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  1. I turn 30 in 4 days time Mrs Kiwi is 21 (and 104 months - but what's a few months between friends??)
  2. Odd one this... I recently was FTF on a very well hidden cache, which was then unknowingly concreted in place by the local coucil! I kid you not... Cache was taken off line for a few weeks, and has since been reactiviated, in a slightly different place, but in the same area. Method of hiding this one is crucial to its difficulty level - and this remains the same. Upshot of all this: I was the only person to find the cache as the hider intended it, and I now have little idea of where it is. If I was to try to find the cache, it would pretty much be as if I had never found it before. I think I will go and check it out, if only for curiosity's sake, but I won't be logging it again.
  3. The standard Gatso will trigger with a car going past in the opposite direction - been there, done that! Unless you see TWO flashes you're sweet (and even then, as pointed out, not all cameras actually have the picture-taking bits in situ...
  4. ...although I've just remembered that this is not my/our original handle. Formerly known as 'NVPIV' which, if you look at it upside down, spells my name. Kinda cool, but rather difficult to pronounce!!
  5. The CuplaKiwis are, most definitely, a Couple of Kiwis (New Zealanders, not the fruit )
  6. That's one of the more crappy ideas I've seen in a while... Still, as far as ideas go, at least it's given me something to go on.
  7. Hi Folks, My wife and I (that still sounds strange ) are off to NI for the long weekend coming up, and are after recommendations for a.) some great caches in stunning locations and b.) some good campsites/grounds. Any thoughts?! We may toddle into ROI too, depending on time, so opinions here would be muchly appreciated as well. To give you an idea, we arrive in on the boat to Belfast on Saturday AM, and head out on Tuesday PM - with car, so nice n' mobile. We were planning to head to the North coast (and maybe NW too), as we're told it's rather beautiful... Thanks in advance!!
  8. My TB (first one too) didn't get too far - he got dropped off in a cache (confirmed by drop-ee), and has not been since I've emailed and PM'd the people who have visited since, but no-one returns my emails [sniff] Nobody loves me...
  9. I've had a few people give me bemused looks when I describe it to them. But then my usual description of it is something like "Orienteering meets treasure hunting for geeks"! Hmnn, maybe I need to present in a better light...
  10. ...had a hard enough time convincing my girlfriend (now wife!) to let me get my Suunto Vector!! Don't think she'll let me upgrade for, oh another 20 years or so!! I have however had a wee play with one of these, and can exclusively report that it is very very cool I do not need one, I do not need one, I do not need one, I do not.....
  11. <completely OT> Just D/L Firefox - It's adblock feature works fantastically well on websites that you visit frequently <back on topic> Great links page!!
  12. Nope - not all people say these the same... On a recent poll in the NZ geocaching forums, approximately 3/4 of people pronounced geocaching as "geokayshing". A similar poll on the Australian forums came up with 2/3's... Ain't we a strange bunch downunder?!
  13. but Why ???? If things sound the same they should be writ the same...anything else is just pretensious and elitest nonsense. Chris I DO hope you're taking the piss? Please tell me that writing English correctly is not 'nonsense'. Nope not extracting the urine - if someone could explain to me the logic of having 3 words that sound the same spelt differently then I might change my opinion. Otherwise I can see no reason for it. And don't say "its right" - its only right because someone made it up, it can be unmade just as easily. And don't say "its what the dictionary says" as the dictionary is just another book, if you follow that logic Mein Kampf, The Bible and The Lord of the Rings are all guides to how to live your life Chris The logic is that they mean completely different things. 'Their' and 'There' are as dissimilar as 'chalk' and 'small windowless building' in meaning. It's just an inconvenience that they sound the same in English. As was demonstrated in an earlier post, the human mind is extremely good at picking up what was meant in written language, however this is not an excuse to use any old word so long as it bounds light, oops, sounds right. I accept that some people do not know which word to use when, and that some simply do not care. My argument it that most of the time (not all, granted) it's a simple distinction to make, and a moment's thought to figure which it should be. (edit) please add "with a little knowledge" after the word "make" in the above sentence
  14. Me too! Far too many years in this hobby not to have made it yet.. Big Congrats!!
  15. There, place, as in "over there" Their, posession, as in "their car" They're, contraction, short for "They Are" Simple!!
  16. Positive steps forward. Is there a way that UK cachers can be notified of this change via their accounts, as obviously the people who frequent this place are only a small proportion of the total number of cachers... Well done chaps - the effort is appreciated.
  17. Now that's just wrong on so many levels!! Nice one.
  18. Good idea in principle, but altitudes from GPSr's are notoriously innaccurate (seldom to within 30m). Add to this, if you are under heavy tree cover, it's going to be even worse! Adding altitude information may cause more problems than it solves...
  19. Probably the most succinct and accurate statement I've heard about Geocaching for a while. And perhaps the heart of the problem also - anyone who has been Geocaching more than (say) 12 months or so probably still thinks of it as a slightly underground hobby, perhaps where we can place caches anywhere with no problems, as it's just a bit of fun. As it has become more mainstream, this is (unfortunately, I add) no longer appropriate, even if only through sheer weight of numbers (caches and cachers). It, in my opinion, requires a shift in our way of thinking. This is now starting to happen, as is demonstrated by GAGB's (and lots of other's) inroads towards permission. While perhaps hard to swallow, it has become essential that our own guidelines are adhered to, so that geocaching will actually still be around in years to come. As Geocaching enters its adolescent years, these growing pains are only going to become more prolific, but with common sense, good guidance, and perhaps a little luck, it will come through relatively unscathed.
  20. Hey, what about us Kiwis? Surely we're an ethnic minority around here? (well, except for some parts of London )
  21. Best way is to have a look at a map (see the Firefox - OS maps thread a few days ago)
  22. And so soon after the 'adders' thread too. Break out all those bad puns again!! Hmmn, does this look like the councils are starting to talk to each other, or has all the recent publicity prompted them to do a quick search? <broken record impression>...and why don't the caches in question have permission? Was the "permission obtained" box checked on submission? I suspect it was...</broken record impression>...
  23. Welcome to the madhouse, ClanWhippy!! These 'diversions' happen periodically - don't worry about them too much - the thread almost always ends up back on topic (?eventually?) Liken it to a conversation down at the pub - usually entertaining, sometimes useful, occasionally totally 'out there'. Enjoy!
  24. Legal debates aside, I'm sure it will available as a .torrent pretty quickly after it has aired... edit - ah, just read up a little
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