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  1. You're too weak scaw. I'd have let them sweat for a while.
  2. I'm bemused that Kingsbridge is considered to be associated with a surfing beach! It's the Devon one I know but similarly I can't find any others near surfing areas.
  3. Well we all know that Dorset's famous for its dinosaurs; and I'm not talking about you Wendy!
  4. Now you're cooking on gas. Count me in as a day visitor. Why not add it to the Wessex Forum? At least that may kick-start that site
  5. Thanks for pointing this out Lacto - a really useful utility.
  6. I've been away and just caught up with this thread - Extreme caching? Isles of Scilly? Come on now Paul. I'll grant you that St Kilda hit the 'extreme' spot; sorry I missed the fun, but Scilly; a popular all year round holiday destination? Sorry, what next, extreme events at Newquay? Fastnet Rock on the other hand...........
  7. Most of us get by with just the one unit. You must have some serious Agoraphobic tendancies with a serious fear of getting lost!
  8. That's blatantly Cornishist - they shold be available to all even those without any accident of birth defects! Trust you had a good day.
  9. Now we're getting somewhere. Has anyone got a bookmark list of all the underwater caches in the UK?
  10. Set underwater caches. There don't seem to be many of them over here.
  11. Get any good photographs of it? I am a bit of a car nut - except I like to see them rusting as well! I'm surprised that people aren't asking for pictures of the naked woman, sod the car!
  12. There's no such thing as a free lunch. The concept of keeping it free is well outdated. A small fee to everyone, with say the first 10 logs free to allow people to decide whether they like the pastime first, is the only fair way - ads or no ads.
  13. I've responded but thought I'd post here to keep this topic live in the UK forum as it seems that not many local cachers have cottoned onto the Wessex forum.
  14. You missed a trick - why not a 'by royal appointment' cache?
  15. A temporary lake being dug. It was for a scene from the BBC series Casualty on the route for the King's Wood Boundary Stone Game cache. The lake was to be frozen so someone could fall through the ice, poor soul. Picture. I don't watch the series so missed the end result.
  16. Good night for it here in southern uk - just saw the Shuttle/ISS go over and it comes around again at 23:33 so will watch again. Your site was great as we tracked it live on screen whilst watching it. We lost sight of it whilst still quite high inthe skay (c. 40 degrees) because of trees to the south of the house - it was then above the French/German border around Alsace, cool or what?
  17. Thanks, this is great. I've been using Heaven's Above and NASA Realtime to track the shuttle & space station but this is better. Great to match the live GPS birds aginst my eTrex. Worth looking at the J-Track 3d to see the staellites in relation to the earth though. If you've not seen the Shuttle joining/leaving the ISS make a point of watching for it, provided we get clear weather. It's fantastic to see them both as separate objects passing overhead. Nex opportunity in a few days maybe. Thanks again Phil & Ruth for this cool new link.
  18. Right click the link, select view script source, it should give you an option then... If that still doesnt work. Go to Tools>Greasemonkey>Install User Script... when viewing the script source. Thanks Edgemaster - it worked!
  19. Arrrgh! I'm sure this has been asked before, possibly by me, but can I find the thread?!!! It will be good for other IT dummies like me to have in this thread anyway..... I'm trying to install the above script but it only opens a page with the script code rather than with an auto-install feature like some others. How do I add it to my scripts please? Chief Luddite
  20. I'm no fan of congrat's threads but think an exception is needed here............. Well done Wendy and Ceasar! Let's use this as a reminder/challenge to all geocachers to to set at least one wheelchair accessible cache.
  21. Edgemaster EXCELLENT! Thanks not only for the advice but also for the speed of reply - I'll now save these links to a Word document so I can keep them. I very humbly bow to your, and Lordelph's, skill - you both totally enhance the web based caching eperience for luddites like me. MANY THANKS
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