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  1. On 2/24/2021 at 6:05 PM, geoawareUSA9 said:


    Not to contradict @CathyH, but it may not have been clear to her that your earthcache was already published. There is no additional review process per se for changing an existing earthcache over to a Planetary Geology on Earth earthcache. But I'm a geoaware, and I took a look at it.


    The first requirement is for your cache to otherwise meet the earthcache guidelines, and your local geoaware already determined that by publishing the cache.


    Additionally, you already have a section of your lesson that discusses the similar feature on Mars, as well as a photo of the Mars feature, and it does appear connected. I would perhaps add a bit more information about "Old Soaker," and explain in a bit more detail why scientists do believe that it formed the same way as your Irish mudstone slab.


    Otherwise, all you need to do is edit your cache to change the name to "Planetary Geology on Earth: Bit of crack at Dún Chaoin" (or as much of that which can fit - I know some earthcaches have had to truncate the old name in order to fit the "Planetary Geology on earth" bit in).

    Thank you.


    I'll hopefully try and update it before the weekend.


    Thanks again for the advice. :D

  2. Hi there.


    Just came across this and love the idea behind it. I have a possible candidate Earthcache and I‘m wondering If I need to resubmit it somewhere. I can’t find info on that.

    Here is a link to it in its original form, name unchanged and with a section mention a previous Mars rover mission, etc.  https://coord.info/GC8202Q


    Any suggestions,

    Thanks in advance.

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