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  1. You can all stop the research now. I'm guessing that the problem was related to the site outage the day prior to my previous post. Even though Groundspeak lackeys said "all Groundspeak services are running normally," that seems not to have been the case.


    Download went ok today. Program installed properly.

  2. I am new to Wherigo and new to PC's (I'm a Mac guy).


    I just got a Vista Machine and I'm trying to download the builder. So, I think I've dowloaded the builder "BuilderIntall.msi", but I can't find it on my machine. During dowload, it says it is installing to "temporary folder." Can't find temp folder! Can't find builder! Were'ditgo?

  3. I have tried to leave for the first finder a prize that fits the theme of the cache.


    For a hide that highlighted some beaver damage, I included a toothbrush. For a "Game of Life" cache I left a box of Life cereal. For my "Film-Can Multi-cache, I left a disposable camera." For a cache involving a maze; a book of mazes. For a cache involving a downtown district; a gift certificate for a local establishment.


    When a prize cannot be found to fit the theme, folks get a gift card to a donut shop, an unactivated coin, or a set of travel bug dog tags.


    Once, I had a spoon engraved for an FTF prize. Once I made a custom trophy.

  4. I couldn't get a look at that video - just a blank screen. I'm probably missing some plugin. (Perhaps that level of ineptitude disqualifies my opinion on this topic!)


    I was pretty impressed with the work on this device. So much so that I set about making one myself. I provide photos of it as a work in progress here.


    I hope this gives you an idea. I suppose your inspiration will depend on the kind of engineering skills you have.

  5. WatchDog2020 was kind enough to share his plans with me. I started to use his plans to make a PVC cryptex. I have posted some pictures at this link.


    You may find these helpful when using the same plans. In comments with those photos, I detail some of the problems that I encountered.


    I am not satisfied with the device I have as of this writing so I'll try again armed with the knowledge that I gained in this first attempt.

  6. I just tried to change the coordinates on an archived cache just to re-familiarize myself with the process. I got the same error you did when I tried.


    I think that you will have to seek help from the reviewer because there is a glitch in the matrix.

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