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  1. Every year for the past few years whichever family members house that we are at for Christmas, we have been hiding presents nearby for people to find. What we do is we hand out gpsr's (between friends and family there has been enough extras around) if not enough for everyone we create teams. After that at a set time I hold up a board with many coords on it and the people input the coords of their choice (there are alot) and off they go!!!! The kids LOVE it! After everyone returns gifts can be traded but not opened untill everyone is done trading. We usually have a seperate team for the kids so the presents are age appropriate. This game really gets people laughing and makes the family get together and talk and laugh. Also keeps people from sitting around being bored and feeling uncomfortable.
  2. You know you're a geocoin addict when... you send your favorite geocoin to Charmin hoping to get them to make rolls of toilet paper with logos of that coin on each sheet.
  3. I resolve to do more CITO! we do alot already but usually on our own not with planed events.
  4. You know you're a geocoin addict when...you come home from work one night and your wife is sitting at the table across from your geocoin collection and says "ITS EITHER ME OR THE COINS!" Shocked you think to yourself for a minute and come the the conclusion that there is only one thing to do and reply "will you be staying at your mothers?"
  5. You know you're a geocoin addict when...you cart your entire geocoin collection down to the mall just to show Santa Claus your coins in an attempt not to receive any duplicates under the tree this year.
  6. Not help much for you, but I also have a 60csx and my rocker button is getting close to that point as well. wonder if this is a common problem?
  7. You know your a geocoin addict when...............................YEP YOU'RE AN ADDICT
  8. CSI CSI book on ebay just incase its not Amazon
  9. We resolve to reach 2000 geocaches! we just got out 1000th this month
  10. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! We've been working on this for SEVERAL hours!!LOL We had the CSI part but not at Amazon Oh well Yahoo sure got a workout tonight.
  11. You know your a geocoin addict when... You remove your childs pressed penny collection from the display book that you bought at Walt Disney World so you can use it for micro coins.
  12. You know your a geocoin addict when... you march down to your local DMV office ranting and raving that they refuse to make you a custom license plate with a picture of you and your geocoin collection on it.
  13. You know your a geocoin addict when... you are loosing sleep at night wondering where those custom geocoin spinner center caps are that you ordered for you childs geo-stroller.
  14. You know your a Geocoin addict when you ask your dentist to incorporate you favorate geocoin design into a gold tooth.
  15. What is the biggest travel bug you've ever seen other than a vehicle with a sticker on the window? Recently at an event I ran across a bowling ball with a chain and an ankle bracelet. Very Cool!!
  16. Walking through the deep woods along a river, When suddenly I start to hear a faint BANJO playing in the distance. I see no animals but seem to hear something squealing like a pig.
  17. I only have about 230 to pick from and some of them are in North Carolina so GOOD LUCK! hehehehehe Actually my only worry about posting camo jobs in here is giving away secrets to local wenches... errr, I mean local cachers.... Does anyone else worry about posting 'secrets of our hides' in here and ruining the fun for people seeking your caches? Be AFRAID IMPG Be VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Is yellow snow BEER flavored?????????????
  19. Sorry I was laughing so hard I didn't attach it!!!!! LOL
  20. Very Cool!!!!!! Some people have all the luck
  21. Question about the xyz maps....... I got the entire state of florida downloaded but am having trouble with the Gainesville area H1707X any suggestions?
  22. Pretty much just saying what every one else has already said, but we use a 60csx and a Palm m130. We are completely paperless and have all of the info we need with us. We have had the 60csx for a number of years now with NO problems at all. I here mixed reviews about the Oregon so for now we are sticking to what we know works best. Garmin 60csx
  23. Since the gas prices fell from $4.00 a gallon to $1.61 we have been doing MUCH more Geocaching. We recently were able to snag our 1000th Geocache and that would not have been possible at $4.00 a gal. HAIL CHEAP GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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