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  1. Yeah, but then that means you have to use OpenOffice Ouch, sorry - had to use it for 3 months at work. Hard going... Great program if all you want to do is write simple letters. Nah, that's not fair. I did like it, and I love the fact that it's Open Source, I just had a lot of problems converting other peoples' Microshaft authored docs... Anyway, I digress... (So what's new there?)
  2. Some .pdf's are protected to prevent various actions - thi smay be one of them, but without specific knowledge, it may as equally not be!! Check the properties for the file to see if mentions protection or DRM or similar. Hmmn, do you actually have a printer driver installed?? Worth double checking!!
  3. OK, sounds great. Anyone know of Symbian60 software that will read PQ (presumably .gpx) files?
  4. Well, after some :ahem: rather vocal opinions about premium membership in the past, I am now vaguely considering coming to the Dark Side. Before taking the plunge, I 'd like to know a few things - there isn't a heck of a lot of information on GC.com about what you actually get... 1. I get the idea that the PQ returns cache information based on a specific set of criteria that you specify, ie location, found status, cache type yada yada. What else do you get? Descriptions? Hints? Logs? 2. If you get descriptions, how do you sort these? Do they come as a different file, or do you upload the lot to GSAK or similar and go from there? 3. Can I upload data to my Smartphone? I mean, I can already access GC.com and cache information online from my phone easily, but would be better (and cheaper) if I could do this offline. To summarise: Ideal situation for me - I get my PQ, plug in the GPSr, upload all the waypoints. I then sync my Smartphone, which uploads all the desriptions etc to some kind of third party text viewer (or to my web browser, offline). I then am a happy paperless cacher! Am I dreaming!?
  5. 35) The Geocacher is the one waypointing all the tables in the the bar to find the closest 'parking' spot.
  6. Got to be Kerosine Creek for me. Near to Rotorua in New Zealand - a very active geothermal area. There is a natural hot spring that comes up near the cache, and proceeds to flow over some lovely waterfalls, through deep pools etc. All at about 40 degrees C! Hit the cache, then off for a soak! Who could ask for anything more?!
  7. There's a good reason for that: mineral water contains a certain, very small, amount of bacteria, and they multiply... If you worry about this sort of thing (and if you habitually drink mineral water instead of tap, you probably do), you might want to do some research on what the health&safety people turn up in bottled water, particularly after it's been sitting outdoors in a warehouse yard for a few months. See for example here. Disclaimer: I have no idea if these people have an "agenda". Discussions about mineral water tends to split the chattering-and-chatting classes into those who think tap water is poisoning them, and those who think shipping water 1000km in bottles by road is environmentally unfriendly and causes pollution, which is poisoning them. "Bacteria" as a whole (Kingdom) are not bad. Like people, it is the few that give the many a bad name. You'd probably find that most if not all bacteria present in a bottle of drinking water would have a life expectancy of, oh, about 3 seconds once they have entered the hosile environment that is your gut. In the good old days (say a million years ago or so) we had to deal with far worse things than this when we ate or drank: our digestive system and intestinal microflora are pretty well adapted for it... As an aside, and to perhaps put this into perspective, note that the number of bacterial cells in your gut outnumber your total number of human cells by a factor of somewhere around ten to one...
  8. Note that you need to change the Position Format to British Grid as well.
  9. Sad? Perhaps. Over reaction? Almost certainly. TDW's choice? Definitely. All I can say is that comments are often misconstrued in any written medium. It's all too easy to read in things that are not there, or not intended in the way they are taken. I'd like to add that as a forum, we are one the most polite and non-judgemental of any I've belonged to. Keep it up!
