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  1. The challenge now is to find a 1:25K version! Any takers?
  2. I would have thought that his coins took priority, after all a geocoin's for life, not just Christmas!
  3. Brilliant find Scanker, and well done to the Bracknell District Caving Club. Does anyone know how to force it to open on a specific area?
  4. Coal Post #14, No. 22 - man and dog! Does anybody recognise them?
  5. I'm up for that - I'll first have to cacth The Beast in one of his better moods though. I've also emailed the Phillimore Clan in case they've got films muxed ip!
  6. Wendy - any chance you could add hyperlinks and the county name to the list of caches as we'd love to try those we can get to? Come on those who pledged and have not yet fulfilled!
  7. ... well that now means it is photo number 22 Bizarre - we must have twins [oh no I hear you cry!]. Certainly an uncanny resemblance but we've been near neither cache nor logged either. Also don't recognise hat/coat. Does this mean we can now claim it as a find? I'd love to know who the real culprits are.
  8. Just giving this one a BUMP to see if anyone has cracked getting the Geocaching icons to work in GE? I've downloaded again but still only get those cursed yellow push pins since the GE upgrade. I don't even get them when I zoom in.
  9. I've not been able to access the site for a couple of month's now and I'm missing it
  10. When setting micro caches please spare a thought to those with disabilities, arthritic fingers, etc.. Many small containers can be a real problem to open . With a little cacher's ingenuity most can be adapted to get round this. Here's an example where a 35mm film canister has been made easier to open by adding a bolt. Easy
  11. Have just noticed that you've had no response to this, so IMHO: There are no hard rules but we would suggest that to be wheelchair accessible both the access and the hide should be accessible - caches marked as accessible where a wheelchair can get to the location but the find requires a walk up steps then going behind an inaccessible object are totally frustrating. We would always suggest that if you think it might be accessible then please mark it as such in the attributes (the more the merrier) but state any issues clearly on the page preferably under a clear separate heading. EG: Steep slope so may require assistance; Good access to location but assistance may be required to retrieve the hide; Two small (3 inch) steps one yard apart en route; take a hadigrab stick if you can't reach far; etc.. Everyone's disability is different. If you have noted an outline of the issue on the page then at least the individual cacher can make their own judgement and maybe contact you for details before going. Far better than to go out to one marked as accessible only to find you can't get at the cache. A personal plea: Please consider accessibility when making any hide. Clearly not all caches can be, but if hiding it under the front of the bush rather than behind it would do the trick then more people can find to your cache.
  12. Clearly, drsolly, you went to school a very long time ago when they taught maths
  13. Can we have a link please? I've Googled it but have turned up nothing.
  14. Yes we got to the summit and above it!!! We even went along the Crib Goch and Clogwyn D'ur Arddu ridges (see picture taken whilst doing so) which meant so much to us as we walked here on our honeymoon. I’ve been sending personal replies with the details to all who replied on the forum and the many who did so by personal email rather than bore the whole goecaching community. Though a big public THANK YOU from me and Mrs FMC to the many geocachers who offered assistance or moral support - we were really touched.
  15. I agree fully with EasyGPS - it's free! However, once downloaded save the file in the default .gpx format THEN go to GPS Visualiser, browse to find the file you saved in "Upload your GPS data files here", click the "Create KML file" button and it will give you a link that once opened will show you your tracks, and waypoints if you saved those as well, overlaid on Google Earth, the geocachers favourite tool. Make sure you zoom in and enjoy the detail, you'll be amased how accurate it is. It's particularly amazing if GE is detailed in your area. Use the tilt function as it shows height as well - very effective if you track a flight!
  16. Blast; I've just crashed into a geocaching icon south of Abergavenny! Thanks for this post keehotee. IMHO it's not off topic as I can now fly around an area looking for caches. (PS: My Firefox spell checker wants to correct Abergavenny to Flabbergasting! ) Edited to add: Go here for a useful link to see how it works, etc. - I also note that our own Barry has been busy - here. Well done Barry!
  17. I'm a salad cream man myself - and won't the mayo make the log book sticky?!!! :D Good on you - lots of new caches please
  18. I've picked it up and can drop it off tomorrow either in Coventry or, using the Lydford Locators suggestion, at the Shropshire Event. If anyone there is on Wi-Fi and can help find out if there are any Norfolk folk attending can they please drop me an E before 8:30 am tomorrow, Sunday. I could be at the Event about 12 to 1 pm on my return journey - maybe I could even do a cache or two?! Thanks
  19. I'm to be in Coventry this Sunday. As I've not yet done GC10FEZ I could try tomorrow and move it nearer Norfolk if that helps. I'll watch this post to see if anyone can get it nearer, sooner.
  20. Clearly no question. You are under a DUTY to report anything suspect to the Police. You took the first step reporting it here. You report your own concern at your 2 year old playing with something potentially harmful. Others will follow so think about their children. We all feel pangs of guilt reporting something that may turn out to be totally harmless and a waste of police time but if in doubt we have to overcome that. Be on the safe side - Report it!. Who knows, in so doing you may even introduce others to this fascinating hobby.
  21. Wendy - we met our pledge on 22nd April (shameless advertising of own geocache here) though more are to follow. Are the names still going into the hat in December? May be of interest to wheelchair users who cache:- We have created a public bookmark list showing wheelchair accessible caches we have done here (yet more shameless advertising?). Not only does this show those marked as accessible but also others we have done that wheelchairees (!) could try.
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