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  1. Tengwar and Tengwar Large
  2. This link is up to date and has more images
  3. One of my favorite Coins 2014 Stepping Stones Geocoins my traders and seeking list
  4. Hi all, we are looking for these coins - Li'l Dreamer Geocoin (any version) - Nightcaching Australia Geocoin 1st Edition (prefix PC) - 2008 Groundspeak Volunteer Geocoin - Volunteer Geocoin 2005 - Published by… (Black Nickel) - Geosmurfs Geocoin ( any version) buy or trade Thank's
  5. No problem, family first! Wish you all the best!
  6. 2 CDn Reviewer Geocoin Yes, that's right Its your turn Have fun
  7. Hey... nobody has an idea ? Ok, here is the back side of the coin Come on...
  8. OK, here is the next one I hope this coin was not yet
  9. Minz Geocoin 2006 (2005) Personal Geocoin from a German Cacher One of the first coins Germany
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