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  1. Osprey Argon 70 Pack Level IIIA Entry Vest (Kind of heavy but mostly used for urban caching, comes in very handy should a bear actually get it's paws on ya) Yaesu VX-7R Hand Held Quad Band Transceiver (Cell phones are overrated!) Roll Up J-Pole Antenna (When I need to reach out a little further then the rubber ducky will allow) Garmin Nuvi 760 (Very very handy at getting you close to the cache) Garmin 60Csx Palm T/X (Paperless Baby!) Soy Cybershot DSC-T200 8.1meg Colt M4 Carbine (Gets the Job Done!) Glock 23 (Just in Case) Therm-a-Rest Prolite 4 Military issued Gore-Tex Bivy Eagles Nest Outfitters Singlenest Hammock (For a refreshing nap after a tough day of caching) SteriPEN Safe Water System North Face Talus 33 +Footprint (Purchased prior to knowing how big of a difference a really nice tent makes. Will be buying a MSR Hubba HP within the month) MSR Dragonfly Stove (Will be down sizing to a MSR Reactor) 100oz (3L) Camelbak Omega Reservoir 1L Nelgene Water Bottle x2 Several Topo Maps Military Tritium Compass Plus the Usual Bug Juice First Aid Change of Clothes Food Swag Plastic Bags Pens etc.... The wife thinks it's a little over kill, but what does she know?
  2. Also a 760 owner, you can do just fine with the Nuvi. Sure it is designed with automotive use in mind but that doesn't mean it can't be used for caching. A hand held would make it easier but is not a must. I'll tell you this the Nuvi with a 60Csx makes it cake to go from cache to cache.
  3. Served as a Combat Engineer in the US Army from '93 to '01 Now I serve as a Police Officer!
  4. It's great to hear about all the great finds but so far only crap for us! By the way we always leave better!
  5. Hickory, NC 5 Miles 96 10 Miles 167 25 Miles 374 50 Miles 1459
  6. Search youtube, a lot of great instructional videos for using a compass, basic and advance lessons.
  7. Just use on system and stick with it, being prior military I prefer UTM.
  8. Thanks for your help Train Man! You have made it crystal clear now....
  9. OK so for the hiking I found these two on the Garmin site which one of these would you suggest? US TOPO 24K National Parks, East v2 United States TOPO Would I be correct in saying the first one will peobably give me more detail and POI for the area I will be in most of the time? For on the road, what is the difference between the City Nav, Metro Guide, and City Select? Thank you VERY much for your help! Jeremy
  10. We are looking to buy our first GPS within a month or two; I think we have pretty much settled on getting the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX. The only problem I’m having is deciding on which map software to purchase with it. We do a little bit of everything, from hiking to cross country trips to fishing. I would like to get a map for hiking where it will show very detailed areas of where we are hiking. We don’t always hike in a state or national park but sometimes just pull off the side of the road and go for it. What would you suggest for hiking? Cross country trips, sometimes we just drive not knowing really where we are going but would like a software that after we get to an area we like we could punch in the address of or look up on the software for the nearest camping, restaurant, or gas station. Is there any such software to provide us with that? Now fishing would like something with lake detail I have read on some of them will show “fishing hot spots” is there one that may be better then the other? Seems that the places that sell these don’t even know much about them. Please any help that you may provide will be great! PS Anyone have a suggestion on where to get the best deals on these? I have found some good deals on Ebay, is that typically where most of you purchase them?
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