  10. Just a by the by really. Don't know how many of you know that there are a number of easy shortcuts built into Windows... These enable you to put in symbols like °, µ, ™, etc quickly and easily. The one that concerns us is obviously the degrees symbol. To add this to any text box, regardless of font, simply type, on your numeric keypad, the following code: ALT+0176 There are loads of these, for most commonly used symbols (I use µ, ALT+0181, on a daily basis - easier than having to choose "insert symbol" every time). To find one that could help you, open up Character Map (usually in Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools), locate the character you want, and if it has a shortcut associated with it, this will be listed in the bottom right of the window. Simple! Hope this helps someone out there! Aidan
  11. I did rather a lot of research into ticks, in one hell of a hurry, after 'collecting' one at a cache up in Scotland. You see, we don't have these little blighters in New Zealand, and I was rather a little worried - anything that hangs around chewing can't be good. I can now confidently say: a. The chances of getting Lyme disease are very slim b. The chances do increase the longer a tick in is situ c. Burning them out again increases the chances, as they have a nasty tendancy to regurgitate their stomach contents into your epidermis at the first sign of trauma (ick!) d. They are one of the most unpleasant insects it has ever been my misfortune to meet! All in all, they are not fun. Best advice I saw was to check yourself over after a day in the woods, and have a tick tool handy!! As an aside, check out this site. I apologise if you've seen it before, but it's just so relevant to this discussion!
  12. Agree with most of all of the above To me, location is 90% of most caches regardless of cache size/container. I'm (usually) a TNLN, so doesn't make a lot of difference in this respect. In fact, I would much rather find a disguised micro than a 'plain' tupperware or ammo any day of the week. Exceptions to my location comment are the puzzles, where the location can be very plain, but the pleasure is in the thought (/luck) required. Micros have a place, but perish the thought of two in every car park!!
  13. OOH, you sod!! Can't remember the last time I had a FTF... Welcome to your new hobby/addiction!
  14. Fmpmfpmpp mmpmmmfmmfmpmmmpffmpmfmm!! (Anyone still scratching their heads, PM me!! )
  15. Nokia 6670. New work toy - bit of a step up from the brick they used to make me carry!! Good phone from what I can tell, but am still getting the hang of it. Hmmmm, wonder what other Geocaching software I can get for it?
  16. fmpmfpmmpmmpmmppfmpfmpfmpfmfmpfmpfmpfmp!!!
  17. Could anyone point me towards a Geocaching hint translator that will run on a Symbian based smart phone? Thanks in advance...
  18. We got it! Yaay for us. (can't believe I didn't spot it last time around!)
  19. Mppfpmmffpmf! Mmppffmffpmfpmfmffmmmpppfmp!! Mff pmfppffpmmpp mfffmp.
  20. Mfffmp'fmm pfmpffppfmmpmmmmmppmfffm mmm mfmppfppfmpm pmmppfmmp Mff'ppm mffppp Fmmfppmppmpmmppppp... Mmmmfp, mmpfmffmp mmmfmp pmfmppmmmfmmfmp Mff fppmmmfmm mpfmffpppmmmpmfpmfffm ppfpppmpp fmmfmpmpppfm mmmmfpmppmmmmpm ppfmpf ffmppffmf mpfppfpff mmm mmfmfpmmmpppmfmmpp Pfffmffmpfmmppfppp!! Fppmpp'fpmmpp mpfmffpppmmmpmfpmfffm mfmppffmp fmpmffppmmpp fmpppf mfmppf mfpmmmfpmmpp mmm pmfppfppfpmp mmmfmp Mmppffmffpppmfm mmm Pfmmpppppmmfmffpmf mmmmfmmmmmffppp fmpmfpmfffmm mmmfpmppf, fmmppf mppfpfpfmmppmmffmp mmmppp mppppmmmmmffpmf...
  21. Awww, now that just spoils all the fun... <edit> oops, should look further before opening my mouth - doesn't spoil anywhere near as much as I thought Apologies Messers Crew
  22. Pmpmppmpppfm fmppffffmmffpppmfm! Mfffmp'fmm pfmpffmppfmpfmpffm mppmmmfmmffm ppfpppmmfmpp ffmppffmf pmppppppffpp mfpppffpp...
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