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  1. redslm While you are awaiting your new toys you can always use Google Earth to find some more. 1. If you have not already done so download GE from here. 2. Then go your Geocaching account page LINK and click the “Download Geocache browser in Google Earth” link towards the bottom of the right hand column. This will download a gizmo that shows icons for all the caches in Google Earth. 3. Click on the icons for caches where you are going to open and read their details. Please note however that the icons for the caches are deliberately offset. IMPORTANT - To see where the cache is you need to copy the cache coordinates from the top of their listing page (eg N 52° 03.352 W 000° 47.640) THEN paste the coord’s in the white search bar at the top left of the Google Earth screen. This will show you EXACTLY where the cache is. This method won’t help on a lot of caches such as those in wooded areas, etc. but you’ll find many in a more open area by a tree or similar landmark where it will give you all the info you need. I just tried it on the cache you have already found and am sure that I could have found that one using this method. It's much more fun with you GPS when you get it but this might keep the kids happy whilst you are waiting. Have fun.
  2. Welcome to the mad world of Geocaching! The Etrex H is perfectly good and spot on for your budget - it also is able to download waypoints direct from GC.com. I use the older older pre-H version (the H is better for under trees) and it's all you need for geocaching - it does what it says on the tin. You will need an Etrex H LINK, and a data cable LINK - get the cheaper cables available on ebay - the Garmin one is expensive.
  3. Well I think it's a good article and well written - it would have wetted my curiosity had I geen a geomuggle. Then again who am I to comment? I search for plastic lunch boxes for a hobby!
  4. Bear in mind that these signs say to a thief 'this vehicle usually carries valuable items!' Add that to a certain knowledge that most folk don't remove stuff even if they say they do and it's a sure recipe for getting the window broken just to check on the off chance - it just takes them seconds. How many of these vans/lorries do you pass and think to yourself "Yeah, sure you've removed all that heavy stuff and are going to get up even earlier before work to replace it before setting off!" 1) remove anything valuable and 2) make sure you have good insurance - the media currently is selling cheap insurance, not necessarily good insurance - check the small print. PS Your local constabulary should issue the "I've cleared everything of value" signs for the dashboard with a vehicle security advice pack - try their website.
  5. Can I too add my congratulations to Andy and Kim I take it that this means that you will now be retiring?
  6. Thanks Cache O'Plenty , I had found the My Gallery pages but curiously the My Gallery does not include the pictures uploaded using http://www.geocaching.com/my/upload.aspx. Ruston fond these in the separate 'photo' page http://www.geocaching.com/my/photo.aspx and Deceangi has helped me see how he got there. Thanks for all the replies. I've said it before and I'll say it again "aren't the forum and geocachers great?" Edited as I muxed ip who advised what - oops!
  7. Many, many thanks, that seems to work. Isn't this forum great? But I still cant work out how you found it in 2 clicks.
  8. A while ago I picked up a tip from this forum that if I want to add pictures I have taken or created myself to the html descriptions on my cache pages I can upload them to geocaching.com site by using the link http://www.geocaching.com/my/upload.aspx. I can then use the url of the resulting picture page as the source code for my picture. The "my" in this link I would imagine saves it in an area linked to the logged in user. However, I can find no 'My pictures' section in my My Account Details page. Can anyone advise where these images are kept if I want to subsequently see them or access them again if I forget their url?
  9. The same for me, though I'm sure that Teasle will sort this out in the fullness of time.
  10. Just posting this as a bit of fun. It will be old news to some but for those who don’t know it’s can be fascinating. Have you ever wondered where the satellites that drive your GPS are in relation to you? Most GPS units will crudely show you using a diagrammatic sky chart e.g. my Garmin yellow eTrex has a Tracking Satellites page (in Advanced Sky View) which shows me which birds I am locked onto (they are numbered using their PRN codes) and where they are in the sky in relation to my position (see diagram below). However if you want to see where they really are in relation to the earth, you can track them using NASA’s J-Track 3D. You can select the GPS satellites in the Java applet that pops up by using Satellite; Select. The PRN numbers should accord with the numbers your GPS e.g. GPS BIIA-10 (PRN32) is no 32 on your GPS unit. You can also use the Real Time Satellite Tracking website to see what country they are currently over but bear in mind they are over 12K miles up! You can tell this site your location then click the Live In Your Sky ‘GPS SATELLITES’ link to shows you the GPS birds over a map of your part of the world – you can identify each one by double clicking on it - the info’ appears in the top right of the screen. Again it is the PRN number that relates to your GPS not the Navstar number. I know this is very nerdy but quite good fun if you’ve not already discovered it. Enjoy
  11. LINK This got my juices flowing but I cannot seem to get the Postcode search to work by just giving the first 2 charecters - do you know something I don't?
