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  1. A big self congratulatory pat on the back for all those of you who know how to edit the user script. Anyone care to gizza clue???


    1) Top right hand corner - click on the little arrow by the monkey.


    2) Click manage user scripts


    3) Click options on the Geocaching map enhancements


    4) Click on the map script


    5) Click edit this user script


    6 Edit as per the instructions in the jri post


    7) Click File then save


    Should then work.


    Nb for some reason I have several map scripts and ended up editing them all before it worked.

    thank you for the above walk through it made it very easy to do

    just for any one else to help them search for the line in the script. the line number that you need to find is #1141 and the number to change is #1142

  2. As of today I have lost the OS maps overlay which is the one I use the most :( I just get a grey screen with the caches on but no map. I'm using Firefox 20.0.1 and GME v0.6.4.


    I've tried installing older versions of GME back to 0.5.2 but not joy......any ideas?




    I am having the same result with OS maps, also with Bing map and Bing Aerial View. just a grey back ground and all the caches

    all the other maps are working the same as usual

  3. I always carry spare logs and zip lock bags and have replaced many wet logs.

    I have also received some nice thank you e-mails from cache owners.

    Especially from Co with remote caches that they would have had to visit, if I hadn’t replaced the log book there and then

    I also send an e-mail o the Co and offer to send the old wet log back to them if they want it

  4. That answer confirms the cache is in Wales, but it doesn’t give the cattle grid’s location. No Ding yet
    I can also confirm the cattle grid is located at ground level, on a road, between fences, walls or hedges. If that's not good enough then someone else clicking that link will get the Ding. Which is perfectly fair :laughing:

    For your persistence I will give you the Ding.<P></P>


    The First Cattle Grid In Wales GC3DE7V

    In the 1940’s the first cattle grid in England and Wales was installed on the B4391 over the Berwyn from Llangynog to Bala, to deter sheep from wandering.

    At that time cattle grids were not permitted on the public highways, but the land owner was influential in political circles.

    Eventually legislation was passed in 1950 which permitted the placing of cattle grids on the public highway

    The first official 'Cattle Grid' sign in the country was placed here on the 27 June 1952



    <P></P>Images of the new cattle grid on the B4391 over the Berwyn from Llangynog to Bala, to deter sheep from wandering, showing the grid itself and the first official 'Cattle Grid' sign in the country, next to which (left to right) R E Davies (Llandderfel), R R Davies (Cynwyd), J J Evans (County Council Regional Surveyor), Huw Edwards (Supervisor to the Duke of Westminster Estates) and I D Conacher (Pale Estate) are standing.

  5. I remember listening to the last broad cast from radio Caroline as she was sinking on 20 March 1980.


    I had to Google the next bit.

    The last broadcast from the Mi Amigo was by Stevie Gordon and Tom Anderson, as follows


    Well, we're sorry to tell you that due to the severe weather conditions and the fact that we are shipping quite a lot of water, we are closing down, and the crew are at this stage leaving the ship. Obviously, we hope to be back with you as soon as possible, but just for the moment we would like to say goodbye. "It's not a very good occasion really, we have to hurry this because the lifeboat is standing by. We're not leaving and disappearing, we're going onto the lifeboat hoping that the pumps can take it, if they can, we'll be back, if not, well we really don't like to say it. I'm sure we'll be back one way or another. For the moment from all of us, goodbye and God Bless."

  6. That would be Voyager 1 and it's said to have left the influence of the Sun although that's a statement that's being argued at present. The evidence for this is a sudden decrease in solar particles and a corresponding increase in cosmic rays. If it hasn't already, then it'll exit the region of the heliopause some time soon.


    Voyager 2 is still within the influence of the Sun but is also at the heliopause. The missions of both are expected to last until around 2025 when the radiothermal generators that power them will finally stop producing sufficient power to maintain operation of the transmitters. Fantastic stuff really. :)


    That’s a ding. Thought that may have lasted longer than that

  7. Have you ran a “My finds PQ” in the last 3 days.

    If you have then you won’t be able to run one as you are only allowed one in any 3 day period.

    If you look to the right of the “My find button” you should see a date and time of the last time you ran you PQ. This date and time, is the server date and time and not the local time to you.

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