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  1. This was annoying me so I checked and I was right. But by checking, I've excluded myself. D'oh! I really am flagging at this quiz lark... :anicute:


    That at least suggests that it is known even if only in the darkest recesses of the mind :ph34r:


    That must be the longest we have had a question last and I am not trying to stich you up either. I had a series of hints but never thought I would get to use them.


    So... does it help to know it was in the USA?




    When this question was first published, I thought I knew the name, but had no idea from where.

    But with the clues above, wasn’t he the creator of the stars and stripes flag.

  2. Having just published a new cache, I found that when I came to edit the page before sending for review. That I had to add the HTML code by hand to format the page.

    But on the initial run through I had the buttons at the top of the page to add formatting automatically. Making the whole process very easy and straight forward.

    Could this feature be added to the edit cache page section?

  3. I have copied the idea (GC3H79Z) and it caches some seasoned cacher’s out. It’s a 1.5/1.5 but they do fall into the trap


    Caches them out? Intentional or unintentional pun? :laughing:


    I'd need to work out where I could get some magnetic sign stuff, do you buy and print yourself or get like an ebay seller who sells them with whatever you want printed?


    Would also work as a stage of a short multi... hmm!


    I looked at getting magnetic sheet but it was too expensive.

    I printed the sign on a sheet of paper then laminated it.

    I then taped it to a post and hid the small magnetic micro cache on a sign next to it

  4. This one has been up for awhile so I guess it's okay to post a pic or two.




    Can you spot the cache. Of Course you can. I have received more than a couple emails telling me my cache has been taken away by the "authorities" and a few have sent me a pic to prove it! I love this game.





    I usually respond to those emails asking if they know where I could look up the specific "code violation - GC2QRBA" it refers to.



    I really badly want to copy this!!!


    I have copied the idea (GC3H79Z) and it caches some seasoned cacher’s out. It’s a 1.5/1.5 but they do fall into the trap

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