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  1. TRANSLATION: Eckington - all caches in civilisation (South of Watford) Lactodorum - all caches in't North Decanci - all caches in the Far North aka frozen wastelands
  2. 100% agree, surely half the fun in placing the cache is finding a good hiding place (Don't call me Shirley!) whereas any idit can hide a micro in the country side Vey true, each to his/her/its own.
  3. Will do. If any other 'locals' who wish to join in please email me - FMC
  4. There are several local geocachers that I can think of that would probably be willing to help. Some I know are regular forum readers so I am sure you will get some response very soon. If not, I wil PM them over the weekend. I'm a local would'd love to help, perhaps they could be persuaded to make it an accessible cache? nobby.nobbs, do you want me to make contact with Annabel direct or would you prefer to make the intro' seeing as you were emailed? As Maple leaf points out there are several locals now in close contact (although no local forum yet!) so maybe a small group of us could help. FMC
  5. Many congratulations to Woodbury Walker on your 1,300th cache, and I thought it was not about the numbers
  6. Well done. oh master. But you missed a fun gathering back home.
  7. How dooes one use GSAK to export to Google Earth - or do we need GSAK 7?
  8. Voulez-vous Caché avec moi, ce soir? PS: Am I to understand that Railtrack have given a blanket permission to set caches under main line tracks? How cool!
  9. This is an excellent site to find out when you can see it, and other objects, subject of course to our weather! http://www.heavens-above.com/ Try tomorrow (Friday 21st) around 20:55 hrs loking to the West or Sat at 21:15 - you'll also see Saturn. This should show you the ground track & times http://www.heavens-above.com/gtrack.asp?da...amp;satid=25544
  10. Yes, the Welsh have an excellent one around Aberystwyth (central Wales) here.
  11. Oops! I should have looked harder before seeking help as I've discovered the answer myself - click the 'Show ignored topics' link in the TRH corner. Sorry Edited to add: Thanks Bongtwashes, our posts must have crossed.
  12. I use Greasemonkey scripts with Firefox (absolutely brilliant for geocaching) but like the fool I am I've deleted a thred by accident - I meant to click on the go to last unread reply icon. Can any of you IT experts guide me on how to restore it? Thanks
  13. If you are interested Lidl is doing a cheaper option link here next Monday plus led head torches - I keep one of the latter in my cache bag for those caches where I don't want to put my hand in a hole before first checking for nasties! Also useful for caches in caves.
  14. I agree, let's have a dog obstructions attribute. My wee beastie is no minature (about labrador size) and he hates being picked up. However, he's quickly learned that this is a must for some styles and farm gates so he'll get in position for a lift without asking now - and you should see his far from dainty landing! FMC
  15. I fully agree with you Donmoore. Admittedly I mostly take nothing but have a large stock of signature items which I'll deposit if there is room. I can remember when I started the fun was in seeing what to swop. Invariably I came away with nothing of any value BUT IT WAS FUN! Perhaps we should always do a swop or at least leave something. I try to stock my new caches well but find that over time the quality goes down - I even saw a crow bottle top in a cache yesterday! At least cachers with some experience could get in the habbit of leaving a small trinket - it's a small price to pay for a fun hobby and think of all the fun we have searching charity shops for the swops not to mention the small benefit to the chrities. FMC
  16. I can feel a "swimathon event" in the making! Bagsi keep the seats in the pub.
  17. Sorry, I knew that being 2 planks short of a wooden box was a pre-requisite for geocaching (why else would I be here?) but "married to Eddie Izzard"?!!!!!! Mr FMC
  18. We felt that we should add our 3 pennyworth as one of us uses an electric wheelchair, however, Dorsetgal & Geodog seem to have sumarised what would be our opinions well - good on yer Wendy! Incidently, I had a query a few days ago as to why one of our caches was Terrain rated 2.5 when they felt it to be a 1; a straightforward walk to the cache on impacted paths. As I responded we use the Geocaching.com recommended Clayjar system to rate our caches. In this case Clayjar did a particularly good job - whilst to an able bodied cacher they might remember it as flat and easy to a wheelchair user it was over half a mile, had parts of the track missing and very bumpy and suffered changes of gradient. Remember, what can apparently look flat can be very bumpy and tiring to a someone in a wheelchair particularly if they cannot support their onw body weight. As a husband to a whelchair user and very 'access aware' even I sometimes do not notice single steps, potholed path, etc which can be a total no-go to a wheelchair. In this cache we rated it as Terrain 2.5 but aded the wheelchair accessible attribute and some text on the cache page as well as its Handicache rating - as Wendy suggested anyone concerned can always email us for further advice before going. Team FMC
  19. Does my four legged travel bug from across the pond in the UK count?
  20. Mine's ordered. I now await my first Geocoin! FMC
  21. It's a non-starter. Who in their right mind would bother to download stuff off the internet and go around the country looking for hidden treasure? Sad or what?!!
  22. Thanks guys, 3,902 charecters fitted - If you really can't sleep the log can be read here, but you'll need to read the cache listing first to get the backgrond story.
  23. Thanks guys - speedy as usual. I'll try and keep it to 4K FollowMeChaps
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