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  1. Hey its my cointest posting buddy GATOULIS!! Congrats on your recent wins!! "Respect those around you, WATCH for all users of the roads!"
  2. "Respect those around you, WATCH for all users of the roads!"
  3. You know you're a geocoin addict when.. You tell your family you have to use the bathroom on Christmas day, only to duck out to your car with the laptop to check to see if someone has out done your post on the cointest.
  4. Way to go Sweetlife!!! Thank you for a fun,fun holiday cointest!
  5. Congrats to the winner!!!! Thank you for this fun cointest!!!
  6. We are in!!!!! interesting results, but being in our 30's we are near the top
  7. Today we got our Geocoin, What a Great Christmas Eve present!!!!!! Thank you so much, The Indiana Jones coin was a perfect addition to our collection and by far one of our favorite coins!!!!
  8. My vote also must go to GATOULIS, Him and I have been posting back to back on many Cointests and he ALWAYS has a way of topping my posts and making me laugh . This picture is as always funny and captures the Geocaching holiday spirit.
  9. Cool shirts!!!!! I wonder if Santa shops here?? My kids really like these.
  10. You know you're a geocoin addict when... You have figured out the odds in winning this Cointest because there are SO many funny ones here.
  11. Wow, I think this Geo-dating is a very cool idea, and if we were voting saddler21 would win hands down!!!!
  12. You know you're a geocoin addict when.. You have recently won a Geocoin contest and just in case you don't see the mailman, you put the flag up so you will know when he has come.
  13. I used this one in another post, but everyone in my family love doing it. Kind of a combo of a few other Christmas traditions. Every year for the past few years whichever family members house that we are at for Christmas, we have been hiding presents nearby for people to find. What we do is we hand out gpsr's (between friends and family there has been enough extras around) if not enough for everyone we create teams. After that at a set time I hold up a board with many coords on it and the people input the coords of their choice (there are alot) and off they go!!!! The kids LOVE it! After everyone returns gifts can be traded but not opened untill everyone is done trading. We usually have a seperate team for the kids so the presents are age appropriate. This game really gets people laughing and makes the family get together and talk and laugh. Also keeps people from sitting around being bored and feeling uncomfortable.
  14. You know you're a geocoin addict when.. you call Timex to check on a release date of a Geocoin watch and they say " NOT YOU AGAIN!!!!" and hang up the phone.
  15. I've got them on my watchlist and they're already in the Geopigs' hands...but I think you meant Todie's...lol i did and i fixed it sorry!!
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