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  1. Short Answer: I am okay (for now) with my CS v5 upgrade. The Upgrade CD assumes (only) the primary unit (originally registered to v4) * the GPSMAP 196 The upgrade CD has no knowledge of any previous 2nd units (aka, the old 76s) so: * the 2nd unlock certificate is still available for the v5 upgrade * NOTE (IMPORTANT): I NEVER registered the old 76S with the Upgrade v5. So, when the 76CS arrives, I can go to 'unlock additional unit' and use my same customer code/coupon, enter the s/n of the new 76cs and, viola 76cs will be unlocked for City Select v5. Here comes the kicker and the root of many of the above comments: If I ever sell either the 76CS or the 196 and do NOT PURCHASE another City Select or Upgrade, I will NOT be able to replace either unit's registration. Bottom line: you get two unlocks per City Select (period). When you upgrade City Select, it reverts back to just the primary unit, thereby freeing up the 2nd spot for any gps (new or old). After that you're stuck until/unless you pay some money for an upgrade or new CS. I obviously do not have my 76CS yet, but this is what Garmin told me on the phone today. I know it's not ideal, but that's the way it is.
  2. Got "Brown" 's Tracking Number.... the 76CS will be here on 5/19/04.
  3. I do hope you are all incorrect thus far !!! Both my 196 (father's) and my 76s WERE registered to City Select v4. I sold my 76s w/o City Select to my brother, told him I would be registering the new 76CS instead. I guess I'll have to go right the the horse's mouth and see what they say! I am still very open to, and appreciative of, further comment!
  4. I had one in the 76s, liked it and (at least for geocaching), will never have one with out it again. (76CS will be here on Wed )
  5. I had City Select v4.x that was purchased with a GPSMAP 196 and then my 76s was added. Since then (and in this order) * I sold my 76s * purchased and installed the ($75) City Select v5 upgrade. Now I wish to add my 76cs (hope it's here on Wed. 5/19) as one of my two available registered units for the City Select (essentially replace the 76s registration with the new 76cs unit ID). What are the steps to replace the 76s with the 76cs in the City Select v5 registration/unlock? Note: when I went through garmin's web page to get the new 25 character unlock code, it assumed 1st the 196 (which is still in the family). It never asked or assumed anything about the 76s, so I don't know if the 76s is registered for v5?? Anyway the point is, now I wish to add the 76CS, what do I do (once I receive the unit)??
  6. I spoke with TVNav today and confirmed they received their first batch. My unit will be shipping TODAY 2nd Day Air. As this thread is mostly pre-shipping-venting, I have started a new thread to replace this one..... 76CS GPS IS Shipping!!!!
  7. As the old "pre-shipping" thread on the 76CS was getting a little "long-in-the-tooth" I am starting a new thread on the 76CS now that the 1st units are shipping.... ---------------- I spoke with TVNav today and my 76CS is part of their original shipment and ships today! I only sprung for 2nd day air, so I should have it by Wed.
  8. I wonder if Garmin knows yet that the 76C' has shipped? Let's hope the 76cs is only a few days way!
  9. Wait minute.... that's not fair to Garmin! They HAVE narrowed it down to a 3 month window:..... "sometime 2nd Quarter". Either they continually try to keep the release date a secret or they have horse_sh-t logistics or supply chain mgmt.
  10. Anybody have one on order from them? The manual is still not posted on Garmi's site... typically a sign of shipping. Anyway.....still doesn't help me as I am waiting for a 76CS... maybe next week?
  11. to get a good look at terrain shading, look at Garmin's Aviation unit 296 and you'll see what it's all about. It's grey'd out because your 60 does not have terrain shading. Basically, it shades topography in the area of the plane that are witin a certain altitude of the plane (i.e. you may crash into this hill, so we'll shad it red for you) Their website has very clear pictures of this...
  12. Not falling for it until I get an email with a tracking number from Brown...
  13. Ditto... I'll take double memory over geocaching feature any day... And.. I had owned a 76s and loved it.
  14. Oh what a twisted web we weave..... received the following from Garmin today: "Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I apologize for giving you incorrect data in my previous e-mail, we have NOT started shipping these units yet to ANY of our dealers. I misinterpreted what the computer said and currently they are still scheduled to ship sometime in the 2nd Quarter but I do not have a firm date to tell you. Again, I apologize for the incorrect information." .... "sometime in the 2nd Quarter" considering we are in the 2nd Quarter and have two months yet to go, this really narrows it down now doesn't it? I think i'll have to forget I ever ordered this and IF Brown comes a knocking one day in the future, I'll be pleasantly surprised. Think this has any direct relationship to Garmin stock hittiing a 52wk low recently?
  15. Here's a good place to shop RAM mounts.... from Mobile CX as you can see RAM mounts by the type of device you own... If you use the RAM system in more than one application (car, bike, canoe, plane, etc.... ) it becomes a relatively inexpensive system. Here's their Meridian RAM page...
  16. Based upon Garmin's response to me and my dealer on the 76CS, I would "assume" the 76C is on the same schedule??? Otherwise, the 'c' versions have always shipped B4 the 'cs' versions. Garmin is real technical and precise with their ship dates...."any day now..."
  17. JohnnyVegas, you may indeed by right about one thing... Today, two interesting things happened: 1) Garmin posted the new CF Que on their website. - 2) Garmin Sales Support responded to my inquiry and indicated they have started shipping the 76CS to their dealers. I forwarded that note to TVNav....we'll see what the dealers begin to say? Hopefullly 'Brown' will be dropping by my place soon with a package!
  18. Johnny Vegas I Hope you're all wet However, today is the last day in April and I don't see an shipping notice in my inbox yet
  19. I'll take double the memory(maps) over the GC feature any day. I had a 76s and tried a 60cs in the store. I prefer the shape/form of the 76series (though many prefer otherwise). The difference in price for me between the 60CS and 76CS was $35. Not bad for double the maps. As of issues with the 76s mentioned above, ??? What issues? I know some people prefer a smaller (etrex-like) size, but that's a preference, not an issue. The 76 fits my hand well. It floats and I canoe often. I like the size & button layout for use while biking / driving as they are easy to use. The choice is yours more maps or gc feature.... I know where my money is
  20. TVNav says the latest Garmin has told them is end of April (this week). GPS City has updated their webpage to May 5..... One more week. How many will there be after that?
  21. Having owned a 76s and handled a 60cs in the store, I guess I am the odd-ball that prefers the form of the 76 series over the 60cs... to each his own
  22. 1/2 way thru April Still no rumblings from any vendors that shipment is anywhere in site, though websites still claim April. False hopes to generate pre-orders?
  23. Garmin Mapsource 6.0.4 Beta has been out for over a week now. Any update from users who've tried it?
  24. ZippySLC, Any update.... 4/4/04 has come and gone.... Heck.... I'd just like to know if they've started to make them yet, if they're on a slow boat or dock somewhere, going through customs.... or ?
  25. I owned the 76s and tried the 60c in the store. Here's my 2cents (and maybe it's because i was used to the 76 series) I like the buttons above the screen because my thumb is at the top of my hand when I hold the gps, therefore I have a solid grip of the unit and I don't have to strain as much to reach the buttons. Just feels better in my hand. To further answer your question, double the memory was the biggest improvement!
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