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  1. qichina, I would suggest that if you don't like OSM then don't use it. I for one think it's brilliant especially given that it's editable, zooms appropriately on your Garmin and is FREE! As agentmancuso says it can be updated and corrected. Granted an idiot can put duff data on it but for every idiot there's 100 dedicated mappers making corrections. Thanks Martin (Talkytoaster) for the updates - keep 'em coming please
  2. Truly AWESOME Madproforg, well done and many, many thanks. What with TalkyToaster's OSM maps and this gem of a little programme it has taken my new Oregon to a new level - who meeds expensive Garmin maps.
  3. I fully agree with you odgebarn - Madproforg has done a great job with this many thanks Madproforg . If you make the amendments you suggest I'd love to have a copy of the end result please. Scripts mean nothing to me and I've found aligning tiles difficult to build larger maps.
  4. Many thanks kbellis. It seems that in the UK I'll just have to wait for someone to start a Wiki Marine Chart along the lines of the excellent Open Street Map - any takers?
  5. Sorry if this is a basic question as I'm new to the 550 (thank you Santa!) but when I select Main Menu>Where To?>Tides> I get a 'No Results Found' message. I have the 550, not the t version, so do I need to add a special base map?
  6. I just wanted to publicly thank all those geocahers who lurk on this forum for making freely available to us less teci types the many free resources that add value to our outdoor experience. There are many but to kick things off I would particularly thank a couple of map contribtors - others may wish to add their own: Martin - talkytoaster for his fantastic FREE UK (GB/Ireland) Maps service - UK thread Madproforg for his (or her?) GarminBingMaps.zip that gives free OS maps - UK link I hope you all have a great 2010 and beyond.
  7. This looks BRILLIANT Madproforg. I don't yet have the Oregon to try it out on (hurry up Santa) but it works on Google Maps for me. Well done and thanks.
  8. Bear in mind that if it IS an actual downpipe from roof guttering you'll probably end up blocking the drain!
  9. Christmas comes early in your neck of the woods!
  10. Two suggestions to all UK folk with a gps: 1) Enter its details for free, along with all your other non-geocaching valuables, on http://www.immobilise.com/ - this is the property databse searched by all forces and is the site that Mouse's helpful post above looks at. 2) Buy one of their special offers, paint it on/in your gps and use the sticker. You are far more likely to get it back if the finder/thief knows it can't be sold on.
  11. Thanks splashy - does that mean that the charger I found, which is much cheaper than Garmin's own, can be used as a power supply, it will just not charge the batteries?
  12. I don't have an Oregon yet, it's on order from Santa . I'm planning to order an adaptor so that I can use it in the car without eating the batteries. A web search led me to this in car charger yet when I asked on our more local UK forum I was told that one can't charge batteries without removing them from the unit. I'm therefore slightly perplexed as to whether this is the correct tool for the job. Now I'm no tecci so know little about electricity but why sell chargers if you can't charge? They also sell a mains charger, again why? Thanks in advance for any explanation. Perplexed
  13. As this is an Oregon thread can I please ask another question? Can you charge rechargeable batteries in an Oregon (ie without removing them from the unit) if you use a charging unit like this or this? Sorry it's such a numpty question but I'm only used to an Etrex where I have to charge the batteries extrnally and I'm hoping that Father Christmas can take a hint!
  14. I too have had a self appointed school prefect post a cryptic note on one of my caches. Like Silver Fox I totally agree that a PM or email would have been the best first course of action to find out the reason for any delay. Whilst those who are able to go on this Forum all the time and who have the opportunity to cache 24/7 may think the likes of me are not 'playing by the rules' I would point out that some of us have other issues and concerns in our lives. We have set our caches as volunteers not as employees of Groundspeak. It can be quite upsetting to have others post notes without having the decency to contact us first - quite frankly it's very bad manners. I Please consider others before firing off a casual note - not everyone is fortunate enough to have the ability to go out caching all the time!
  15. Great link Keehotee - many thanks. Provided you have already bought the paper map of the area you are interested in does that mean you are not breaking copyright by using Streetmap at 50K or 25K (example) and performing a screen dump to a jpeg?
  16. Give it a rest mate. Does it really matter HOW folk enjoy this game as long as they DO?
  17. The problem with the cable on the yelow Etrex (H or not) is that it only takes 6 digit Waypoints whereas Groundspeak now uses 7. The cable therefore removes the last digit which can causes problems. It's a shame Garmin didn't update the software given so many geocachers use them.
  18. More than happy to Mrs B. How do I do that? Short cachers need have no worries - I have a pair of stilts I'm prepared to loan out.
  19. I guess that this post is aimed at folk like me. 350+ caches over 3/4 years then I suddenly stop. For me it's a mix of life getting in the way and what I see as a change for the worse in the game. I took up caching when there were a high number of fun caches involving going out to find unknown places and often finding interesting trades. Most of the new caches around me now tend to be ill thought out micros in a lay-by - the numbers game has taken over. I aslo find that trades have gone to pot. In my own caches I find the trades dissapear or get replaced by tat. I also found the Groundspeak politics to be an influence in putting me off. I've not been on this forum since the original UK mods were forced to leave I logged on here for the 1st time in a year only as I needed to post a message and noticed this post. I've not given up caching but I'll now only do what I consider an interesting cache if I'm in an area. I no longer think 'I wonder where I go caching today?'. All that said may I wish the very best to todays cachers - have fun!
  20. Please forgive the cheek in posting here but following discussions at this year's mega I understand that there are a few folk still hoping to attempt the Flotsam & Jetsam EXTREME geocacge so I thought that they would appreciate a heads-up that it is soon to be archived. The cache is in the Bristol Channel south of Clevedon. The listing is currently marked as 'temporariy unavailable' since the tide destroyed the clue at Stage 4. However, it can still be completed if you email me before your trip. I will give you the clue plus a further task to ensore that you have visited the site. This will enable you to do the whole cache and log the trip. As we are currently in the period of the autumnal equinox the Spring tides around this time provide a god oportunity to do this cache. Please, however, heed all safety warnings on this cache.
  21. Sorry, but as the original complainant I should have been more clear. It was the online cache page log I was referring to when I said "just a simple ‘TFTC’ or something just as curt". I too keep it short on the paper log but I would have thought folk would give the setter some feedback once in the comfort of their own home.
  22. Having been out of it for a while I did a few a couple of proper geocaches yesterday. However, I can't but help thinking that the hobby's gone downhill. My 2 particular moans: 1) Why are there so many 'micro in a non-descript lay-by' caches nowadays, haven’t people got any imagination or sense of adventure any more? 2) Why does nearly everyone sign their logs with just a simple ‘TFTC’ or something just as curt – don’t they appreciate the effort the placer went to in settng their cache; is it too hard to say a few words by way of a little positive feedback? Mind you, I can fully understand doing this when finding a cache like in 1 above. Where did it all go wrong?!!!! Moan over now - I'll crawl back into my little hole.
  23. Great to see that even the Mod's double post as well! Great to see that even the Mod's double post as well!
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