this GPSr and currently use it with TOPO and CitySelect. I am only upgrading as I have some Christmas money to spend and I like the additional features, but certainly don't need them.


    The electronic compas in the 76S is a great feature for geocaching. I have hiked, canoed, biked, flown and driven with the 76s and it's nearly perfect for all the above.


    I've always cared for the unit very well and keep a screen protector film over the LCD which is easy to replace and keeps the LCD from getting ANY scratches.


    Let me know if you are interested $265 BO including shipping. The case and RAM holder are worth an extra $25, but are included for free.


    If you are not interested, sorry to bother you.


    (PS Tried the PM feature and it said your ID was not found???)


    Us 5 Camp

  3. Here's a link to the RAM Mount holder for those not familiar with RAM.


    Again, the holder only is included, not the entire mount and the GPS shown here (from the RAM factory website is a 76 not a MAP 76S like mine). The piece included is the RAM piece which actually holds the gps not the connecting arm or baseplate those are inexpensive and available through TV Nav and many other outlets.





  4. I am contemplating selling my like new (no dings, scratches, screen always protected with LCD cover film) GPSMAP 76S w/ original manuals and box. I am either going to by a 2610 or 60CS.


    I will include the nifty neoprene case from The GPS Store that has a full clear window, belt clip and lanyard so you can have an added measure of protection while geocaching. I can also include the RAM holder.

    NOTE: The image is direct from The GPS Store and is a MAP76, NOT my GPSr.



    The unit is in very good condition and I could furnish digital pictures if desired.


    $265 shipped for all.


    Please contact me for further inquiries...

  5. Anyone looking to buy a 76S in very nice condition complete with original box, manual, GPS Store neoprene case w/ window, and RAM holder?


    If so, then I can add my name to this list of potential 60CS owners. Serious, anybody interested????? :huh:


    Doesn't look like the 60CS comes with City Select (like the "Deluxe" V models)? How long before teh 60Cx comes with a "Deluxe" kit that includes the City Select Software, this is a pretty expensive unit that 'should' come with CS standard as what good is autorouting if you only have a standard basemap?

  6. One of the reasons I recommended putting the gps in the coat pocket is that looking down at position while driving a snowmobile (depending upon driving habits) can be very dangerous. H_ll looking down at the speedo had better not take more than a split second at times.


    Given the cold weather, reduced battery life, and propensity for cold things to break/shatter, I'd keep it in my coat and check position periodically or in case of getting lost.


    76s w/ Topo & City Select. RAM mounts for car(weighted)/bike/canoe.

    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  7. Because of the cold and abuse that a snowmobile can dish out, you're going to want to run the unit inside your jacket pocket which will lose the sat. signal.


    SO.... get a unit with an external antenna port (like a map76, 76s, V, others) and keep the gps in your coat pocket. Then go to ebay and buy a matching antenna from gpsgeeks (around $20) which has a magnetic base. You can run the cord out your coat and attach to your helmet (haven't tried this) or out over the gas tank and attach in the handle bar area via the magnet or velcro strap or something easily removable.


    That's my $.02 and it didn't cost you a penny.

    Have fun.


    I have the 76s and if I ever rent a sled to go to wyoming again with my brothers, this is what I plan to do.


    Since you will be riding near but off roads, I would recommend the TOPO software as you will benefit from the 'lay of the land' info as much as street info. ALL the streets are there, some of the gravel's may not be named on TOPO. As a bonus, ALL the stream, rivers, lakes and some trails will be there on topo.


    Good Luck


    76s w/ Topo & City Select. RAM mounts for car(weighted)/bike/canoe.

    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  8. IMO the 76S was heads and shoulders above the VISTA 'for me':


    Larger Screen

    Better Button Layout, easier to navigate IMO

    Size felt better, easier to use IMO

    More Memory



    You might want to search the archives as there was much discussion on this unit vs. the vista vs. the platinum when it came out.


    Good Luck!


    76s w/ Topo & City Select. RAM mounts for car(weighted)/bike/canoe.

    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  9. To add to others lists...


    The multiple buttons on the FRONT of the 76S made more sense and makes for quicker access to menus... YMMV


    76s w/ Topo & City Select. RAM mounts for car(weighted)/bike/canoe.

    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  10. 76S 3.40 update...

    French translation update.

    Added the option to turn off the recording of track points and vertical trip computer data by virtually turning off the altimeter. An altimeter status (on/off) determines when it is okay to save track points due to altitude changes and when to update the vertical trip computer.


    What's up with the new altimeter functionality? When would you want to do this? What's the purpose? battery life?


    Just curious...


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  11. I have the 76s. I have am ram mount for it and use it on my mountain bike and my canoe.


    I wouldn't consider it too big, nor would i consider use of an e-trex series. For ME, i like the buttons right up front where I can get to them while peddling or paddling.


    Your mileage may vary...


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  12. quote:
    Originally posted by Markwell:

    And (as I've maintained before), it might be nice to have that option available to the CACHE OWNER that the bug is listed in.


    There are many instances of bug owners not being responsive and the bug is no longer in the cache. As a cache owner, I'd love to be able to Zap that bug to an unknown location after I've verified that indeed it is not in my cache and it's been sitting there for 30 days (or some other arbitrary number).


    In other words, if the bug owner is not responsive, can't I fix my own cache page?







    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  13. quote:
    Originally posted by hydee:

    If you email contact@Groundspeak we can move a travel bug to an "unknown location".


    frog.gif hydee frog.gif


    Could you make that option available to the bug's owner?

    If the mileage doesn't change if it resurfaces, there should be little chance for abuse and it would remove these requests from your plate.




    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  14. quote:
    Originally posted by GeoTripper:

    I use a Mac and so would prefer to get a Garmin due to the availability of MacGPS Pro (http://www.macgpspro.com

    Which GPSr would be best? (GPS V, Vista, GPS 76, GPSMap 76, GPSMap 76S, other?)

    Any specific active antenna that can be recommended (for hiking/biking - not a car)?


    Based upon your questions, I'd recommend the V or 76(s) series because both have very good standard antennas and both can use an external antenna.


    I have a 76S and when I go into DEEP cover I use an inexpensive antenna I picked up from gpsgeek on ebay and get very good results from this antenna. Having said that, I almost never use the antenna unless I have to and never in the car or open country.


    The choice between the V and 76s is your based upon features, not reception.


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

  15. I would like to ask for an added feature for Bug OWNERS to list a Travel Bug as Missing or AWOL.


    This would remove the icon from the cache page if it's currently logged into a cache. It 'could' also send another note to the "in the hands of..." cacher who last logged the bug.


    It could then remain in the 'missing' category until found or archived.


    I have a few bugs that are missing and don't necessarily like the idea of logging them in my possession (to get them off a cache page), because I DO NOT have them in my possession.


    What do you think?


    "Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

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