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  1. I am setting a cahe where you have to solve a single clue to find the nearby cache. Is this a Traditional, Multi or Mystery?
  2. This site can be great for moaners. I just logged on to congratulate them and this was topping the list. I Submitted a new cache half an hour ago and it's been published already! Brilliant service Deceangi; you deserve a holiday.
  3. Thanks all - now I understand. Sorry I should have said I use Firefox not IE. It's great how the caching community answers questions so quickly and effectively - happy caching!
  4. Some cachers seem to have problems getting between two clues on one of my multi stage caches. I would like to add additional help for them but not spoil it for others. Therefore I would like to add an encrypted paragraph in my listing. I prefer not to add it to the Additional Hints at the foot of the page as I have tried to keep this short with advice on where the clues are hidden, not on getting between them. Can I add encrypted text into the main cacne page, and if so how do I do it please? The page is in HTML.
  5. Izzy Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what you mean by 'hover over the "photo frame" on the cache listing page'. I know what hovering means but not sure what the photo frame is on the listing page. Sorry to be such a luddite.
  6. Sometimes when I visit the cahe "Visit the Gallery (x images)" page, not all the picture thumbnails work. When I click on some images it just returns me to the cache listing page rather than to that image/log page. What am I doing wrong?
  7. I use Google Earth to find what caches are near where I am visiting and want to pass this onto a friend. I cannot find the link to download the necessary file on the geocaching web site. Can anybody help please?
  8. If it helps I've set a couple of wheelchair accessible caches with more in the pipeline http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...4c-43a48ae7f015 & http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...4c-43a48ae7f015
  9. It's a distraction, allbeit a welcome one!
  10. Thanks Yellerbelly that seemed to work. Do I now need to 'Wite a note' to the TB page to add picture and a story? I must admit it is the TB proceedure that I find the least user friendly on this site - perhaps it's me!
  11. Dumb question, sorry. I logged my visit to a cache where I left a bug yesterday and forgot to do the business at the bottom to show I'd left the bug. Now I can't find how to do it retrospectively - if I edit the log the option is not there any more. Can anyone advise please.
  12. Adopt a Newbie didn't work for me when I wanted it so Mera was wise to post here and hopefully a local cacher will respond. I'm nowhere near so can't help but someone on the forums will see this. I rarely, if ever, look in the adopt a newbie thread as I have little time to surf these forums so only look at threads of interest when I do - spending an age looking at pleas for help from all over the country is not practicable. I suppose that having separte threads by county is impracticable but could we not have a thread by region?
  13. I use one of these cases for my eTrex. Not only a good case for normal use but it has a velcro handlebar mount on the back which I use on the bike - velcro around handlebar and clip on brake cable to keep level - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Garmin-eTrex-Legend-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  14. Arrrrrgh!!!!! I'm certainly NOT addicted! Might be had those Bozzas not beaten me by 8 minutes! [No general replies to this one please - it's a personal joke between me & those Bozzas]
  15. Hot melt does stick to some shiny surfaces - I use it to stick lanimated card to my plastic food storage container caches (great value from Wilkinson). I mostly stick them inside the lid so they can be seen from without but have also stuck to the outside in the past.
  16. Forgive an ignorant question but what exactly are these coins? I understand travel bugs and think they are similar but am clearly missing something as so many people seem to get excited about them. Can someone help an old chap understand?
  17. Just to add that we have the little blighters down south on Mendip, the Quantocks & Exmoor - I'd guess Dart' & Bodmin moors too. That means no shorts (or kilts) inthe summer then!
  18. Am I missing something here? California girls asking if we'll be there? You bet we will!!! Seriously though, it would be great to meet local cachers as well as international visitors so all else being equal I'll be there. PS: Should anyone need a stop over I used to camp at Adscombe Farm which is literally down the track from Ramscombe. It's not an official site but the farmer's wife, Mrs Bennett, will often let the odd camper (and who wants to pretend geocachers aren't odd) stop.
  19. There are 255056 active caches in 221 countries. In the last 7 days, there have been 199952 new logs written by 31871 account holders. Taken from the main page of geocaching.com Oops - Sorry I'm reading too fast - I read that as 'active cachers' what a dummy I am! Thanks to all for the advice
  20. Let's bring this back to topic: Surely one man's tat is another man's treasure. That's what makes geocaching so great. In my non-caching life I'm often scrounging useful stuff from skips. I rarely take from caches now but often add things that others might find fun or useful, especially things that Kids would find fun.
  21. Brilliant! That answers the UK (trust the Brits!), is there similar for worldwide?
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