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  1. :blink:Okay so how do I add a photo to the photo competition?


    That was easier than I thought, after my senior moment.


    first of all you need to find the location of you photo.

    if it is on a cache page then this is easy

    1 right click on the image

    2 copy image location

    3 back on the forum page. click on the Blue "Use full editor" button

    4 click on the picture.pngbuton at the top of the page

    5 using Ctrl V copy the pictur location into the pop up box

  2. thank you for the ding


    Now we all know that February is the shortest month of the year,

    Can you tell me which is the longest month of the year and why?


    October because it has 31 days + 1 hour (when the clocks go back.)


    I must make my questions harder, as they are answered almost as soon as I post them.

    The ding goes to MartyBartfast with his 4 minute answer

  3. this may be of interest to some of you

    This link gives you a free 30 day trial of premium membership if you connect up your Garmin GPSr and click activate....but the good thing is it also adds on 30 days to your existing membership if you are already premium. It works as I just got my free 30 days :)free 30 days


    also if you have more than one device you can get 30 days for each one you have

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