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  1. Thank you Forest-Gost, I have it working now the "dirty way" But I certainly will come back to this to clean it up the way you suggested
  2. Is it possible to re-trigger a “on enter” event, when in the zone? I created a zone, and on entering that zone a message pops up. On clicked an if/else occurs. Depending on what’s in your inventory a ‘input’ is called. You get a couple of choices and if the correct one is not chosen, the Wherigo returns to the main menu, and that is NOT what I want. I want it to return back to the “On clicked an if/else occurs” or the “on enter” zone event.
  3. Magnet.CombineEnabled = false is there for a purpose, if I remove it "Combine with..." will show up in the list of items which can be used to combine with. (see image 4). That is something i don't want, Combine with should not be one of the choices. But even with Magnet.CombineEnabled = false removed, if you pick the item the second time around it will show "Actions(3)"
  4. I'm testing out a part for my build to combine items. for this purpose I use the items 'commands' What I have is working, but the combine button only shows up once!. after I click on 'Combine with..." I get a new button "Actions(2)" (This is not really a problem but I could do without is extra step) The real problem is that when I go back to the Inventory screen, and choose the Item again, it goes directly to the "Actions(2)" button. But for the player to be clear what to do, I would prefer the 'Combine with..." button. So my question, how to get the 'Combine with..." back? I added my .urwigo file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d6Fv5W-Cb3BD9pYwLkDrI_6TLOCC0Xp4/view?usp=sharing
  5. Thank you Forerst-Ghost I'm just starting to learn Urwigo, Can you give an example? This isnt working
  6. Hi, I created a zone and want a message to appear when you cross the border. With "on exit" this works,.. but only when I'm 5 meters outside the border,.... Can this be adjusted? I want it do show when the player is on the border,
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