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  1. I started using my iPhone 3g with the official app, and didn't have too many problems, until I went to find a cache that was in a wooded area. I eventually found it, came home, and ordered an Etrex H straight away.

    Once my money situation gets better, I would love to buy a dedicated GPSr that combines the paperless features of the iPhone with the accuracy of the Extrex H.

    The mapping on the iPhone can be off sometimes, but using common sense, I usually do OK, but the battery is awful.

    With the Etrex H, I seem to get to GZ a lot quicker, and if I am going anywhere near trees, the iPhone stays in my pocket. My only problem with the Etrex H is sitting down before I go caching and inputting all the co-ordinates by hand, then having to write down hints and other useful info before setting off.

  2. You can use it exactly like a bug - set a mission for it, and let it go.

    I have seen several coins in a clear plastic sleeve with the mission details on it, that might be an idea, as a lot of people can't look at it's mission in the field and may end up taking it the wrong way.

    Regarding its chances - they do go missing, there is no way of knowing until it's on its way!

    I might be able to give it a hand getting to the UK if you want, as I am going to Windermere near Orlando next week and will be visiting a buddy of mine in Clearwater before we head back to the UK 2 weeks later.

  3. Hi all,


    As someone very new to this hobby but enjoying it immensely, I am going to the US later this year, and fancy doing a bit of hunting while I am there.

    I use the official app on my Iphone 3G at the moment, but am concerned about the potential data roaming costs.


    Can I use the Iphone over there without connecting to the internet through 3g? (Where I am staying does have WiFi) Or, am I better off buying a handheld GPS for use over there, and leaving the phone at home?

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