  12. Now which would be best for us to use, traditional Counties or Administrative areas? There's only one way to find out............................. FIGHT! :)
  13. Edgemaster - you really are the man! Great, many, many thanks.
  14. I have GSAK which is how I identified the problem and many thanks to The Windsockers, what you suggested has worked. I didn't have the Find Count checked before. Isn't this forum great? FMC
  15. Perhaps it's just as well you've been away for a while if you are feeling the urges - not heard of Bromide Paul?
  16. Can anyone advise please? If I run a 'My Finds' pocket query it shows that I have done 2 less caches than the auto counter that follows my name on all GC.com logs. Does anyone know why this might be? I guess I might I have logged 2 caches twice but don't now how to check. Any advice would be appreciated. FMC.
  17. Sorry M0zez, our posts must have crossed - I bow to your superior Knowledge. FMC As a postscript can anyone advise on a related problem I have. My GE icons for geocaches have all reverted to those yellow push pins - this happened some while ago. I have uninstalled then reinstalled GE twice and redownloaded the Geocaching KML but still the same. Can anyone advise please?
  18. I'm no techi but try the following in Firefox: Tools Options Tick the "Always check to see that Firefox is the default browser on startup" box Also worth pressing the 'check now' button that follows this
  19. Brilliant Wendy! Any chance you could post the itinerary for April 6 as I'm sure that, like us, many of your caching friends would love to come along to support and cheer? What about a London cacher making an event of it - is anyone local up for the task?
  20. But if you cut/paste the actual coords it doesn't jump around but is spot on! As Decanci says the icons are deliberately offset - though for the life of me I can't really understand why - they didn't used to be and as you can cut/paste anyway I don't see the point of doing so! I go with both sides of this debate: 1) GE is a BRILLIANT tool for cachers (but only in the areas where it has high definition - for example it's currently useless in Snowdonia or the Isle of Man) and I often use it to check my coords, etc. I have even used it setting one of my caches to find a target in a dense woodland when I didn't know where it was. I also often used GE in this way to see if I can locate a cache using just GE - originally when my gps was off for repair but since for fun - or giving newbies who don't yet have a gps a chance to have a go. 2) Yes you MUST visit the site with a gps when setting a cache; not only is it the rules but it makes total sense as we are creating a gps game. FMC
  21. At the risk of appearing a boring old f$#t I hope that any new caches with a Wherigo requirement are hosted on a different site; or at the very least with a new category. It seems that this is a new avenue and deserves its own site. I'm not one for expensive gizmos. You can keep your PDAs and blueteeth - give me a cheap but cheerful eTrex and a piece of paper any day!
  22. Just a suggestion but if your extreme geocache has potential dangers you would be advised to make it a 'members only' cache - ie only available to premium members. This is not cache snobbery, rather protection for you and geocaching,com. Always remember that geocaches can be read by anyone and you'd be surprised how non-geocachers who surf the web can come across our listings. There is nothing to prevent younger children reading about an extreme cache and thinking "that sounds fun" and giving it a go. I fear that it is perfectly foreseeable that they could well ignore any warnings you may have put on the page. I have what I term an extreme cache which takes the cacher into a potentially dangerous situation if the warnings are ignored. Because I didn't want to open myself up to litigation I felt I had no alternative but to make it members only. As well as any liabilities there is no way I could live with myself if it turned out that kids were hurt or worse doing one of my caches and I had not done all in my power to prevent casual browsers attempting it. I know that premium membership won't stop all non-serious cachers accessing the cache as anyone can pay the fee but at least I know that I have done all in my power to prevent it and that by making it members only the listing can only be read by paid up cachers - better b safe than sorry!
  23. Why not just clear the area of any muggles? Wear thick padding, a heavy helmet and this T shirt: You'll soon have the area to yourself!
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