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  1. You were all right. I took out the degree symbol and it worked. I thought I tried that before to no avail. Also that is not one of the options on the online form. I should not try to follow directions to the letter. The cache is submitted. Thanks for your help.


    Yeah I noticed that too, that the instructions show the degree symbol, yet it can be problematic. Perhaps this should be added to the bugs forum as well?

  2. Not sure how it got like that, but have you tried copying and pasting what you just put into this forum post into the signature block? It's plain text so it should render properly. When I view the HTML source of this page, it says your signature was cached yesterday so maybe you can only update it once a day or something?


    UPDATE: Further proof caching might be an issue. I added a forum signature before replying to this post and it did not show up. I think you might have to wait awhile and it will update.

  3. First you need to create your route. You can do that from the Find User Routes Near your Trip page by clicking the "Create New Route" tab, entering a route name, and then putting in your start and end points.


    Once you have a route created, you'll need to run a pocket query on that route. From the same Find User Routes Near your Trip page, click the "Your Created Routes" tab to view your routes. Then click the "Create Pocket Query" link next to the route you want to use. Next, you'll see a form with all the search options for cache options and distance from your route to search.


    Submitting the form will generate a .gpx (by default) or .loc file that you can use on your GPSr. To see the list of caches your query generated, click the "preview the search" link on the confirmation page--it will be in light green text below the map. On the list of caches page, you can also click the "Map this Location" link to view the caches in a map a long your route.

  4. Now my goal is to get this list to come up in a map all by itself. When I click in the check box that I think should select all and then click on Map this Location which is above the search results, it always gives me everything in the area and not just these locations.


    Any help here?


    That's a good question and I don't see a way to do that from the search on geocaching.com. Seems like you should be able to check the caches you want and then map those caches, but as you noted, it just shows you all caches in the area searched.


    What I end up doing, because I cache with my iPhone, is running an advanced search on the string in the geocaching app and then the app allows me to map those search results. (Why that isn't available from the website, I don't know--maybe that should be suggested as an improvement in the other forum.)



  5. HI,

    Is there any way i can view a whole series of caches rather than looking for each one on the search option within the website?


    If you view the cache page of one of the members of the series, you can look on the right side to see if anyone has made a bookmark list of the series. Other than that, no.


    If there is something common about the name of the caches in the series, you can search on just that part of the name. For example, a new series was posted near here and each cache name has "SRPS" in the name so in searching just that string, I get all hits for the series.

  6. Apologizes if this has already been suggested but I didn't find a similar topic by searching or browsing this forum.


    I think users should be able to upload a photo with each trackable log, similar to the ability to upload a photo for a geocache log, from the mobile apps (I use the iPhone one).


    Currently, I have to go back and visit each trackable log on geocaching.com after sending them from the mobile app in order to attach photos.


    This request is twofold really because there are two areas where this would be good to have:


    1. If you are dropping or visiting a trackable that is in your inventory while concurrently creating a geocache log


    2. If you are logging a trackable separately


    These are two different interfaces so would need to be supported differently.

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