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    "Me too", I'll wait till Tuesday evening to moan some more. ===sgb
  2. Enter the title of your idea in the type a idea box. Then click the button, "create a new idea" Then you can make a suggestion. What "type an idea" box? I don't see one. The only box I see is "Type a summary" which just filters the display of other folks topics.
  3. I don't understand the "Web site feedback" forum. I can view lots of ideas. I can filter those ideas. I can vote to support those ideas. But I can find nowhere to make a suggestion. How does one make a suggestion about the website please?
  4. OK, that works this time. Thanks As an aside, when you view the geochecker homepage, do you find the advert bar on the right covers over the last little bit of the main page? Most frustrating.
  5. Adding geocheck/ fixed things a couple of hours ago. However now it appears broken again and removing the geocheck/ doesn't fix it. Help please.
  6. Anyone know if it will get "fixed" or do we give up and move to another checker?
  7. In previous years, the bus has been at N 51 9.249, W 2 34.993.
  8. Unless it is raining heavily, I'll be there with a sign on a pole (probably the Groundspeak logo) for cachers to meet at. Bring some good caching stories... ===sgb
  9. Are there any geocachers attending the 2011 Glastonbury festival? If so, do you fancy a meet? I propose the cider bus, Thursday June 23rd, 5pm to 6pm if there are any takers. ===sgb
  10. I see that the GPS Maze adventure exhibit is/was touring North America. Is there any way to do a one-day simpler equivalent? I ask because A: I'm in the UK and B: I occasionally help a local "Science and technology regional organisation" do science weeks/days at local schools. I was wondering if some form of activity could be created to combine the SATRO school activity with GPS/caching.
  11. Wow! That is one weird profile! It's as if you go and grab a bundle of caches, but then only log one per day before heading out again. I do (at least) one a day. Often doing one cache from a series on the way to work first thing in the morning. Mostly they get treated as cache and dash.
  12. That's the problem. I want to communicate with a user who hasn't yet found or hidden anything. Starbrand's reply doesn't work because it doesn't use the username - unless there is a way to convert a username into the relevant number.
  13. Is there a way of viewing a user's profile using their username rather than the very long string of characters that appear after guid= in a web address when you clcik on a username link? If it exists, I imagine it would be something like www.geocaching.com/profile/?user=johndoe
  14. How do you go about getting a custom geocoin made? What are likely minimum quantities? What is likely minimum cost? ===sgb
  15. Trophy shops sell trophies (obviously). Some are specific to a particular sport, some are generic and are customised by attaching a 1" diameter logo to the trophy. I was wondering if anyone does a bland generic geocoin with a 1" (2.5mm) diameter blank area where such a customising logo could be attached. If such exists, a reply here would be great. If the promotion of specific manufacturers prevents a reply here, an email to my geocache username ===sgb would also do. If such does not exist and someone wants to make one, check the specs of 1" diameter to find what actual clearance is needed - I'd guess 1.05" diameter. Cheers. ===sgb
  16. OK Thanks. So the view rotates the same way that my etrex does. Is there a difference in sensitivity/accuracy between a 450 and an H? I desire the more accurate one, cheapness is secondary.
  17. I've just looked at the Worldwide leader board and I see that Alamogul has done 48,000 caches - OK. But his profile page says his record for one day is 917. Over a period of 24 hours, that is one every 1.5 minutes. How can this be possible? It takes me that long to sign a cache I've found. And the Ventura kids claim 1157 in a day, almost one a minute!
  18. Maybe the improved accuracy will eliminate the need for a rotating display. I have the display set to "point ahead". Then for problem caches - eg the edge of woods - I can walk into the open field and walk "directly towards the cache from "over there", then do it again from "over here" and see where my paths intersect. If I can just go to spot "X" then I expect I can do without. Thanks. Comments?
  19. I'm contemplating a new GPS, but my requirements are probably a bit different from most folks. Maybe you-all can advise? (the big wants are at the end) I currently have a 2005 Garmin Etrex. I am very happy with its functions, but not its spec. I like its display of many waypoints, its breadcrumb trail, its scalable and rotatable "view". I don't like the fact that the "I'm here" cursor and the waypoint cursors are all incredibly chunky and obscure each other - would much prefer fine crosshairs. (Its nice having the waypoints named.) I would prefer a larger display area with the "I'm here" cursor more central - you go round a corner and a target waypoint dispappears off screen unless you change scale. I would prefer an easier way of entering waypoints manually - I don't need computer download - but all the "next, select, up up up up select" to change one digit is painful. I like that it is weatherproof and has a backlight for dark conditions. Long battery life is preferred. Batteries must be replaceable in the field. An accurate compass that works even when no satellite would be nice. I rarely use altitude, but that's nice too. THEN THE BIG ONES... I hate that it has lousy accuracy in trees and urbans with medium (let alone tall) buildings. I NEED MORE ACCURACY. Too often I've got "47m accuracy" and I think that even that is optimistic. I walk up a path and back down the same path and the "two trails" are often 20m or more apart. I do NOT need or want maps, cameras, trip planners, cafe recommendations or any of the other "helpful" gadgets. I just want to know where I am and where the cache is as easily as possible. === I read good reviews of thing like the Oregon 550, but I suspect that those are mainly raves about the maps etc. Not what I want. Can you help?
  20. I enjoy easy caches. What skirts? Is this a USA thing? I'll check, but I don't think UK lamp posts have these skirts. They all have a little part-cylindrical door to access the electrics.
  21. Is it general that if you visit a cache page, click the "view larger map" link and then scroll a long way : that the cache icons are often in the wrong place? I am now in the habit of scolling to a distant cache which I open, then I close the map window, then I open a new "view larger map" window to get the icon in the right place. Is there a fix?
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