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  1. I think I solved my problem by signing out and then signing back in again. Thanks for all your advice.
  2. I am just using the new geocaching.com app for the iPhone app.I can go to and see and open caches on my Mac and iPad (using the geocaching.com) but not on my iPhone. I think I solved my problem. I just signed out and then signed back in. Thanks for all your advice. Hughie
  3. My join date was July 12 2011, my premium renewal date is Aug 14 2016. My iPhone will not show me caches at my location now. Could it be that there is a glitch in the renewal date and my joining date which is causing this? I will renew as I have auto renew but on Aug 14 2016. I think my iPhone should still show caches up to that date. Please help clarify. Hughie250
  4. Thank-you Toil & Trouble for the advice. I was able to find a geocache near where I live. Added a few items to this traditional cache signed the log book and cleaned up the area while walking back to my vehicle. A little CITO never hurts. I do not have a map on my Garmin Montana 650. But used the map from the write up.
  5. Would like help with setting up my Garmin Montana 600 with my iMac. Would like to do some geocaching. I'm not computer savvy.
  6. Hello I am new and need some help with a borrowed gps (Garmin 60), seting up I have the (cd and cable) a geocache list (I'm a premium member)for the CARMH2 event (Medicine Hat) happening this weekend and easy gpx file to computer and sync all so they work with geocaching.com. Call me 403 548 2467 or cell 250-639-0550 e-mail hmcleod@telus.net or use my find me Hughie250 on geocaching web site Thank you
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